Nieuws 12-12-2020

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Publications from relative unknown or alternative sources. The viewpoints given are usually not mentioned in the main stream media. Also listed are msm narrative influencers. Be critical and aware of origins & purpose. Aggregator sites have nuggets, but also debris. Contains propaganda & semi-msm “alternative” media.

0041 GMT SOTT FOCUS: SOTT Earth Changes Summary – November 2020: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs (agr) Signs of the Times – SOTT Focus
0108 GMT The U.S. Supreme Court looks the other way, ignores illegality, and denies leave to file the Texas election lawsuit (blog) Sic Semper Tyrannis
0746 GMT The Failure of the Public Health Establishment (agr) naked capitalism

0901 GMT Weekend update, 12 – 13 December (med) Dr. John Campbell
0901 GMT Weekend update (med) Dr. John Campbell
0914 GMT Turkey, Azerbaijan Lay Claim To Yerevan, Dream Of Capturing Entire Caucasus (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
0922 GMT Robert McChesney: The Decline of American Journalism (agr) naked capitalism
1112 GMT Croatia, special report (med) Dr. John Campbell
1113 GMT The EAEU: What s Next? Speakers (rus) Valdai Club
1155 GMT Links 12/12/2020 (agr) naked capitalism
1216 GMT WTO Reform: Can the Organisation Restore Its Clout? Speakers (rus) Valdai Club
1300 GMT The EU Continues to Wobble While France Holds It to Ransom (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1400 GMT Who The #Resistance Was Actually #Resisting These Last Four Years (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1438 GMT Thanks Pelosi, You and your Friends Are To Blame for Growing Hunger. by J (blog) Sic Semper Tyrannis
1500 GMT Moveable Feast Cafe 2020/12/12 Open Thread (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1500 GMT Media Fuels Economic War on Nicaragua with False Conflict Beef Story (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1522 GMT “House Conservatives Urge President Trump To Name A Special Counsel To Investigate Election Fraud” OAN (blog) Sic Semper Tyrannis
1530 GMT The Myth of Overpopulation (alt) OffGuardian
1624 GMT Now In Print And Available: Capitalism On A Ventilator (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1634 GMT Church Buys And Forgives $5 Million In Medical Debt (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1644 GMT CBO Shows Medicare For All Could Cover Everyone For Less Per Year (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1653 GMT Military-Grade Weapons Do Not Make Cops Or Cities Safer (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1701 GMT Jewish People Worldwide Applaud Statement On Definition Of Anti-Semitism (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1703 GMT Jeffrey, “a gift that keeps on giving.” (blog) Sic Semper Tyrannis
1706 GMT Victory! Seville Cancels Electronic Warfare Europe Arms Fair (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1738 GMT Watch how the latest Russian SSBN executes a four missile launch (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1750 GMT SCOTUS rejects Texas lawsuit. Is it over for Trump or not? What happens next? OPEN THREAD (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1750 GMT SCOTUS rejects Texas lawsuit. Is it over for Trump or not? What happens next? OPEN THREAD (UPDATED) (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1802 GMT New Documents Show How The British Government Secretly Created ‘Regime Change’ Protests In Lebanon (blog) Moon of Alabama
1812 GMT Venezuela, een operationele etappe voor Rusland en Iran om de VS uit te dagen (alt) Elijah J. Magnier
1814 GMT La sfida della Russia e dell Iran agli Stati Uniti si sposta in Venezuela (alt) Elijah J. Magnier
1815 GMT Venezuela, un escenario operacional para que Rusia e Iran desaf en a EE.UU. (alt) Elijah J. Magnier
1817 GMT Tesla, Quadruple-WTF Chart of the Year: It Should Just Sell Shares on Autopilot at Huge Prices and Exit Sordid Business of Making Cars (fin) Wolf Street
