Nieuws 08-08-2021

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Publications from relative unknown or alternative sources. The viewpoints given are usually not mentioned in the main stream media. Also listed are msm narrative influencers. Be critical and aware of origins & purpose. Aggregator sites have nuggets, but also debris. Contains propaganda & semi-msm “alternative” media.

2132 GMT Getting The Time Scale Right-I (blog) Andrei Martyanov – Reminiscence of the F
2104 GMT Gaslighting: The Psychology of Shaping Another s Reality (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1955 GMT $420 bucks a month in Mazatlan (blog) Turcopolier

1949 GMT The Empire failed to beat Russia in Tokyo, in spite of cheating! (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1840 GMT Information Fractalization and the Consequences to Society (blog) It’s About Empathy Connection Ties Us
1800 GMT America s Great Leap Forward Into Socialism (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1755 GMT Call to Ban Pesticides in UK Gardens to Protect Insects, Bees, Other Wildlife and Human Health (agr) naked capitalism
1700 GMT This Week in the New Normal #1 (alt) OffGuardian
1656 GMT Interpretive Sociology and the German Humanistic Tradition : From Kant to Habermas (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1647 GMT Does the New U.S.-led Quad With Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan Have China in Its Sights? (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1627 GMT Glen Ford: Revolutionary, Friend, Leader, Lover Of Black People (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1618 GMT Rania Khalek On US Mideast Genocide (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1614 GMT Can They Learn? Another US Wargame Defeat (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1614 GMT Governments Are Spying On The People Who Bring Us The News (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1611 GMT A Global Anti-Olympics Movement Rises (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1606 GMT Democrats Propose Medicare For A Few More Instead Of Medicare For All (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1601 GMT Social Banditry For The 21st Century (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1550 GMT Ottawa Implements Historic Fisheries Agreement With First Nations (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1543 GMT Release Details Of Saudi Involvement Or Stay Away From Memorials (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1330 GMT The MoA Week In Review – OT 2021-060 (blog) Moon of Alabama
1256 GMT On Contact: American Coup d Etat (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1249 GMT Pipeline Fighters Lock Themselves To Drill Equipment At Crossing Of I-64 (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1055 GMT Links 8/8/2021 (agr) naked capitalism
1054 GMT Biden Moves to Protect the Tongass, North America s Largest Rainforest, from Logging and Road Building (agr) naked capitalism
0630 GMT Zie jouw slavin is in jouw macht (Genesis 16) (nl) Interessante Tijden
0500 GMT Will the Year of the Cow End with a Mu? (alt) OffGuardian
0204 GMT Iran will definitely continue to support Palestine: President Raisi (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker


2340 GMT Goldman Slashes China GDP On Delta Spread, Warns Of Inflation Spike Risk On “Supply-Chain Spillovers” (agr) ZeroHedge News
2338 GMT On Hiroshima Anniversary Blinken Expresses Deep Concern to Asian Countries That China Might Expand Nukes to 10% of America s (alt) Anti-Empire
2322 GMT Gold Flash Crashes By Almost $100 As $4 Billion In Sell Orders Hit (agr) ZeroHedge News
2315 GMT University Spends $50,000 Removing “Racist” Boulder From Campus (agr) ZeroHedge News
