Nieuws 09-07-2021

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Publications from relative unknown or alternative sources. The viewpoints given are usually not mentioned in the main stream media. Also listed are msm narrative influencers. Be critical and aware of origins & purpose. Aggregator sites have nuggets, but also debris. Contains propaganda & semi-msm “alternative” media.

2345 GMT Launch: Group Of Friends In Defense Of The United Nations Charter (alt) PopularResistance.Org
2345 GMT Launch Of The Group Of Friends In Defense Of The Charter Of The United Nations (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1933 GMT Why the Right Attacks Critical Race Theory Gerald Horne (alt)

1930 GMT Calgary s Saddledome Stadium: Ground Zero for Epic Flooding from Climate Driven Extreme Weather (climate) Paul Beckwith, Climate System Scientist
1903 GMT Back to Basics Psychopaths in Relational Systems (blog) It’s About Empathy Connection Ties Us
1827 GMT Say hello to the diplo-Taliban (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1826 GMT Container Freight Rates Spike to New Extremes, up 6x for Asia-US, Asia-Europe. Peak Shipping Season Still Ahead (fin) Wolf Street
1826 GMT Container Freight Rates Spike to New Extremes, up 500% for Asia-US, Asia-EU since Early 2020. Worse Still Ahead (fin) Wolf Street
1826 GMT Container Freight Rates Spike to New Extremes, up Sixfold for Asia-US, Asia-EU. Peak Shipping Season Still Ahead (fin) Wolf Street
1811 GMT The right freedom of speech is killing the West (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1800 GMT 2:00PM Water Cooler 7/9/2021 (agr) naked capitalism
1745 GMT No, Joe Biden is not ending the war in Afghanistan. (alt) OffGuardian
1700 GMT Srebrenica a Genocide Narrative That Is Running Out of Steam (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1656 GMT Sensatie is voor de mainstream-media belangrijker dan een wetswijziging die onze vrijheden steeds meer beperken! (alt) LNNmedia
1617 GMT The Space Race: Technical Facts vs Popular Narrative – by Gordog (blog) Moon of Alabama
1536 GMT Kucinich Memoir Is A Moving Account Of The Battle Against Corporate Power (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1513 GMT U.S. Mission Accomplished in Afghanistan and Other Fantasies (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1506 GMT NATO Wants To Close Hungary Behind An Iron Curtain (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1458 GMT Infections in many poorer countries (med) Dr. John Campbell
1458 GMT Friday update (med) Dr. John Campbell
1400 GMT EU s Roma Feel Betrayed by Silence on Czech Killing (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1355 GMT Trump Can t Beat Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in Court but the Fight Might Be Worth More Than a Win (agr) naked capitalism
1337 GMT Is Reality Baseless, Too? (blog) Kunstler
1330 GMT The Taliban are killing off Afghan pilots (blog) Turcopolier
1326 GMT Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov s statement and answers to media questions at a joint news conference following talks with Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, Moscow, July 9, 2021 (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
1251 GMT Open Thread 9 July, 2021 (blog) Turcopolier
1250 GMT The Assange Case Isn t About National Security, It s About Narrative Control (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1148 GMT Briefing by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, Moscow, July 9, 2021 (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
1139 GMT New Page Added Comment Dashboard (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1058 GMT Links 7/9/2021 (agr) naked capitalism
1040 GMT Tim Kirby, Joaquin Flores The Strategy Session, Episode 24 (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1020 GMT The Strategy Session. Episode 24 (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
0932 GMT Moving the Covid Vaccine Goalposts (agr) naked capitalism
0930 GMT Wall Street Journal Fingers Columbia as Leader in Grad Students Whose Student Debt Leaves Them Financially Hobbled for Life (agr) naked capitalism
0923 GMT Press release on consultations with a Taliban delegation (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
0900 GMT Moveable Feast Cafe 2021/07/09 Open Thread (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
0900 GMT Venezuela: Light at the End of the Tunnel? (rus) Valdai Club
0800 GMT World Economic Forum s Cyberpolygon (alt) LNNmedia
0635 GMT Duurzaam Regeerakkoord , Sigrid Kaag-campagne voor zichzelf (nl) Interessante Tijden
0522 GMT The Future of Alzheimer s Pharmaceutical Aducanumab as a Medicine and as a Financial Product What Happens Now? (agr) naked capitalism
0520 GMT Kom, loof de Heere, Soli Deo Gloria SDG (Psalm 134) (nl) Interessante Tijden
0501 GMT What Price The Beautiful Game? (alt) Renegade Inc
0335 GMT With Stimmies Fading, Consumers Dip into Credit Cards for First Time since 2019, But Only a Little. Everyone s Relieved (fin) Wolf Street
0226 GMT Fascist Plots: Contemporary Lessons From The 1934 Business Plot (alt) PopularResistance.Org
0213 GMT How One Union Uses Kitchen Table Economics To Advance Medicare For All (alt) PopularResistance.Org
0207 GMT Re-Lighting The Night After The City Repossessed Their Streetlights (alt) PopularResistance.Org
0201 GMT 95 Greek Parliamentarians Tell Biden: Drop All Charges Against Assange (alt) PopularResistance.Org
0155 GMT Objection To Geoengineering Spurs Debate About Social Justice In Science (alt) PopularResistance.Org
0138 GMT Exxon s Senate Puppets (alt) PopularResistance.Org
0000 GMT Convert Military to Green Production, or Perish Daniel Ellsberg on RAI Pt 13/13 (alt)


2340 GMT Buchanan: Is Afghanistan A Failed Mission? (agr) ZeroHedge News
2320 GMT Japan “Digging Its Own Grave” & Its “Survival” On The Line: China Warns Over Taiwan Stance (agr) ZeroHedge News
2319 GMT That s Lethal, Communities Completely Exposed to This Kind of Heat (alt) FAIR
2316 GMT Suspected Assassins of Haitian President Moise Trained by US, Linked to Pro-Coup Oligarchy (alt) MintPress News
2306 GMT Jacob Zuma is an indictment of the Rainbow Nation (alt) spiked
2300 GMT Federal Government Does Not Have Database Of Who Has Received COVID-19 Vaccine: White House (agr) ZeroHedge News
2249 GMT Shaw F-16s Deploy to Colombia for Training Exercise (mil) Air Force Magazine
2241 GMT Maintainer Errors Cost Millions in F-22 Damage at Nellis (mil) Air Force Magazine
2240 GMT “Choose Another Living”: Cantor CEO Howard Lutnick Slams Junior Bankers Complaining About Long Hours (agr) ZeroHedge News
2238 GMT Iraq s Hezbollah Condemns Attacks on US Embassy, Promises More Attacks on US Bases (alt) Anti-Empire
2238 GMT US move to blacklist more Russian companies confrontational Russian ambassador (news) TASS
2237 GMT Fitch affirms Russia s sovereign rating at BBB, outlook stable (news) TASS
2234 GMT Russia condemns attempts to link chemical incident in Syria to downed jet diplomat (news) TASS
2234 GMT Number of apprehended suspects in Haiti President assassination case grows to 19 police (news) TASS
2232 GMT Western states unlikely to let go Navalny s alleged poisoning Russian envoy to OPCW (news) TASS
2230 GMT Anti-COVID vaccination of pregnant women possible only during third trimester expert (news) TASS
2229 GMT June s mortality in Russia up by 13.9% due to coronavirus Delta strain deputy PM (news) TASS
2227 GMT Federal Medical Biological Agency expects anti-COVID drug registration in early September (news) TASS
2226 GMT Russia hopes resolution on Syria to become turning point in relations with US UN envoy (news) TASS