1823 GMT Venezuela, eine Operationsb hne f r Russland und den Iran, um die USA herauszufordern (alt) Elijah J. Magnier
1824 GMT Venezuela, an operational stage for Russia and Iran to challenge the USA (alt) Elijah J. Magnier
1841 GMT FDA publiceert lijst met mogelijke ziekten en lichamelijke reacties die kunnen optreden na coronaspuit (alt) LNN TV
1902 GMT Rick Kuitems in gesprek met, Gina Betsler (Fotografe, onderneemster, activiste) (alt) LNN TV
1922 GMT John Kerry s Think Tank Calls For War With Russia Over Climate Change (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1927 GMT Please Support Moon of Alabama (blog) Moon of Alabama
1932 GMT Yet Another Major Escalation In Establishment Internet Censorship (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1936 GMT OAS s New Attempt To Interfere In Venezuela Rejected (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1941 GMT Foreign Minister Arreaza To US Ambassador (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1944 GMT Pulp Fiction and the Vietnam War (blog) Bracing Views
2008 GMT Taxi Drivers Caravan To DC Demanding Relief (alt) PopularResistance.Org
2013 GMT 2020 Arctic Report Card Fail: End of Road for Cold Arctic, Highs, Lows (climate) Paul Beckwith, Climate System Scientist
2017 GMT Nigeria s Security Agents Have Committed Crimes ICC Prosecutor (alt) PopularResistance.Org
2022 GMT A North Las Vegas Homeless Camp Was Bulldozed (alt) PopularResistance.Org
2155 GMT More sword (blog) Sic Semper Tyrannis
2348 GMT On “Messages”. (blog) Andrei Martyanov – Reminiscence of the F


0000 GMT Green bonds and carbon emissions: Exploring the case for a rating system at the firm level (alt) Recent Articles
0000 GMT Why automation in Spanish firms did not cause reshoring (alt) Recent Articles
0000 GMT Why prudent people might avoid vaccinations (alt) Recent Articles
0012 GMT How Could Covid-19 Reduce the Likelihood of WW III? (alt) The Duran
0040 GMT FBI Has Files From Seth Rich’s Laptop Computer (agr) ZeroHedge News
0041 GMT Palestinian militant groups condemn Morocco s agreement to normalize relations with Israel (mil) FDD’s Long War Journal
0053 GMT Oman praises Israel-Morocco relations (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
0054 GMT Congress passes annual defense spending bill mandating sanctions on Turkey (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
0100 GMT World’s First Robotic Kitchen For Consumers Can Whip Up 5,000 Recipes (agr) ZeroHedge News
0114 GMT Prison techno: Russian female inmates SHOOT MUSIC VIDEO as New Year s greeting from Siberian penal colony (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
0124 GMT Spotlight on China s competing Covid vaccines (news) Asia Times
0124 GMT China s Covid vaccines: How do they work (news) Asia Times
0140 GMT What Wall Street Thinks Are The Biggest Risks For 2021 (agr) ZeroHedge News
0231 GMT “A Medical Miracle” – Trump Heralds FDA Approval Of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID Vaccine For Emergency Use (agr) ZeroHedge News
0240 GMT What If All Americans Exercised Regularly? (agr) ZeroHedge News
0245 GMT Famous-infamous Korean auteur dies of Covid (news) Asia Times
0300 GMT 2020 Takes Toll On Mental Health (agr) ZeroHedge News
0304 GMT Why the US bit back at China s Broken Tooth (news) Asia Times
0320 GMT Saudi Arabia Sends Joe Biden Mixed Messages (agr) ZeroHedge News
0341 GMT US regulator FDA approves Pfizer, BioNTech vaccines to tackle COVID-19 (news) TASS
0347 GMT Hasakah: 3 Children Killed, One Injured by US-Al Qaeda and SDF Proxies (news) Syria News
0400 GMT The Dehumanizing Danger Of Social Media (agr) ZeroHedge News
0404 GMT The plan is unfolding for how vaccines will be monitored (agr) Signs of the Times
0413 GMT Time magazine celebrates medical authoritarianism, naming Fauci ‘guardian of the year’ (agr) Signs of the Times
0416 GMT Twin sanction threat puts the squeeze on Erdogan (news) Asia Times
0420 GMT Microsoft Asia’s A.I. ‘Girlfriend’ Has A State-Imposed Filter To Avoid Sex & Politics (agr) ZeroHedge News
0428 GMT The Imli Andolan of Bastar, 1997 (alt) Countercurrents