2302 GMT Nord Stream 2 will be completed in a matter of weeks Russian ambassador to Germany (news) TASS
2301 GMT Bacteria that thrive inside concrete discovered (agr) Signs of the Times – Science & Technolog
2300 GMT Why Tucker s trip to Hungary has sparked outrage (alt) spiked
2230 GMT S. Arabia, UAE are American puppets in Yemen: Al-Houthi (iran) Mehr News Agency
2225 GMT A Detailed Look At Who Is Buying Bitcoin Here (agr) ZeroHedge News
2213 GMT Putin to talk to members of Russian Paralympic team via video link on August 9 (news) TASS
2211 GMT Well over 230,000 protested against mandatory injections and coronavirus IDs in France on Saturday (agr) Signs of the Times
2200 GMT Knowing “When To Fold ‘Em” Is Hard (agr) ZeroHedge News
2157 GMT More than 30 foreign aircraft engaged in intelligence at Russian borders (news) TASS
2135 GMT Cuba legalizes small and medium enterprises in boost for private sector (agr) Signs of the Times
2135 GMT NYC Suburban Home Sales Plunge As Shortages Persist (agr) ZeroHedge News
2130 GMT Aluminum production up by 26% (iran) Mehr News Agency
2110 GMT The Paradigm Shift In China (agr) ZeroHedge News
2057 GMT Afghanistan: Taliban take 5 provincial capitals in just 3 days (agr) Signs of the Times
2049 GMT Politics will not dash victories of Russian athletes at Olympic Games, says lawmaker (news) TASS
2045 GMT California’s Dixie Fire Mushrooms To State’s Second-Largest Wildfire Ever (agr) ZeroHedge News
2034 GMT The F-35 Owes Its Vertical Takeoff to Russian Tech Lockheed Bought in the 1990s (alt) Anti-Empire
2031 GMT 14009 (iran)
2030 GMT Bulgaria president congratulates President Raeisi (iran) Mehr News Agency
2029 GMT Bennett approves outline for in-person learning (msm) ynet – News
2022 GMT “He’s a pathological liar’: Cornell chemistry professor Dave Collum unloads on Dr. Fauci and covid hysteria (agr) Signs of the Times
2022 GMT “He’s a pathological liar”: Cornell chemistry professor Dave Collum unloads on Dr. Fauci and Covid hysteria (agr) Signs of the Times
2021 GMT Leaked document reveals ‘shocking’ terms of Pfizer’s international vaccine agreements – Children’s Health Defense (agr) Signs of the Times
2020 GMT Sagging Productivity Will Fuel Stagflation (agr) ZeroHedge News
2019 GMT The World Economic Forum and the misleading politics of gender equality (agr) Signs of the Times
2018 GMT CNN’s strange Wuhan lab story suggests US spies hacked Chinese database, hints probe into Covid-19 origins may take longer (agr) Signs of the Times
2017 GMT Families of 9/11 victims tell Biden not to attend memorials until he honors pledge to declassify docs on ‘possible Saudi role’ (agr) Signs of the Times
2016 GMT ‘Liberal elites are laughing at us!’ Obama’s ‘scaled back’ 60th birthday party draws celeb guests and ire from conservatives (agr) Signs of the Times
2014 GMT Poll: two-thirds of Americans say they’ll put on masks when sick post-pandemic (agr) Signs of the Times
2013 GMT Time’s up: Virginia Roberts may sue Prince Andrew in US court, her lawyer announces (agr) Signs of the Times
2012 GMT Team of firefighters putting out wildfire in Orenburg region reinforced (news) TASS
1956 GMT Expert: 10 times less virus particles needed to get infected with Delta coronavirus strain (news) TASS
1955 GMT Spoedoverleg met ministerie van De Jonge over snel toenemend aantal overlijdens na prik (alt)
1947 GMT Russian diplomat says Russian medalists of Tokyo Olympics are heroes (news) TASS
1944 GMT Israeli Media Discusses Nasrallah s Speech (news) Mideast Discourse
1941 GMT Haniyeh Meets with Dawa and Reform Group in Tehran (news) Mideast Discourse
1935 GMT Army Is Backbone of State, Says Algeria s President (news) Mideast Discourse
1935 GMT We Need Your Feedback On Work Of Our Crypto Addresses (mil) SouthFront