2225 GMT Putin, Biden stress necessity of further contacts on cybersecurity Kremlin (news) TASS
2224 GMT French, U.S. Special Forces Agree to Beef Up Partnership in Africa (mil) Defense One – All Content
2223 GMT ‘Ending the war’ in Afghanistan? (agr) Signs of the Times
2220 GMT Michigan Attorney General, Police To Probe People Who Made Election Fraud Claims (agr) ZeroHedge News
2211 GMT Not a Good Situation: Off-Base Housing Crisis Has USAF Scrambling (mil) Air Force Magazine
2200 GMT White House Outlaws Arrest Of Pregnant And Postpartum Illegal Immigrants (agr) ZeroHedge News
2157 GMT France Stresses Need for Continued American ISR in African Sahel (mil) Air Force Magazine
2140 GMT Get Ready For The 100-Dollar Cheeseburger (agr) ZeroHedge News
2112 GMT Britain won’t return to normal until at least next spring, Chris Whitty warns (agr) Signs of the Times
2108 GMT Defense Business Brief: Hicks gives some insight into new Innovation Steering Group; The challenge in hiring shipbuilders; Outreach to small biotech firms and more. (mil) Defense One – All Content
2100 GMT The Mystery Plague That Is Killing Countless Birds In 9 States And Washington D.C. Has Gotten A Lot Worse (agr) ZeroHedge News
2059 GMT Jerusalem Conflict: Identity Theft On Top Of Everything Else (alt) New Eastern Outlook
2055 GMT Yemen s War Against Women Oppression Takes On Radical Undertones (alt) New Eastern Outlook
2051 GMT Biden Urges Putin to Give up Russian Ransomware Gangsters, Threatens Unspecified ‘Consequences’ (mil) Defense One – All Content
2050 GMT Britain s Tilt Towards Indo-Pacific: From Words to Actions (alt) New Eastern Outlook
2047 GMT Putin tells Biden that Russia is ready to cooperate on cybersecurity, but claims no specific requests have come from Washington (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
2047 GMT Putin tells Biden: Russia ready to cooperate on cybersecurity, but no requests come from Washington (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
2039 GMT As social media giants censor free speech online, Russia and China lead the charge to break free from American control of the web (agr) Signs of the Times
2039 GMT Steve Cohen Lost $500 Million From Melvin Capital Meltdown (agr) ZeroHedge News
2038 GMT Haiti’s president killed by ‘foreign hit squad’ of ex-Colombian military & Haitian-Americans, 11 arrested inside ‘Taiwan embassy’ (agr) Signs of the Times
2038 GMT ‘I love talking about election fraud’: Trump says he’s ‘looking forward’ to sitting for deposition in Big Tech lawsuit (agr) Signs of the Times
2037 GMT Democrats dug themselves an election integrity hole; courts may bury them in it (agr) Signs of the Times
2037 GMT Taliban strike key Afghan city as US speeds up withdrawal (agr) Signs of the Times
2036 GMT US Forces are under constant rain of fire in both Syria and Iraq (agr) Signs of the Times
2032 GMT We Have Seen the Deepening of the Anti-Democratic, Anti-Protest Legislative Trend (alt) FAIR
2031 GMT 13988 (iran)
2030 GMT Niet meer dansen met Janssen: Schandalige en onnodige aanscherping van de coronamaatregelen (alt)
2029 GMT Michael Avenatti, one-time foe of President Trump, sentenced to 30 months in prison for Nike extortion scheme (agr) Signs of the Times
2027 GMT White House helped Hunter Biden reach deal to keep buyers of his paintings listed for up to $500K confidential to ‘avoid’ ethics issues (agr) Signs of the Times
2025 GMT Sydney residents made to carry ID to prove they’re within 10km of home while exercising during lockdown (agr) Signs of the Times
2020 GMT Pentagon Offered National Guard Troops 2 Days Before Jan. 6, Former Chief Of Staff Confirms (agr) ZeroHedge News
2014 GMT Unchallenged Orientalism : Why Liberals Suddenly Love the Lab Leak Theory (alt) MintPress News
2008 GMT BEST OF THE WEB: Analysis: Might COVID injections reduce lifespan? (agr) Signs of the Times
2000 GMT Stocks Soar To All Time High As Bonds, Bullion And Bitcoin Bounce (agr) ZeroHedge News
1957 GMT Another Free-Falling Chinese Rocket Body Hit Earth Last Week (mil) Defense One – All Content
1950 GMT Did A Korean Research Team Just Find The “Holy Grail” Of Water Desalinization (agr) ZeroHedge News
1949 GMT UN rights expert says Israeli settlements a ‘war crime’ (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
1938 GMT Being Richard Branson, an insider s look (news) Asia Times
1932 GMT Housing Bubble #2: Ready To Pop? (agr) ZeroHedge News
1931 GMT China s Aggressive Data Push Worries Military Intel Officials (mil) Defense One – All Content
1910 GMT Data Show Far-Right Media Could Be Fueling Growing Partisan Vaccination Gap (alt) Latest Truthout
1905 GMT Former Goldman Trader Gets $30.6 Million Mortgage From Citi To Buy Epstein’s Mansion (agr) ZeroHedge News
1900 GMT Putin expresses condolences to Biden over Florida house collapse (news) TASS
1900 GMT Detailed Overview Of Iran s Weapon Supply To IRGC (mil) SouthFront
1900 GMT Mysterious X-ray flares on Jupiter come from magnetic field vibrations (sci) New Scientist – Home
1900 GMT Pentagon Report Warns of Looming Danger of Nuclear War as Major Powers, Others Expand Arsenals (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
1855 GMT The famous Spec. Ops. Little Bird might be retired soon (mil) War Is Boring
1850 GMT Adoption of Russian-US resolution on Syria a historic moment, Russian envoy to UN says (news) TASS
1845 GMT Taliban Boasts It’s Already Taken 85% Of Afghanistan Day After Biden Declared “US Objectives Achieved” (agr) ZeroHedge News
1843 GMT Bipartisan committee approval of $3.3 billion in US security aid to Israel ripped on Twitter: ‘Wasteful spending!’ (agr) Signs of the Times
1843 GMT Data shows US mass shootings rose during pandemic lockdown (agr) Signs of the Times
1840 GMT Egypt to Security Council: Ethiopian dam an existential threat (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
1836 GMT Schumer Puts Indirect Pressure on Justice Breyer to Retire in Letter to Dems (alt) Latest Truthout
1834 GMT Reports highlight crackdowns on press in Kurdistan Region (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
1829 GMT ‘An attack on us all’: European leaders condemn shooting of Dutch reporter (agr) Signs of the Times
1825 GMT Biogen Slides As FDA Calls For Investigation Into Approval Of Controversial Alzheimer’s Drug (agr) ZeroHedge News
1822 GMT Health professionals urge Blinken to press Egypt on prison conditions (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
1808 GMT United Nations adopts resolution on extension of cross-border aid for Syria (news) TASS
1806 GMT White House says Biden spoke with Putin about Syria and other issues (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1805 GMT German Authorities Probing Tesla Site After Chemical Tanks Erected Without Approval (agr) ZeroHedge News
1805 GMT Nearly 5,000 COVID patients in Russia receiving treatment at intensive care units-minister (news) TASS
1801 GMT Daily Briefing: Equities Surge as the U.S. Bond Rally Relents (agr) ZeroHedge News
1755 GMT Some 110,000 people get inoculated against COVID in Moscow every day mayor (news) TASS
1755 GMT U.S., French Embassies Issue Joint Communique on Grillo, Shea s Meetings in Saudi Arabia (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1754 GMT Russian, Uzbek top diplomats express concern over degradation of situation in Afghanistan (news) TASS
1750 GMT Shipbuilder Warns of Layoffs if Biden Doesn t Buy More Destroyers (mil) Defense One – All Content
1747 GMT Israel unveils major discovery from Jerusalem’s Second Temple era (agr) Signs of the Times – Secret History
1740 GMT Is The Great Post-Pandemic Boom A Great Big Dud? (agr) ZeroHedge News