0431 GMT “A Medical Miracle” – Trump Heralds FDA Approval Of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID Vaccine For Emergency Use (agr) ZeroHedge News
0439 GMT Germany plays more aggressive hand toward Iran (news) Asia Times
0440 GMT Former Special Forces Officer Warns Of ‘Color Revolution Tactics’ Used Against Trump (agr) ZeroHedge News
0442 GMT Iraq Daily Roundup: Three Killed in Attacks (alt) Original
0445 GMT Reflecting on Tibet and its People (alt) Countercurrents
0446 GMT Beijing curbs fawning Biden media coverage (news) Asia Times
0446 GMT Beijing curbs fawning airtime for Biden (news) Asia Times
0446 GMT Hezbollah operative receives life sentences for Hariri assassination (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
0449 GMT Vaccination against COVID-19 in US to begin in 24 hours, says President Trump (news) TASS
0450 GMT Ruhollah Zam executed (iran) Mehr News Agency
0500 GMT Supreme Court rejects Texas bid to overturn election results in four states (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT What to Expect after Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Defiance Towards Brussels Hides the Reality English Power Is Ebbing, by Patrick Cockburn (agr) The Unz Review:
0500 GMT Crew Disembarkations through Commercial Travel (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT 8 Things to Know about Vaccine Planning (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT No Privacy, No Property: The World in 2030 According to the World Economic Forum (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT How CDC Is Making COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Staffing Resources (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT “Gay Black Icon” Indicted for Sodomizing An Underage Boy, by Eric Striker (agr) The Unz Review:
0500 GMT Why Michael Morell Cannot Be CIA Director (alt) Original
0500 GMT Prominente infectioloog over coronavaccin Pfizer: Nog nooit zo n groot aantal bijwerkingen gezien (alt)
0500 GMT Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccination (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0506 GMT Countries denounce NK s appalling human rights (news) Asia Times
0506 GMT Countries denounce NK s appalling human rights (news) Asia Times
0512 GMT Venezuela says authorities disrupt plan to attack refinery (iran) Mehr News Agency
0512 GMT Slow learners- neither an illness nor a disease! Then what it is? (alt) Countercurrents
0519 GMT What is the United States of America? A Military Democracy (alt) Countercurrents
0520 GMT Race Denial Fanatics vs. Law Enforcement, Academic Reality, by John Derbyshire (agr) The Unz Review:
0527 GMT IAEA shall remain independent, professional, impartial (iran) Mehr News Agency
0529 GMT Need to uplift Muslims for inclusive growth (alt) Countercurrents
0534 GMT Human Rights Day 2020 and Students Rights in India An Introspection (alt) Countercurrents
0536 GMT 1 killed as multiple rockets hit Kabul (iran) Mehr News Agency
0541 GMT Jharkhand: The Trauma of Development and Displacement (alt) Countercurrents
0553 GMT The Shadow Pandemic- Violence against women during COVID-19 (alt) Countercurrents
0600 GMT France s Next-Generation Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier: PANG (Infographics) (mil) SouthFront
0602 GMT Briefing on Iran s daily developments (iran) Mehr News Agency
0603 GMT The Revolutionary Potential of Hope and Utopia (alt) Countercurrents
0610 GMT Tsirkon Hypersonic Missile Test-Fired from White Sea (rus) New defence order. Strategy
0614 GMT Turkey summons Iran envoy: report (iran) Mehr News Agency
0615 GMT Annapurna Movement (alt) Countercurrents
0619 GMT My New 25% Solution (alt) Countercurrents
0626 GMT Community health work is work (alt) Countercurrents
0629 GMT White House tempting others to sacrifice Palestinian Cause (iran) Mehr News Agency
0630 GMT Western Strategic Propaganda To Contain Russia (mil) SouthFront
0635 GMT Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Election 2020: Divisive Politics and Blurring of Regional Sentiment (alt) Countercurrents