1933 GMT Yemeni Rial Plunges to Record Low in Aden (news) Mideast Discourse
1931 GMT Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to meet athlete & armed forces sergeant after she hugged Russian rival who beat her to Olympic gold (agr) Signs of the Times
1930 GMT US Constantly Working on Devaluing Yemeni Rial, Says Al-Houthi (news) Mideast Discourse
1930 GMT Ron DeSantis Is Defending Freedom By ‘Getting In The Way’ Of COVID Authoritarians (agr) ZeroHedge News
1929 GMT Hundreds of migrants missing in UK (iran) Mehr News Agency
1928 GMT Iraqi Resistance Group Shares Footage Of Attacks On Three US Supply Convoys (mil) SouthFront
1925 GMT Foolad beat Esteghlal to win Iran s Hazfi Cup (iran)
1925 GMT Sudan Recalls Ambassador to Ethiopia (news) Mideast Discourse
1922 GMT Five People Missing in California Dixie Fire (news) Mideast Discourse
1919 GMT Apple Takes a Bite Out of User Privacy (news) Mideast Discourse
1916 GMT Riyadh Sentences Al-Khodari, Others to Prison (news) Mideast Discourse
1913 GMT Saudi Arabia no longer able to end war on Yemen: Abdul Salam (iran) Mehr News Agency
1905 GMT Trio Of Tropical Disturbances To Watch In Atlantic Basin (agr) ZeroHedge News
1905 GMT No grounds to conduct mass vaccination of children against COVID expert (news) TASS
1904 GMT MILKING IT: The COVID Rouge Plans More Variants Than There Are Marvel Movies (alt) Anti-Empire
1904 GMT Central Syria: Government Forces Inflicted Heavy Losses On ISIS Cells (mil) SouthFront
1900 GMT VIDEO: Activists occupy Zionist Elbit Systems’ office (iran) Mehr News Agency
1900 GMT The self-defeating rage of Owen Jones (alt) spiked
1847 GMT The bigger picture of Israeli cyber spying (agr) Signs of the Times
1847 GMT Heavy rain and flash floods affect 4 departments of El Salvador (agr) Signs of the Times
1846 GMT Fire breaks out in a hospital in Iraq s Karbala (iran) Mehr News Agency
1841 GMT The Pentagon believes AI can predict world events. As an ex-military intelligence analyst on Iraq & USSR, I’m more than skeptical (agr) Signs of the Times
1840 GMT Lobbyists Spent $426 Million To Reap An Infrastructure Bonanza (agr) ZeroHedge News
1830 GMT Exhibition of Iranian art underway in China (iran) Mehr News Agency
1826 GMT Lightning strikes kill 1,178 people in 8 years across Bangladesh (agr) Signs of the Times
1824 GMT University of Wisconsin-Madison removes two-billion-year-old ROCK because ‘racism’ (agr) Signs of the Times
1821 GMT US falling further behind China in STEM PhDs (news) Asia Times
1817 GMT Lightning strikes claim 17 lives in Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal, India (agr) Signs of the Times
1815 GMT Visiting Israel, Bahraini senior official lambasts Iran nuclear deal (msm) ynet – News
1815 GMT “This Is About Control, Not Children”: Eric Weinstein Calls Out Apple’s Virtuous Pedo-Hunter Act (agr) ZeroHedge News
1815 GMT 12 people killed, wounded in blast in Pakistan s Quetta (iran) Mehr News Agency
1804 GMT Pushback: Union warns San Francisco set to lose over one-fifth of sheriffs’ deputies over forced vaccinations (agr) Signs of the Times
1801 GMT Passport protests continue in France for a fourth consecutive weekend (alt) The Duran
1800 GMT Iraqi PMU forms new political bloc with Sunnis before votes (iran) Mehr News Agency
1758 GMT Covid Tyranny Destroys the Myth of Liberal Democracy (alt) Anti-Empire
1754 GMT Megadrought shuts down California’s Lake Oroville hydro power plant for the first time (agr) Signs of the Times
1746 GMT Hezbollah Secretary General: We Will Not Allow Israel To Change Rules Of Engagements (mil) SouthFront
1743 GMT US sought to make Belarus and Ukraine NATO members, says Belarusian top diplomat (news) TASS