1738 GMT Progressives Demand Green New Deal as New York Floods and West Prepares for Heat (alt) Latest Truthout
1734 GMT Kremlin confirms Putin and Biden held a phone call on Friday (news) TASS
1732 GMT Biden, Putin discuss cybersecurity, Syria over phone White House (news) TASS
1726 GMT Congress Supremacists Remind White House of Regime Change Doctrine in Syria (news) Syria News
1725 GMT SOTT FOCUS: MindMatters: Phillip Barlag: Murderers, Tyrants and Lunatics – A History of Rome at Its Worst (agr) Signs of the Times – Secret History
1714 GMT Biden ‘Confronts’ Putin Over Recent Hacks, Underscores Need To Disrupt Ransomware Groups (agr) ZeroHedge News
1710 GMT Combat Footage: Houthis Pushed Saudi-Backed Forces Out Of Key Al-Bayda District (mil) SouthFront
1706 GMT Unaccountable & Armed With Sweeping Powers: What’s Behind US Capitol Police Expansion Beyond DC? (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
1704 GMT Russia Recorded Lowest Monthly Excess Deaths on Eve of Third Wave (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1704 GMT Homeschool Applications Double In California (agr) ZeroHedge News
1702 GMT Woman arrested in Brussels in suspected Iranian plot against Israeli targets (msm) ynet – News
1702 GMT Woman arrested in Brussels for suspected Iranian plot against Israeli targets (msm) ynet – News
1702 GMT UN extends Syria cross-border assistance in compromise with Russia (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
1658 GMT Israel Relying on Fugitive Lahd Militiamen to Provoke against Any Iranian Aid to Lebanon (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1658 GMT Netherlands – Attack on Journalist Peter R. de Vries: No Story Is Worth as Much as My Life (msm) DER SPIEGEL – International
1658 GMT Russian Ministry of Justice adds 5 organizations to list of undesirable NGOs (news) TASS
1658 GMT Fears Mount Following Attack on Dutch Journalist: No Story Is Worth as Much as My Life (msm) DER SPIEGEL – International
1653 GMT UEFA chief Ceferin criticizes organizational format of 2020 Euro Cup (news) TASS
1650 GMT Russian, Israeli top diplomats discuss schedule of upcoming contacts foreign ministry (news) TASS
1645 GMT In Brazil, There s a Legal Term for What Britney Spears Says Is Happening: Sexual Violence (alt?) The Intercept
1642 GMT Nearly 30 mln Russians inoculated with at least one coronavirus vaccine dose minister (news) TASS
1642 GMT Biden Dealt a Better Hand Than Any President Ever, Stephen Miller Claims (alt) Latest Truthout
1640 GMT The S&P Hasn’t Closed Below Its 200 DMA Since June 2020: What Does This Mean For The Second Half (agr) ZeroHedge News
1638 GMT RSF denounces coordinated raids on media outlets in Belarus (alt) RSF – RSS feed
1638 GMT Covid-19 news: England sees highest weekly infections in four months (sci) New Scientist – Home
1633 GMT Syria eyes enhancement of economic ties with Iran (iran)
1633 GMT Turkey s position on Assad no obstacle for work in Astana format Russian envoy (news) TASS
1633 GMT Germany Shifts Focus of Vaccine Drive to the Undecided and Skeptics (msm) DER SPIEGEL – International
1632 GMT Production of advanced uranium fuel is for peaceful purposes: Iran (iran)
1631 GMT Former Afghan jihadist leader establishes militia against Taliban report (news) TASS
1630 GMT Nieuw-Zeelandse minister voor coronazaken: overheid gaat ongevaccineerden opsporen (alt)
1630 GMT Virgin Galactic may finally send Richard Branson to space on 11 July (sci) New Scientist – Home
1628 GMT Democrats renege on JCPOA (iran)
1625 GMT European economy rebounding faster than expected (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1625 GMT Texas Pushes Worst Voter Suppression Bill as Activists Demand Urgent Action (alt) Latest Truthout
1624 GMT Cognizant bouwt apps voor Philips Healthsuite (comp) Computable
1624 GMT Cases in the U.S. (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
1620 GMT Fed’s Daly Warns Delta Variant Could Be Central Bank’s Next Excuse To Delay Rate Hikes (agr) ZeroHedge News
1613 GMT Hay at Tahrir Al-Sham Solidifies Its Rule Over Greater Idlib By Forming Another Brigade (mil) SouthFront
1612 GMT Russia interested in early talks on free trade with India Lavrov (news) TASS
1611 GMT Indian head diplomat thanks Russia for help in combating COVID Russian lawmaker (news) TASS
1610 GMT Head of Dam-Building Company Convicted in Murder of Activist Berta Caceres (alt) Latest Truthout
1609 GMT Russian government approves list of 12 international defense shows for next two years (news) TASS
1607 GMT Russia passed the test on effective pandemic response, expert says (news) TASS
1602 GMT Russia to launch next batch of OneWeb satellites from Baikonur spaceport in August (news) TASS
1600 GMT Hong Kong Parking Space Sells For $1.53 Million (agr) ZeroHedge News
1600 GMT Trump sues Facebook, Google, and Twitter CEOs (alt) The Duran
1600 GMT Russian Football Union s Executive Committee to gather next week for online session (news) TASS
1557 GMT Ferzli: Parliament Bureau, Justice Committee Request Brief of Evidence in Port Blast Probe (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1554 GMT Real steps needed to make Russia-EU relations more constructive Russian lawmaker (news) TASS
1549 GMT Stone Age Europeans may have worn make-up more than 6000 years ago (sci) New Scientist – Home
1548 GMT Gaunt Kim Takes Tough Act in Face of Crisis in North Korea (alt) The Duran
1547 GMT Reporter Sergey Nikiforov appointed as Ukraine s Zelensky s new spokesman (news) TASS
1546 GMT Iranian commander says border ‘fully secure’ after Taliban seizes key town (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
1545 GMT CDC Releases New Mask Guidance For K-12 Schools, Says Vaccinations Should Be Tracked (agr) ZeroHedge News
1543 GMT France to Start Closing Military Bases in Mali by Year-End: Macron (mil) The Defense Post
1540 GMT Video: COVID Vaccination Deaths and Injuries, They re Just Numbers, Right? (alt) Global Research
1538 GMT Russia ready to cooperate with India on vaccine certificates, says Lavrov (news) TASS
1538 GMT Azerbaijan air navigation implements modern digital solutions (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
1536 GMT The Afghan Army And the Taliban Ramp Up The Fight, As Turkey Primes To Join In (mil) SouthFront
1536 GMT Afghan Government Forces In Kandahar Hold Their Ground Amid Fierce Attack By The Taliban (Videos) (mil) SouthFront
1536 GMT William Dodge on Nestle Slave Labor, Michael Ratner on Donald Rumsfeld (alt) FAIR
1533 GMT Fed Finds Inflation Is “More Lasting But Likely Still Temporary” (agr) ZeroHedge News
1533 GMT World Population Day 2021 Setbacks in Development and Family Planning Slow Progress Along the Demographic Transition (news) New Security Beat
1530 GMT Russia to develop parachute system for recoverable space rocket stages (news) TASS
1530 GMT Why the 1648 Westphalian Treaty Must Be Defended as a Remedy to the Unipolar Rules-Based Order (alt) The Duran
1529 GMT Support for Navalny s activities dwindles in Russia as poll shows many citizens back designation of his organizations as extremist (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1528 GMT Ex-Colombian military, Haitian Americans suspected in killing of Haiti president (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
1524 GMT Hinged ventilated facades to be used in Norilsk apartment houses renovation (news) TASS
1512 GMT COVID-19 Delta strain came to Russia via US, Europe, Maldives, top sanitary doctor says (news) TASS
1509 GMT Crypto Gartman? Bitcoin Spikes After Contrarian Indicator Scott Minerd Says It’s “In A Crash” And Could Go To $10,000 (agr) ZeroHedge News
1505 GMT Friday morning news chat (alt) The Duran