1736 GMT Researchers discover microbes with properties that may help fix DNA mutations (agr) Signs of the Times – Science & Technolog
1730 GMT 2 dead, 2 others critical after shooting in Toronto (iran) Mehr News Agency
1729 GMT Another Headache For Washington: Russia Prepares to Test Sarmat, World s Most Powerful Missile (alt) The Duran
1727 GMT Colombian mayor shares video of ‘ghost attack’ in his office (agr) Signs of the Times
1722 GMT Bolivia receives another batch of Sputnik V s second dose (news) TASS
1721 GMT Russia cannot be crossed out of world sport diplomat about Tokyo Olympic results (news) TASS
1720 GMT General Salami lauds PMF for defeating ISIL (iran)
1720 GMT US Whelan released from disciplinary cell, says lawyer referring to Paul s brother (news) TASS
1720 GMT Iran calls normalization plan with Israel failed step (iran)
1719 GMT Velayati: Resistance path will continue with dignity (iran)
1719 GMT Iran insists on inter-Afghan dialogue to settle conflict (iran)
1718 GMT Qalibaf calls Israel the greatest terrorist (iran)
1717 GMT Israel receives a slap in the face from Hezbollah (iran)
1713 GMT Reputed mafia ‘godmother’ arrested at Rome airport (agr) Signs of the Times
1705 GMT Velayati to Nakhale: Israel Cause of Insecurity, Must Be Expelled from Region (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1700 GMT US main cause of current crisis in Afghanistan: Izdiar (iran) Mehr News Agency
1645 GMT Abdullah appreciates Iran for supporting peace in Afghanistan (iran) Mehr News Agency
1643 GMT Hezbollah: We Won t Forget Our Martyrs in Khalde Ambush, Criminals Will Be Punished (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1630 GMT Moveable properties in Khuzestan added to national heritage list (iran)
1629 GMT Combat Footage: Houthis Raid Saudi Military Post On Border With Jizan (18+) (mil) SouthFront
1623 GMT Cases in the U.S. (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
1618 GMT Taliban target Afghanistan s Kandahar Airport with rocket (iran) Mehr News Agency
1616 GMT Navalny ally Sobol leaves Russia after court ruling finds her guilty of organising unauthorised protests during Covid-19 reports (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1611 GMT Startled ERJ-195 crew sets insufficient thrust during go around, report (ac) ASN News
1608 GMT We Need a World Where the Olympic Refugee Team Can Go Home When the Games End (alt) Latest Truthout
1607 GMT At Least 27 Million Workers Can t Afford All the Basic Necessities of Life (alt) Latest Truthout
1607 GMT Progressive Caucus Won t Back Infrastructure Bill Lacking Popular Priorities (alt) Latest Truthout
1605 GMT Human Rights Groups Demand Release of Sri Lanka Lawyer Held Months Without Trial (alt) Latest Truthout
1603 GMT When Even the Conservative IEA Sounds an Alarm on Climate, the World Must Listen (alt) Latest Truthout
1600 GMT Qajar-era bathhouse restored to former glory (iran)
1600 GMT Victoria Premier Admits COVID in Wastewater Used to Justify Statewide Lockdown Never Existed (alt) Anti-Empire
1600 GMT Takhar province’s capital in Afghanistan falls to Taliban (iran) Mehr News Agency
1600 GMT Lebanon Records 1,551 New COVID-19 Infections, 5 Related Deaths (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1600 GMT Riots In South Africa: Causes, Interests And Consequences (mil) SouthFront
1553 GMT The dark roots of ‘America’s Pro-Israel Lobby’, AIPAC (agr) Signs of the Times – Secret History
1550 GMT Biased attitude to Russian athletes at Olympics not to be left unaddressed deputy PM (news) TASS
1537 GMT Russian deputy PM says proud of Russian athletes at Olympic Games (news) TASS
1530 GMT One police killed, another injured in Chicago shooting (iran) Mehr News Agency
1530 GMT Another tourism complex to be constructed in southern Iran (iran)
1528 GMT Shooter Khedmati satisfied with Tokyo s performance (iran)
1520 GMT Tuva s capital city covered with smoke clouds from wildfires in neighboring regions (news) TASS
1508 GMT The SHOCKING Craig Murray trial. Dark times for Scotland press freedom & human rights (alt) The Duran
1500 GMT Saudi Social And Economic Change Proves To Be A Delicate Balancing Act (mil) SouthFront
1500 GMT Kennedy and the New Frontier (alt) The Duran
1500 GMT Iranian cmdr. refuses to hand over Afghan refugees to Taliban (iran) Mehr News Agency
1500 GMT Iranian handicrafts: crystal carving (iran)
1458 GMT In Video: Russian Advisors Train Syrian Soldiers On Close Combat (mil) SouthFront
1451 GMT Russian military police help people after bus accident near Damascus (news) TASS
1451 GMT IOC President Bach thanks Japan for organizing Olympic Games amid pandemic (news) TASS
1450 GMT IOC President Thomas Bach declares Tokyo Olympic Games closed (news) TASS
1447 GMT Iranian woman climber Jafari killed in Kyrgyzstan (iran)
1447 GMT 8/8/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary (mil)
1445 GMT VIDEO: Several killed after plane crashes into US’ Minn. home (iran) Mehr News Agency
1444 GMT Humanity as a Species of the Stars or Lab Rats in Geopolitical Cage? (alt) The Duran
1429 GMT Sayyed Nasrallah s speech on historic 2006 war victory (iran)
1428 GMT 14 people killed, wounded in landmine blast in Afghanistan (iran) Mehr News Agency
1425 GMT Jhumpa Lahiri s novel Whereabouts comes to Persian bookstores (iran)
1424 GMT Video: Innumerable Ways Canada Supports Israeli Apartheid (alt) Global Research
1423 GMT Movies from Iran line up for Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film (iran)
1421 GMT Iran s embassy in UK rejects British diplomat assessment on Israeli ship (iran)
1421 GMT Henrik Ibsen s Ghosts walking at Tehran theater (iran)
1420 GMT New Book by the Late Glen Ford: The Black Agenda . His Legacy will Live (alt) Global Research
1418 GMT Iran bashes U.S. on anniversary of Hiroshima nuclear bombing (iran)
1418 GMT Video: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Shocking Reasons Why Child Sex Abuse Crimes Are Not an FBI Priority (alt) Global Research
1417 GMT Ukrainian center to publish Persian drama Women s Auschwitz (iran)
1416 GMT Hiroshima-Nagasaki: The Story They Want Us to Forget (alt) Global Research
1414 GMT Syria-Jordan Border: Daraa Suffers Terrorist Occupation Again (alt) Global Research
1413 GMT Winners of Khayyam International Exhibition of Photography announced (iran)
1410 GMT US women’s basketball team beat Japan to seal 7th consecutive Olympics gold (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
1410 GMT US troops deployed in southern Yemen: report (iran) Mehr News Agency
1409 GMT Iranian islands may be next destinations for Dubai Expo visitors (iran)
1407 GMT Ancient currency: glimpses of early Islamic coins (iran)
1406 GMT Sexual misconduct a feature of post-Christian societies: ex-Senate candidate (iran)
1406 GMT Video: PCR Test is an Outrageous Fraud, Corona Virus Is Just Like the Common Flu. Reiner Fuellmich (alt) Global Research
1402 GMT Heydariyyeh Mosque: secrets of one of ancient places of worship (iran)
1401 GMT Armenian armed forces subject to fire Azerbaijan Army s positions in Nakhchivan direction (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
1400 GMT Nukes on the Screen. Seventy Years of Atomic Danger (alt) Global Research
1359 GMT US Regime Change Plans directed against Syria. 40 Relevant Links (alt) Global Research
1359 GMT The Fake Delta Variant and The Fourth Wave: Another Lockdown? Upcoming Financial Crash? Worldwide Economic and Social Sabotage? (alt) Global Research
1359 GMT The Fake Delta Variant and the Fourth Wave: Another Lockdown? Upcoming Financial Crash? Worldwide Economic and Social Sabotage? (alt) Global Research