1505 GMT Chuck Schumer Vows to Push for Creation of Civilian Climate Corps (alt) Latest Truthout
1500 GMT Boris Johnson: we moeten leren leven met Covid als met de griep (alt) Real news and journalism
1500 GMT Dit zijn de gezichten van meer dan 50 mensen die door hel gaan vanwege coronaprik: Wij willen gehoord worden (alt)
1458 GMT Why Iranian celebrities took a break from politics (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
1458 GMT Importer and exporter tools will be different under “green” agenda Siluanov (news) TASS
1457 GMT Harvard team develops 256-qubit quantum simulator (news) Asia Times
1454 GMT Ruim 10.000 stemmen voor Computable Awards (comp) Computable
1453 GMT Siberian Wildfires Spread 17.5% in 24 Hours (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1452 GMT Biden announces plan to evacuate thousands of Afghan translators ahead of deadline to end U.S. military mission in Afghanistan (mil) War Is Boring
1448 GMT Mary Seacole (sci) New Scientist – Home
1448 GMT Today’s D Brief: Taliban killing spree; Panic in Pakistan; French mull Sahel drawdown; Tornado at Kings Bay; YouTube s radicalizing algorithm; And a bit more. (mil) Defense One – All Content
1448 GMT Big Pharma Spend More on Exective Pay and Dividends Than Research (alt) Latest Truthout
1448 GMT Big Pharma Firms Spend More on Executive Pay and Dividends Than on Research (alt) Latest Truthout
1446 GMT KNVI helpt Rijk met werving van ict’ers (comp) Computable
1446 GMT Lebanon Records 404 New Coronavirus Infections with 2 Related Deaths: Ministry (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1446 GMT No coronavirus Epsilon cases confirmed in Russia sanitary watchdog chief (news) TASS
1442 GMT Arab countries looking forward to easing of sanctions on Syria Russian envoy (news) TASS
1441 GMT Nobel Laureate Mairead Maguire s Open Letter to Two World Leaders: President Biden and President Putin (alt) Global Research
1440 GMT CTAs Are Still Short Treasuries And Have $95 Billion To Buy Next Week: Morgan Stanley (agr) ZeroHedge News
1440 GMT The Fight to Save Lifta, the Last Remaining Palestinian Village (alt) MintPress News
1439 GMT Jovenel Moise s assassins did not intend to kill the Haitian president, suspects claim (news) TASS
1439 GMT Palestinian president to visit Turkey (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
1439 GMT Pacific Northwest heatwave virtually impossible without human-driven climate change, finds study (alt) Countercurrents
1438 GMT FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccines. Analysis of Adverse Event Outcomes (alt) Global Research
1438 GMT FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccines. Analysis of Adverse Effects Outcomes (alt) Global Research
1434 GMT India embraces Iran’s invitation for Raisi oath-taking ceremony (iran)
1433 GMT Taliban captures key Afghan border crossing with Iran (iran)
1432 GMT 17,503 Dead, 1.7 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported in European Union s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots (alt) Global Research
1431 GMT Arrest of Medha Patkar, Jagdish Khairalia and others (alt) Countercurrents
1431 GMT Hungary sees no EU admission for Balkan countries without Serbia s accession first (mil) SouthFront
1431 GMT Zero trust vindt oorsprong in least privilege (comp) Computable
1431 GMT In Win for Overdose Prevention, Rhode Island Approves Harm Reduction Centers (alt) Latest Truthout
1430 GMT The Syria Deception: The Public Has Been Hoodwinked Yet Again into Supporting a Criminal War of Aggression and One that Has Been Effectively Lost (alt) Global Research
1430 GMT Natural properties in South Khorasan made national heritage (iran)
1428 GMT US Blacklists Over 20 More China Firms For Human Rights, Beijing Vows “Relentless Retaliation” (agr) ZeroHedge News
1426 GMT How to Dull People s Minds and Then Kill Them : Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (alt) Global Research
1426 GMT How to Dull People s Minds and Then Kill Them: Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (alt) Global Research
1425 GMT Israel’s top court upholds Jewish nation-state law (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
1423 GMT France Test Fires Anti-Drone Laser (mil) The Defense Post
1423 GMT Azerbaijan registers 174 new coronavirus cases, 62 recoveries (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
1423 GMT Olympic Torch relay reaches Tokyo but amid COVID-19 restrictions lacks usual fanfare (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
1420 GMT What s in Tehran art galleries (iran)
1420 GMT What s the SCO s Game Plan for Afghanistan? (alt) Global Research
1419 GMT Governments must adopt a strong political declaration that the global crisis mandates (alt) Countercurrents
1418 GMT Johnson & Johnson Agrees to Pay $263 Million in New York Opioid Settlement (alt) Global Research
1417 GMT Cross-border aid mechanism outlived its usefulness in Syria Russian diplomat (news) TASS
1416 GMT New Persian translation of Dostoevsky s The Gambler comes to Iranian bookstores (iran)
1415 GMT SE Asia fragments on pro and anti-Huawei lines (news) Asia Times
1414 GMT Mom, 45, Who Got Job at Johns Hopkins Hospital Dies After Reaction to Work-Mandated COVID Vaccine (alt) Global Research
1413 GMT Pandemic and Pendencies: Disaster at the Indian courts. (alt) Countercurrents
1413 GMT San Francisco Frozen Film Festival picks movies from Iran (iran)
1410 GMT Former Pfizer VP Mike Yeadon Answers Reuters Fact Checker : A Pack of Lies (alt) Global Research
1410 GMT Armenian Ambassador Artashes Toumanian visits Farabi Cinema Foundation (iran)
1410 GMT 50 Million Americans Under Flash Flood Watch As Elsa Moves Up East Coast (agr) ZeroHedge News
1409 GMT Meet the Consulting Firm that s Staffing the Biden Administration (alt) Global Research
1407 GMT The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (alt) Global Research
1407 GMT Mahmud Maddah, Living Bearer of Intangible Heritage, dies at 79 (iran)
1407 GMT As Taliban reaches Tajikistan border, Russia says it’s ready & prepared to defend its close ally against Islamist terrorist group (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1404 GMT End of the Netanyahu Era: Israel s New Government. Who is Naftali Bennett (alt) Global Research
1403 GMT America s Accountability Problem. Is Anyone Responsible Anymore? (alt) Global Research
1402 GMT New freedom of speech in the United States (alt) Countercurrents
1401 GMT The History of Plastic and Injection Molding (alt) Global Research
1401 GMT Russia to continue supplies of COVID-19 vaccine to Syria, presidential envoy says (news) TASS
1400 GMT Global Warming and C02: Biggest Misdirection in the History of Science (alt) Global Research
1400 GMT Bogdanov Tells Hariri Russia Supports His Efforts to Form Lebanon s Government (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1400 GMT McGregor kicks out at Poirier during face-off before trilogy fight (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1358 GMT China s Rise: From Humiliated Colony to Global Power (alt) Global Research
1357 GMT Washington s kiss of death (alt) Countercurrents
1357 GMT Russian envoy urges nations to help Syria with infrastructure recovery programs (news) TASS
1355 GMT Russia to continue efforts to create conditions for refugee return to Syria, Russian envoy (news) TASS
1354 GMT Protecting Eden: Pornography and Age Verification Down Under (mil) SouthFront
1353 GMT Biden Targeting Class I Rail Mergers (agr) ZeroHedge News
1353 GMT Kremlin not opposed to potential foreign coach heading Russian national football team (news) TASS
1352 GMT Haiti s White Rulers Have Spoken on Haiti s Political Future (alt) Global Research