1356 GMT Taliban takes control of Afghan provincial capitals of Kunduz, Sar-i-Pul and Taloqan (mil) FDD’s Long War Journal
1356 GMT Silicon Valley, New Zealand and Pandemic Exceptionalism (mil) SouthFront
1352 GMT Azerbaijani judoka clinches silver at European Cup (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
1351 GMT Mass Defections Push Syria s Ahrar Al-Sham Closer To Its End (mil) SouthFront
1350 GMT Zarif calls for taking clear stand on Afghanistan situation (iran) Mehr News Agency
1349 GMT Dead emaciated seabirds wash up on shores of western Alaska (agr) Signs of the Times
1336 GMT Olympic flame put out at Tokyo Olympics declared closed (news) TASS
1330 GMT Jensen haalt keihard uit naar incompetente Gommers: Ontsla die man! (alt)
1330 GMT Power towers in Ninawa attacked by ISIL terrorists (iran) Mehr News Agency
1327 GMT Leadership of Azerbaijan`s Defense Ministry visits military units being constructed in liberated territories (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
1322 GMT IOC President Thomas Bach declares Tokyo Olympic Games closed (news) TASS
1318 GMT Heavy snow and frost cause problems in Punta Arenas, Chile (agr) Signs of the Times
1312 GMT President Raeisi receives Iranian-made Covid-19 vaccine (iran) Mehr News Agency
1309 GMT Putin to participate in video conference within UNSC framework on Monday (news) TASS
1308 GMT J. Royal Society of Med.: Veterinary Intelligence – Integrating Zoonotic Threats Into Global Health Security (medic) Avian Flu Diary
1303 GMT Israel sees high demand for third shot of coronavirus vaccine (msm) ynet – News
1300 GMT EU’s Borrell accuses Iran of alleged attack on Mercer Street (iran) Mehr News Agency
1254 GMT Iran Blood Transfusion Organization selected as WHO partner (iran)
1253 GMT Protecting the environment with renewable energy (iran)
1252 GMT Putin to meet with Russian Paralympic athletes in video format on August 9 (news) TASS
1246 GMT Charity foundation implements 360,000 job creation projects (iran)
1232 GMT Syrian Army Deploys Additional Reinforcements In Daraa As Clashes With Former Rebels Renew (Videos) (mil) SouthFront
1228 GMT No bridge over troubled waters: Raging flood destroys bridge in Taiwan after typhoon hits coast (agr) Signs of the Times
1223 GMT Questions to Richard Heinberg from a 15-Year-Old Student (alt) Countercurrents
1210 GMT The nitrogen challenge for organic agriculture (alt) Countercurrents
1200 GMT Positions of Azerbaijani army in direction of Nakhchivan fired at by Armenia (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1200 GMT Russian Olympic chief happy with results of Team ROC at Tokyo Olympics (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1155 GMT Iran comes 27th at Tokyo 2020, two places behind Rio 2016 (iran)
1154 GMT Meteor fireball over Morocco (agr) Signs of the Times – Fire in the Sky
1151 GMT Team ROC participates in Tokyo Olympics closing ceremony (news) TASS
1151 GMT US Foreign Policy Adrift: Why Washington No Longer Calling the Shots (alt) Countercurrents
1147 GMT The Suppression of Ivermectin Is a Criminal Act (alt)
1145 GMT It is not only the toxic spike protein that the vaccine injects into your body but also the toxic graphene oxide (alt)
1143 GMT “One step closer to dictatorship”: Joe Rogan slams vaccine passports, warns vax may cause ‘virulent mutations’ (agr) Signs of the Times
1134 GMT The Rehabilitation Policy for Khori Gaon is not ready, The orders of Supreme Court are not being followed (alt) Countercurrents
1133 GMT Government wants to dictate truth (agr) Signs of the Times
1130 GMT Kijk: Arts-assistent onthult hoe er wordt gesjoemeld met de coronacijfers (alt)
1123 GMT Flooding in Europe sends price of potatoes soaring (agr) Signs of the Times