1351 GMT Baghdad intends for US withdrawal from Iraq Russian envoy (news) TASS
1349 GMT Religion, Sectarian Nationalism and Interfaith Marriages (alt) Countercurrents
1347 GMT Kamchatka rescue team discovers body fragments of all An-26 crash victims source (news) TASS
1346 GMT Offshore Fracking Report Finds Toxic Pollution in Gulf of Mexico (alt) Global Research
1345 GMT FSB thwarts terrorist attack targeting Russia s Ufa (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1344 GMT A Hybrid War to Replace Afghan Forever War ? (alt) Global Research
1343 GMT Coronavirus cases climbing in majority of Russian regions, PM notes (news) TASS
1343 GMT Russia has local COVID mutations not influencing epidemic process top sanitary doctor (news) TASS
1343 GMT Dr. BR Ambedkar: Memoirs of S.P. Shukla (alt) Countercurrents
1342 GMT Russia s coronavirus reproduction rate goes up to 1.01 (news) TASS
1342 GMT Giuliani Isn t Alone in Possible Ties to Foreign Lobbying in Trump White House (alt) Latest Truthout
1340 GMT Oil and Gas Cooperation between Russia and Vietnam: History and Prospects (alt) New Eastern Outlook
1339 GMT Russia to provide Internet access countrywide by 2030 PM (news) TASS
1336 GMT Iran defeat Mali at FIBA U19 Basketball classification (iran)
1331 GMT How Soon Is Now? (agr) ZeroHedge News
1330 GMT Meerderheid Tweede Kamer vindt medische apartheid simpelweg prima: Zum kotzen (alt)
1330 GMT Lithuania begins building barrier on border with Belarus (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1328 GMT Syrian opposition must stop viewing Damascus as enemy Russian envoy (news) TASS
1328 GMT The US Government Wants Palestine to Fade From View. Don t Let It. (alt) Latest Truthout
1328 GMT US troops may leave Syria at any time, Russian envoy says (news) TASS
1324 GMT Moscow s average daily coronavirus hospitalizations stand at 1,700 mayor (news) TASS
1323 GMT MAKS-2021: Through the Prism of Management Challenges (rus) New Defence Order. Strategy
1323 GMT Over 1/3 of retired Russians expect to live off of savings poll (news) TASS
1323 GMT Over one-third of retired Russians expect to live off of savings poll (news) TASS
1321 GMT Boris Johnson orders review of Newport fab takeover (news) Asia Times
1321 GMT Thiel-Backed Crypto Exchange Merges With SPAC Run By Former NYSE President (agr) ZeroHedge News
1320 GMT Bushehr to boost tribe tourism (iran)
1319 GMT Experience beauty and excitement of cave tourism in Iran (iran)
1318 GMT Museum dedicated to Sardasht chemical attack victims to be established (iran)
1315 GMT Russia s Economic Development Ministry downgrades outlook on inflation (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1314 GMT Iran playing an important role in Afghanistan peace process (iran) Mehr News Agency
1313 GMT US withdrawal from Syria could boost dialogue between Kurds and Damascus Russian envoy (news) TASS
1311 GMT Flood situation in India’s Bihar worsens, causing deaths, migration and property damage as heavy monsoon season arrived earlier than usual (agr) Signs of the Times
1310 GMT Iraq breaks record for highest daily virus cases (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
1309 GMT Russia ready for direct contacts with US on Syria at various levels presidential envoy (news) TASS
1308 GMT This week in photos: Haitian leader s murder, last goodbyes to Menshov, Cannes red carpet (news) TASS
1300 GMT Lavrov: Russia not to take any steps if tension in Afghanistan remains within its borders (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1300 GMT Putin to visit MAKS 2021 airshow, says Kremlin (news) TASS
1259 GMT Fish brains grow when they have to think more and shrink if they don’t (sci) New Scientist – Home
1257 GMT Taliban squeezes Afghan government by seizing key border towns (mil) FDD’s Long War Journal
1257 GMT Rwanda Sends 1,000 Troops to Insurgency-Hit Mozambique (mil) The Defense Post
1254 GMT Moscow urges Washington to display responsible approach in troop pullout from Afghanistan (news) TASS
1252 GMT Moscow s coronavirus situation stabilizes, mayor says (news) TASS
1250 GMT High Cost But Useless Master’s Degrees And Who’s Offering Them (agr) ZeroHedge News
1249 GMT Russia not to take any steps if tension in Afghanistan remains within its borders Lavrov (news) TASS
1248 GMT Over 27,000 soldiers receive vocational training in 3 months (iran)
1248 GMT US Army Demonstrates Mobile Microgrid Capability to Power Next-Gen Weapons (mil) The Defense Post
1247 GMT Iranian scientists produce first COVID-19 kit to detect both genes, mutants (iran)
1246 GMT Russian diplomat slams allegations of illegal immigrant flow from Belarus as absurd (news) TASS
1241 GMT Foreign students in Iran to get coronavirus vaccine (iran)
1240 GMT Russian Foreign Ministry: Moscow to beef up security of Tajik-Afghan border (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1236 GMT Reports of flooding, mudslides as another cold front hits Cape Town, South Africa (agr) Signs of the Times
1236 GMT Most Vessels of US-Led Sea Breeze Drills to Remain in Black Sea for Some Time, US Navy Says (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
1234 GMT FBI Covers Up Hunter and Joe Biden s Serious Felonies But Seeks for a crime to pin on Giuliani (alt)
1233 GMT FDA, CDC Condradict Pfizer, Claim There’s No Need For “Booster” Vaccines… Yet (agr) ZeroHedge News
1233 GMT Vietnam Deja Vu (alt)
1233 GMT School Principle Fired for Exercising Her Constitutional Right to Free Speech (alt)
1233 GMT No sex after vaccination! Regional Russian politician tells local citizens they must avoid hanky panky after Covid-19 jab (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1232 GMT Russia Proposes Foreigner Residence Permit Overhaul (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1232 GMT Syria Expresses Gratitude for Iran s Support in Fight on Terrorism (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1231 GMT Russia becomes largest importer of Georgian wine in H1 2021 (news) TASS
1230 GMT 52 killed in deadly fire at Bangladesh food factory (iran) Mehr News Agency
1228 GMT Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | July 9 (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1228 GMT Russia will promptly react to Afghanistan-related threats, says security official (news) TASS
1228 GMT Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | July 10 (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1225 GMT Russian Warplanes Hammered Militant Positions In Southwestern Idlib, Northern Lattakia (Photos) (mil) SouthFront
1224 GMT Grillo, Duquesne Must Recognize France Mandate for Lebanon Is Over: Offensive Diplomacy Indicates Impoliteness (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1224 GMT Russia s Black Sea Resorts to Require Tourists to Vaccinate (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1220 GMT BEST OF THE WEB: ‘Urgent’ British report calls for complete cessation of COVID vaccines in humans (agr) Signs of the Times
1220 GMT Russia records 25,766 new daily COVID-19 cases (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1218 GMT UK: Updated Risk Assessment On Delta Variant & Initial Assessment on Lambda (medic) Avian Flu Diary
1217 GMT Russia, US may soon agree on date for consultations on strategic stability official (news) TASS
1212 GMT Vaccination Does Not Protect Against Delta Variant (alt)
1209 GMT China seeking exotic nukes, warns US diplomat (news) Asia Times
1209 GMT Biden Set To Sign Sweeping Executive Order To “Promote Competition” Across Tech, Pharma, Other Industries (agr) ZeroHedge News
1207 GMT Skeletons of twin infant Vikings discovered in Christian burial in Sweden (agr) Signs of the Times – Secret History