1119 GMT Tokyo Olympics closing ceremony begins (news) TASS
1117 GMT Fighting On The Armenian-Azerbaijani Border Continues (mil) SouthFront
1114 GMT Covid Is a Money Tree for Big Pharma (alt)
1114 GMT The Establishment Refuses to Allow You to Be Informed about Covid or Anything Else (alt)
1111 GMT Raisi Meets Resistance Groups Leaders, Vows to Keep Palestinian Cause at Top of Agenda (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1107 GMT Bennett: Lebanon responsible for all rocket fire from its territory (msm) ynet – News
1105 GMT CDC/FDA confess: they had no virus when they concocted the test for the virus (agr) Signs of the Times – Science & Technolog
1102 GMT ‘Preppers’ quietly stock up for the ‘perfect storm’ (agr) Signs of the Times
1100 GMT Advocates Challenge Mysterious Justice Department Statement That Undercuts Forensic Science Reform (alt?) The Intercept
1100 GMT If China and the US Claim the Same Moon-Base Site, Who Wins? (mil) Defense One – All Content
1100 GMT Georgia reports 3 344 coronavirus cases, 3 376 recoveries, 30 deaths (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1053 GMT Spreading false vax info might cost you your medical license (agr) Signs of the Times
1051 GMT Military Situation In The Gaza Strip And West Bank On August 8, 2021 (Map Update) (mil) SouthFront
1050 GMT Houthis revive Shiite festivals to strengthen grip on north (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
1047 GMT Military Situation In Yemen On August 8, 2021 (Map Update) (mil) SouthFront
1041 GMT Coronavirus spread coefficient in Russia rises to 1 (news) TASS
1039 GMT Military Situation In Syria On August 8, 2021 (Map Update) (mil) SouthFront
1030 GMT Russia records 22,866 new daily COVID-19 cases, crisis center says (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1027 GMT Russia s Sports Minister hopes points for rhythmic gymnastics competition explained (news) TASS
1019 GMT Senior Bahraini Afficial Arrives in Zionist Entity for 4-Day Visit (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1018 GMT CDC director makes case vaccination passports are futile, vaccines do not prevent covid infection or delta variant transmission (agr) Signs of the Times
1018 GMT Antifa assault families and children at Christian prayer event in Portland park (agr) Signs of the Times
1010 GMT “It’s just…” – Why I won’t submit (agr) Signs of the Times
1000 GMT “Their Goal Is Really to Eradicate Christianity”: Persecution of Christians, June 2021 (alt) Gatestone Institute :: Articles
1000 GMT Kazakhstan reports over 7,000 new COVID-19 cases (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0950 GMT Geeft de directeur van het Amerikaanse CDC per ongeluk toe dat vaccinatiepaspoorten nutteloos zijn? (alt)
0948 GMT Let s Have A Look At The Activities Of Dutch Red Air Provider AEC Skyline (ac) The Aviationist
0946 GMT COVID-19: Wales lifts most remaining coronavirus restrictions as it moves to alert level zero (agr) Signs of the Times
0938 GMT Russian Olympic chief happy with results of Team ROC at Tokyo Olympics (news) TASS
0933 GMT Thai police fire tear gas in protest over pandemic response (agr) Signs of the Times
0930 GMT Olympic rhythmic gymnastics competition complete failure, Federation President says (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0909 GMT Austrian court sentences Chechen arms dealer to life in prison over killing of ‘Kadyrov critic’ (agr) Signs of the Times
0900 GMT Lawsuit filed against US State Dept for allegedly concealing info on ‘abusive’ anal-swab testing of American diplomats in China (agr) Signs of the Times
0900 GMT Team ROC s fifth place in Olympic medal count success, State Duma says (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0900 GMT Lebanon and its Ticking Bombs (alt) Gatestone Institute :: Articles