1204 GMT Russian tech firm developing parachute system for latest armored vehicles (news) TASS
1201 GMT Bjorn Kuipers to referee UEFA EURO 2020 final (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
1200 GMT Georgia reports 1,108 new COVID-19 cases (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1200 GMT De Jonge: of je laat je vaccineren, of je wordt ergens de komende maanden ziek van corona (alt)
1200 GMT Striking Alabama Miners Are Done Playing Nice – Hundreds of UMWA miners remain on the picket line at the Warrior Met Coal mine. (alt) In These Times
1200 GMT Visit to NATO by the Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel (news) NATO Latest News
1200 GMT Visit to NATO by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt (news) NATO Latest News
1159 GMT Brengt 5G The Beatles weer bij elkaar? (comp) Computable
1155 GMT Palestinian Prisoner Freed after Going on Hunger Strike for 63 Days (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1152 GMT Iran Army monitoring security of eastern borders (iran) Mehr News Agency
1148 GMT Rosneft discovers large field in Yakutia with gas reserves of over 40 bln cubic meters (news) TASS
1146 GMT Central Syrian Insurgency: Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Killed In ISIS IED Attack (mil) SouthFront
1145 GMT Russian tech firm working on new parachute for Sotnik soldier combat outfit (news) TASS
1144 GMT Torrential rains continue to batter parts of China, triggering floods and mudslides (agr) Signs of the Times
1142 GMT Microbes that feast on crushed rocks thrive in Antarctica’s ice-covered lakes (agr) Signs of the Times – Science & Technolog
1140 GMT Russia raises GDP growth outlook (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1140 GMT China lashes out as Euro-MPs call for sanctions (news) Asia Times
1138 GMT 100 More Cops Dispatched To Sydney To Help Enforce Lockdown As Cases Climb (agr) ZeroHedge News
1137 GMT Over 770,000 people currently getting treatment for COVID in Russia, says minister (news) TASS
1132 GMT Indonesia to give medics booster jab after deaths (news) Asia Times
1131 GMT In Video: Hay at Tahrir Al-Sham Shelling Government-Held Towns In Greater Idlib With Improvised Rockets, Artillery (mil) SouthFront
1129 GMT Iranian-Backed Forces Deployed Decoy Rocket Launchers In Syria s Deir Ezzor (mil) SouthFront
1128 GMT KPN schakelt laatste isdn-lijnen uit (comp) Computable
1127 GMT Major storm brings flash flooding to Perth, Western Australia (agr) Signs of the Times
1126 GMT Moscow Mutation? Siberian Strain? WHO puts Covid-19 variant first discovered in Russia on special list for extra monitoring (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1126 GMT RF to return privileges for extra-viscous oil production after completion of OPEC + deal (news) TASS
1125 GMT COVAX aims to deliver 520 mln vaccine doses to Africa this year (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
1120 GMT EU says U.K. owes it 47.5 bln euros for post-Brexit payment (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1119 GMT Putin congratulates Mongolian president on taking office, Kremlin reports (news) TASS
1118 GMT Taliban fuelled refugee crisis has already begun (news) Asia Times
1116 GMT BEST OF THE WEB: Children in New Zealand falling ill after harsh lockdowns weaken immune systems (agr) Signs of the Times
1115 GMT Cameroon, Mali presidents felicitate Raeisi on victory (iran) Mehr News Agency
1111 GMT Nebraska Gov. Ricketts calls out China, warns leftists in declaring Victims of Communism Month (agr) Signs of the Times
1110 GMT Kremlin expects no interruption in delivery of coronavirus vaccines in Russia (news) TASS
1105 GMT Our children have lost a billion days of school (alt) spiked
1105 GMT Thailand imposes tougher curbs, Bangkok curfew (news) Asia Times
1105 GMT China Cuts Reserve Ratio By 0.5% Unleashing 1 Trillion Yuan In Liquidity To Boost Economy (agr) ZeroHedge News
1102 GMT Diab Confirms Government s Request to Renew UNIFIL Mandate (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1102 GMT Talks with the Taliban are necessary, says Kremlin (news) TASS
1100 GMT The Army Brief: Afghanistan s future; drone swarm; telemedicine training; and more (mil) Defense One – All Content
1100 GMT Before He Was UVA Police Chief, Timothy Longo Helmed DNA Dragnet That Targeted Black Men (alt?) The Intercept
1100 GMT Sanitary watchdog chief: coronavirus cases among those fully vaccinated are rare (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1100 GMT Azerbaijani boxer into semifinal of European Championships (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
1057 GMT Russia following probe into Haitian president s assassination, diplomat says (news) TASS
1055 GMT Tehran hosting Iran s 1st exclusive EAEU exhibition (iran)
1052 GMT Russia will follow its own path towards green economy without emission taxes ministry (news) TASS
1050 GMT Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest Two Palestinians in Al-Khalil (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1048 GMT Ottawa plans to teach non-racialized Canadians about systemic racism in new campaign (agr) Signs of the Times
1040 GMT Taliban seize key Iran-Afghanistan border crossing (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1039 GMT Russia sets sights on bolstering treaty of good-neighborliness with China, says diplomat (news) TASS
1035 GMT Vaccinatiecampagne Heineken wekt veel woede op: Ik heb geen woorden hiervoor (alt)
1034 GMT Gain of Function Sounds Scary. It s Actually a Scientifically-Worthless Money-Grubbing SCAM (alt) Anti-Empire
1034 GMT John Kerry flouts mask mandate at airport (agr) Signs of the Times
1032 GMT Iran COVID update: 16,596 infections, 146 deaths (iran) Mehr News Agency
1031 GMT Heavy Clashes In Caracas, Venezuela As Criminal Gangs Try To Spread (VIDEOS) (mil) SouthFront
1030 GMT UvA en HvA kozen na hack voor tegenaanval (comp) Computable
1030 GMT IMF Chief Warns Of “Sustained” Rise In US Inflation (agr) ZeroHedge News
1024 GMT TSE s main index rises 43,000 points in a week (iran)
1023 GMT ICCIMA calls on govt. to extend tax payment dues (iran)
1022 GMT ‘We’re coming for your children’: San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus pushes woke agenda (agr) Signs of the Times
1022 GMT Delta symptoms different from earlier Covid strains (news) Asia Times
1022 GMT Crudeness : Russia bashes Reporters Without Borders for press freedom predator label (news) TASS
1020 GMT The fightback against critical race theory (alt) spiked
1020 GMT U.S. military mission in Afghanistan to conclude on August 31 (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1020 GMT Iran volleyball player Fayazi announces retirement (iran)
1015 GMT Heineken: de nacht is van de gevaccineerden (alt) Real news and journalism
1014 GMT Taliban militants won t be allowed to run riot in Tajikistan after Americans pull out of Afghanistan, top Russian General tells RT (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1014 GMT There s no doubt Tajikistan will repel possible Taliban incursion Collective Security Treaty Organization s top chief of staff (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1014 GMT Taliban militants won’t be allowed to run riot in Tajikistan after Americans pull out of Afghanistan, top Russian General tells RT (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1012 GMT Israel Targets Hamas Cryptocurrency Wallet (mil) SouthFront
1010 GMT Iran ready to contribute to Azerbaijan s economic projects’ (iran)
1010 GMT The lockdown addicts (alt) spiked
1010 GMT The fightback against critical race theory (alt) spiked
1009 GMT Industrial, mining projects worth over $9.5b inaugurated (iran)
1007 GMT All 28 Bodies Found From Far East Russia Plane Crash (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1006 GMT Russia s FSB thwarts terrorist attack targeting Ufa (news) TASS
1005 GMT 45 idle industrial units to be revived in Ardebil by next March (iran)
1003 GMT Amsterdamse dataspeurder Zylab in Amerikaanse handen (comp) Computable
1001 GMT Russia ready to facilitate work for delimitation of Armenian-Azerbaijani border diplomat (news) TASS
1000 GMT Rospotrebnadzor says Covid-19 situation stabilising (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1000 GMT Germany faces ‘EPIDEMIC’ of child sex abuse; WHO estimates of a million victims are ‘too low’ – it has to be stopped! (agr) Signs of the Times
1000 GMT Time to step back into the lecture hall (alt) spiked
1000 GMT Blockchain: ict voor (zelf)bedriegers (comp) Computable
1000 GMT Press review: Russia, EU seek mutual okays on vaccine passports and OPEC+ impacts ruble (news) TASS
1000 GMT Russia records 25,766 new daily COVID-19 cases, crisis center says (news) TASS
1000 GMT The House Select Committee to Criminalize and Obstruct (alt) Gatestone Institute :: Articles
0959 GMT Taliban Claim to Control 85 Percent of Afghanistan (mil) The Defense Post
0957 GMT Sri Lanka s toxic ship exposes maritime law flaws (news) Asia Times
0954 GMT Death toll of Florida building collapse rises to 64 (iran) Mehr News Agency
0951 GMT Iran Unveils New Weapons, Equipment (mil) The Defense Post
0950 GMT Plane carrying skydivers crashes in Sweden, killing nine (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
0947 GMT Illegal US Sanctions Endangering Iranians Health : Iranian Envoy (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0946 GMT Branson vs Bezos in a private race for space (news) Asia Times
0945 GMT Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak Embraces “Right To Repair” Movement (agr) ZeroHedge News
0945 GMT Quarterly loading, unloading of goods up 7% in Iranian ports (iran)
0945 GMT Revisiting Dr Judy Wood – Because she’s right about 9/11 (agr) Signs of the Times – Science & Technolog
0942 GMT Moscow to beef up security of Tajik-Afghan border if necessary, Russian diplomat says (news) TASS
0940 GMT ISIS adherent busted in Moscow Region on suspicion of plotting terror attack (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0939 GMT Hamas leader Meshaal reaches out to Riyadh on Saudi TV (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
0935 GMT IS adherent busted in Moscow Region on suspicion of plotting terror attack (news) TASS
0930 GMT Heidi Carter should not judge pregnant women s decisions (alt) spiked
0929 GMT Russia: Taliban Now Controls Two-Thirds of Afghan-Tajik Border (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0925 GMT ARMY-2021: TOR-MU Missile System to be Exhibited in Ussuriysk (rus) New Defence Order. Strategy
0923 GMT Master of Persuasion Anthony Fauci Says Not Getting Unnecessary Medical Intervention Is Political Statement (alt) Anti-Empire
0923 GMT How all my politically correct bones were broken (agr) Signs of the Times
0920 GMT Explosion at fuel station kills one in Uzbekistan (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0919 GMT As US social media giants censor free speech online, Russia & China lead the charge to break free from American control of the Web (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
0917 GMT Remnants of Tropical Storm Elsa bring severe flooding to New York City area (agr) Signs of the Times
0916 GMT Iran discover fate at AFC U23 Asian Cup 2022 Qualifiers (iran)
0915 GMT Two-thirds of Afghan-Tajik border under control of Taliban (iran) Mehr News Agency
0915 GMT ISPnext en Vendorlink bundelen krachten (comp) Computable
0911 GMT Russians Sour on Navalny After Extremist Ruling Poll (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0910 GMT Egypt warns Europe against illegal immigration amid Nile dam impasse (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
0910 GMT Was it Just? America and Her Suicidal Combat Veterans (alt)
0909 GMT Russia’s Nuclear-Powered Space Tug Zeus Can Disable Enemy Spacecraft Systems, Designer Says (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
0905 GMT Taliban Claim Capture Of Border Crossing With Iran, Other Border Areas (mil) SouthFront
0902 GMT The People vs. Mahmoud Abbas: Are the Palestinian Authority s Days Numbered? (alt)
0900 GMT There s a Dirty Tricks Campaign Underway in Peru to Deny the Left s Presidential Victory (alt)
0900 GMT Twitter Flags Foreign Policy Expert Tweeting Criticism Of China (agr) ZeroHedge News
0900 GMT No need for lockdown in Russia due to COVID – official (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0900 GMT Russia expects non-politicized assessment by ICAO of Ryanair incident, says diplomat (news) TASS
0859 GMT Roaming Charges: Flaming Patriots (alt)
0858 GMT Suing to End Autocracy (alt)
0858 GMT From Iowa Nice to Iowa Nazi: a Report from the Friendly Fascist Heartland (alt)
0858 GMT Nuclear Stockholm Syndrome (alt)
0857 GMT In Modi s India, Being a Tribal Woman is an Act of Resistance (alt)
0856 GMT Why Capitalism Sucks (alt)
0855 GMT Carlos Lazo: The Cuban American Leading the Charge to Transform U.S.-Cuba Policy (alt)
0855 GMT Head of Haiti s Palace Guard Subject of US Law Enforcement Investigation into Arms Trafficking (alt)
0855 GMT Russian diplomat points to unprecedented US-EU meddling in Moldova s election campaign (news) TASS
0855 GMT America s Impressive History of Bioweapons Attacks Against Its Own People (alt)
0855 GMT America- Led NATO in Afghanistan: Crimes against Humanity Call for Accountability (alt)
0855 GMT The Eurocentrism Curse (alt)
0852 GMT Rotten at the Core: the US Appeal of the Assange Ruling (alt)
0852 GMT Tweet Every Voice: Assault on A Capitol Fourth (alt)
0852 GMT Malcolm Gladwell s Beige Skin Privilege (alt)
0851 GMT UK to face ‘rolling food shortages’? (agr) Signs of the Times
0850 GMT Good Riddance to Bad Rummy (alt)
0850 GMT More Fables (Inspired by Aesop and William Bartram) (alt)
0850 GMT The Trump Charges Obscure a Bigger Story of How the Rich Legally Avoid Taxes (alt)
0850 GMT Why Whistleblower Daniel Hale Deserves Gratitude, Not Prison (alt)
0850 GMT Why We Should Change How We Talk About Nonhuman Animals (alt)
0850 GMT Biden Kneels Before Israeli President s Chief of Staff (alt)
0848 GMT The Democracy vs. Freedom Dispute (alt)
0848 GMT Interventionism Gave Us Afghanistan and Iraq (alt)
0847 GMT In 18 Months, Republicans Are Very Likely to Control Congress. Being in Denial Makes It Worse (alt)
0846 GMT Iranian delegation hold meetings with senior Syrian officials (iran) Mehr News Agency
0845 GMT Make Police Obsolete (alt)
0845 GMT Donald Rumsfeld: RIP (With Maybe a Bit More P Now He s Gone) (alt)
0844 GMT The Duty of Aiding Central Americans (alt)
0844 GMT The narrow borders of militarism (alt)
0843 GMT Buying Democracy in a Good Way (alt)
0840 GMT Russian Health Ministry ready to discuss vaccination certificates recognition with EU (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0839 GMT A Journey Through the Troubled Former Yugoslavia: They Will Never Stop Hating Us (msm) DER SPIEGEL – International
0832 GMT Stop Interfering : Ethiopia s Opportunity After the Election (alt)
0831 GMT Thinning Nuance (alt)
0830 GMT Israel s Bennett rethinks Iran policy (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of The Middle East
0829 GMT Foreign diplomats view construction of Fuzuli International Airport (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
0826 GMT The Law of Manliness (alt)