0859 GMT Russia records 22,866 new daily COVID-19 cases, crisis center says (news) TASS
0859 GMT Fannie Lou Hamer and the Ongoing Struggle for Voting Rights (alt)
0857 GMT The Windsors: A Major Counter-Revolutionary Backstop For Bourgeois Britain (alt)
0852 GMT Artistic, musical events bring some joy to grief-stricken Gaza (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
0849 GMT Wonder of luchtspiegeling? mRNA, Moderna, BioNtech, en COVID-19 (alt) Real news and journalism
0847 GMT Aggressor F-35s Joined The Fight During First Next Generation Red Flag Exercise (ac) The Aviationist
0845 GMT Nederland is geen Nederland (alt) Real news and journalism
0833 GMT IRGC Commander to Sheikh Qassem: Next War to Mark Termination of Israel (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0832 GMT Team ROC female handball athletes win silver at Tokyo Olympics (news) TASS
0830 GMT Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | August 8 (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0824 GMT Kenya’s Kipchoge wins Olympic marathon title (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
0823 GMT The Communion Of Friends (nomsm)
0808 GMT Premature to talk of new Israeli lockdown, health minister says (msm) ynet – News
0802 GMT An Encounter at Nez Perce Creek (alt)
0800 GMT Turkey to Roll Out World s First Drone Carrier (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0800 GMT Global coronavirus figures return to mid-May levels (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0743 GMT Hezbollah could escalate its response to Israel, Nasrallah warns (msm) ynet – News
0741 GMT Team ROC s fifth place in Olympic medal count success, State Duma says (news) TASS
0733 GMT Azerbaijan`s defense minister visits military units deployed in Kalbajar and Lachin districts VIDEO (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
0720 GMT Hiroshima Bombing Reminder of US Crimes against Humanity (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0719 GMT 14 killed in passenger bus crash in western Turkey (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
0700 GMT Will China Save North Korea From Famine and Collapse? (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0655 GMT Consumer Debt Spiked A RECORD PACE as Americans Max Out Credit Cards! (alt) The Duran
0654 GMT 700,000 people call BS on COVID at Sturgis bike festival [Video] (alt) The Duran
0652 GMT Who Hates Tim Pool? (alt) The Duran
0652 GMT Bitcoin Surges Above $43,000! New Bill Run or Dead Cat Bounce? (alt) The Duran
0651 GMT Olympic rhythmic gymnastics competition complete failure, Federation President says (news) TASS
0650 GMT Afghan trap : US could use Taliban to destabilise Central Asia (alt) The Duran
0604 GMT US Bombers Begin Targeting Taliban Officials in Afghanistan (news) Mideast Discourse
0556 GMT Team ROC fifth in Olympic medal count (news) TASS
0537 GMT COVID Antibodies Found in up to 40% of US Deer Population, USDA Study Finds (alt) Anti-Empire
0446 GMT The Cross-Canada Campaign to Free Meng Wanzhou (alt) Global Research
0445 GMT Haiti Betrayed (alt) Global Research
0436 GMT Nuclear clock speeding up with new era in Iran (news) Asia Times
0428 GMT Iran s tipped top diplomat no friend of US, Israel or JCPOA (news) Asia Times
0424 GMT Dalit families targeted in Demolition Drive Undertaken by Bangalore Development Authority (alt) Countercurrents
0420 GMT The Racial Potemkin Village of TV, by Robert Weissberg (agr) The Unz Review:
0420 GMT Japan, South Korea win joint gold for Olympic squabbles (news) Asia Times
0414 GMT Swadeshi Jagaran Manch Against Modi s Economic policy (alt) Countercurrents
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