0824 GMT Anti-aircraft gunners fight enemy drones in Crimea drills amid NATO s Black Sea maneuvers (news) TASS
0820 GMT Haiti police kill four suspects linked to Moise assassination (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0820 GMT SouthFront Is a Crowdfunded Endeavour (mil) SouthFront
0819 GMT Oil prices rise on world markets (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
0816 GMT In the End, It s the Embrace That Matters Most (alt)
0815 GMT SE Asia fragments on pro and anti-Huawei lines (news) Asia Times
0815 GMT World Food Prices Drop In June For First Time In Year, Remain Near Decade High (agr) ZeroHedge News
0815 GMT Russia Says Taliban Controls Two-Thirds of Afghan-Tajik Border (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0815 GMT US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Kerry to meet with Lavrov in Moscow on July 12 (news) TASS
0813 GMT War Movies for Peaceniks (alt)
0813 GMT Virus-hit Indonesia gets emergency medical supplies (news) Asia Times
0811 GMT If at First You Don t Secede (alt)
0810 GMT The Way Between (alt)
0807 GMT 45e editie van de Audiokrant met Wappieland, Boeren en Nano (alt) De Lange Mars Plus
0802 GMT Say hello to the diplo-Taliban (news) Asia Times
0801 GMT A Royal Mark Up: How an Emirati Sheikh Resells Millions of Russian Vaccines to the Developing World (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0800 GMT Lavrov and Kerry to meet in Moscow next week (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0800 GMT Abdezadeh joins Spain s Ponferradina (iran) Mehr News Agency
0759 GMT Madness in the Middle of the Night on I-95 (alt)
0757 GMT Harlem s Forgotten Festival (alt)
0755 GMT Kyrgyz Border Guard Killed in Shootout With Tajik Forces (mil) The Defense Post
0753 GMT BEST OF THE WEB: The horrifying rise of total mass media blackouts on inconvenient news stories (agr) Signs of the Times
0751 GMT Top Iranian Officials Condole Demise of Ahmad Jibril (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0751 GMT Imam Khamenei, Top Iranian Officials Condole Demise of Ahmad Jibril (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0746 GMT Sacrilege and Sanctity: Ishmael Reed and Henry Dumas (alt)
0745 GMT To the participants of the 24th Eurasian Economic Summit (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
0744 GMT Ukraine developing new shoes for female military personnel after scandal over images of soldiers practicing marches in high heels (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
0740 GMT Russian air carriers ready for flights to Egypt (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0736 GMT Norway to Pay Compensation for AstraZeneca Side Effects to Three Vaccine Victims (alt) Anti-Empire
0735 GMT The Bloody Conflict in Ethiopia s Tigray Region (alt) New Eastern Outlook
0734 GMT Spanish-Lithuanian Press Conference Interrupted By Fighter Jets Scrambling To Intercept Russian Warplanes (mil) SouthFront
0732 GMT Rescue workers find black box from Antonov An-26 plane disaster (news) TASS
0730 GMT Courage in peace more important than courage in war, Zarif tells intra-Afghan talks (iran)
0730 GMT ‘Extinction Rebellion’ – A League Of Discontent (agr) ZeroHedge News
0730 GMT Two people killed in shooting in US Houston restaurant (iran) Mehr News Agency
0722 GMT French court OKs seizure of India-owned properties (news) Asia Times
0720 GMT WHO refuses to call AT.1 Russian variant of coronavirus (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0716 GMT Of Transhumanist Zombie Politics & Menticide Geopolitical (alt)
0713 GMT Aspects of Nationality Question (alt) Countercurrents
0713 GMT VIDEO: Remnants of Elsa bring severe flooding to NYC area (iran) Mehr News Agency
0710 GMT IP row with China clips wings of US aircraft firm (news) Asia Times
0707 GMT OPEC pours inflation fuel onto Covid fires (news) Asia Times
0706 GMT M6.0 earthquake & dozens of aftershocks rattle northern California (agr) Signs of the Times
0705 GMT Cyprus takes surprising lead in Europe s cyber cash race (news) Asia Times
0702 GMT China s Geheim Coronavirus Experiment (alt) Real news and journalism
0700 GMT Judiciary On Trial (alt) Countercurrents
0700 GMT European Parliament calls for resumption of free movement in Schengen (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0700 GMT Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | July 9 (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0658 GMT Azeri Light crude sells for $74,60 (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
0654 GMT Azerbaijan s Defense Ministry releases video footages from Dagh Mashanli village, Jabrayil district (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
0654 GMT Forest area increase in Russia over 10 years equals area of Denmark, federal agency says (news) TASS
0654 GMT Azerbaijan s Defense Ministry releases video footages from Dagh Mashanli village, Jabrayil district VIDEO (az) AZERTAC – Azerbaijan State News Agency
0652 GMT Nine found dead in Swedish airplane crash (iran) Mehr News Agency
0645 GMT US Navy Calls Black Sea Drills “Essential” As Russia Threatens Military Response (agr) ZeroHedge News
0640 GMT Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia to hold joint military exercises (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0636 GMT White House Devises Scheme to Sell Emperor s Crackhead Son s Paintings to Secret Buyers for $500K (alt) Anti-Empire
0630 GMT Selected Articles: Might COVID Injections Reduce Lifespan? (alt) Global Research
0621 GMT This Week s Most Popular Articles (alt) Global Research
0620 GMT CSTO: Taliban sets up checkpoints near border with Tajikistan (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0620 GMT Illegal US sanctions endangering Iranians’ health (iran) Mehr News Agency
0615 GMT Black Swan Event Index Hits All Time High! Fed Admits Inflation Higher Than Expected (alt) The Duran
0615 GMT Excite To End Free E-Mail Service (alt) The Duran
0614 GMT Joe Biden s Most Awkward Gaffes (alt) The Duran
0604 GMT Biden Says Kabul s Fall to Taliban Not Inevitable as Fighting Rages (mil) The Defense Post
0601 GMT Tesla Sells 33,155 China-Made Vehicles in June, Down Sequentially, as Chinese Passenger Vehicles Slip 5.3% (alt) Global Research
0600 GMT Wildfires in Russia s Sakha region swell by over 69,000 in 24 hours (news) TASS
0600 GMT The numbers behind Europe s anti-China sentiment (news) Asia Times
0600 GMT The Visegrad Nations Have Nailed Their Complaints To The EU’s Door (agr) ZeroHedge News
0600 GMT Russia sends Be-200 amphibious plane to Turkey to help fight wildfires (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0557 GMT Harvard team develops 256-qubit quantum simulator (news) Asia Times
0548 GMT Raeisi, Rouhani, Ghaani condole demise of Abu Jihad (iran) Mehr News Agency
0547 GMT A Journey into the Unfamiliar Future (alt) Countercurrents
0542 GMT Say hello to the diplo-Taliban (news) Asia Times
0536 GMT Why India and Bangladesh Should Never Forget the Supreme Sacrifice of Albert Ekka, PVC (alt) Countercurrents
0532 GMT ‘Important Milestone’ as Norway, Germany Conclude ‘Gigantic’ Submarine Deal (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
0529 GMT Actions taken by Egypt ensure safety of Russian citizens, says Russian senator (news) TASS
0512 GMT WHO refuses to call AT.1 detected in Russian Federation Russian variant of coronavirus (news) TASS
0510 GMT US invaded Afghanistan under pretext of fighting terrorism (iran) Mehr News Agency
0501 GMT Vietnam s biggest city enters two-week lockdown (news) Asia Times
0500 GMT Iran names Syria decision-maker as Astana meeting wraps up (iran) Mehr News Agency
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