0644 GMT Moroccan-Israeli tie normalization betrayal of Islamic world (iran) Mehr News Agency
0644 GMT Denotified and Nomadic Tribes (alt) Countercurrents
0654 GMT Name Me One Country Where Capitalism Works: A Thirty-Year Reckoning (alt) Countercurrents
0701 GMT Tribute to a valiant woman who fought for her Land rights (alt) Countercurrents
0702 GMT Front pages of Iran s English-language dailies on Dec. 12 (iran) Mehr News Agency
0706 GMT Farmer Protests Expose Nexus Between Rulers and Corporates (alt) Countercurrents
0706 GMT The Middle East On The Crossroad Of Civilizations (I) (nomsm)
0708 GMT West should abandon politicizing in dealing with chem. weapon (iran) Mehr News Agency
0711 GMT Dancing on the thin ice (iran)
0719 GMT Russia s Umar Kremlev runs for president of Amateur International Boxing Association (news) TASS
0721 GMT Moscow reports 5,890 coronavirus recoveries in past day (news) TASS
0730 GMT Syria calls for closing chemical file completely: Al-Jaafari (iran) Mehr News Agency
0731 GMT HK media mogul faces national security charge (news) Asia Times
0733 GMT 6-country regional cooperation platform win-win for actors in Caucasus, Erdo an says (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0738 GMT Without a clear alternative, Pashinyan manages to cling to power (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0739 GMT Amad News operator Ruhollah Zam executed (iran)
0739 GMT Iran executes Ruhollah Zam (iran)
0745 GMT Rouhani’s reward for Perspolise in case of winning ACL (iran) Mehr News Agency
0751 GMT Google’s YouTube shuts down Dilbert creator Scott Adams (agr) Signs of the Times
0800 GMT Turkey Making Ties With Israel (alt) New Eastern Outlook
0800 GMT Construction of Nord Stream 2 resumes (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0800 GMT France’s Macron Is Ramping Up a Clash of Civilizations but Will It Stop Terrorism? (alt?) The Intercept
0806 GMT Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | Dec. 12 (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0809 GMT World should learn results of probe into Iranian scientist s murder – Lavrov (news) TASS
0810 GMT Russia reports 28,137 new coronavirus cases in past day (news) TASS
0811 GMT Whole Iranian nation against COVID-19 (iran) Mehr News Agency
0811 GMT Only in a nation that had taken leave of its senses would Tulsi Gabbard be denigrated and Kamala Harris be queen-in-waiting (agr) Signs of the Times
0812 GMT Jeffrey Lewis The Story of Chile (a low-budget documentary) (alt)
0814 GMT Iran, India, Uzbekistan to hold meeting on Chabahar (iran) Mehr News Agency
0816 GMT Europe gives signals it can hardly act independently in new world order – Lavrov (news) TASS
0818 GMT Russia, Iran to look for new methods to counter sanctions negative effect – Lavrov (news) TASS
0819 GMT Patients being visited free of charge (iran)
0826 GMT Loading, unloading of goods up 40% in Astara Port (iran)
0830 GMT 2020: The Year Governments Killed Hundreds of Thousands of Their Own People (alt) Anti-Empire
0830 GMT Azerbaijani, Uzbek leaders hold phone conversation (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0830 GMT Damascus nights with the approach of Christmas (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
0831 GMT Why the demand for the release of intellectuals? (alt) Countercurrents
0833 GMT Security must be inclusive (iran)
0838 GMT Venezuela: Socialist election win masks deeper problems (alt) Countercurrents
0838 GMT Sheep Will Devour Us to vie at Japanese Film Fest (iran) Mehr News Agency
0847 GMT Our Elites Couldn t Reset a Wall Outlet, Let Alone the Global Economy (alt) Anti-Empire
0847 GMT Temperatures above average, weather partly cloudy (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
0850 GMT Global summit to present climate ambitions (news) Asia Times
0853 GMT Iranian Officials: Morocco Normalization of Ties with Israel Betrayal (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0859 GMT JCPOA Joint Commission meeting to be held virtually (iran) Mehr News Agency
0859 GMT As South Africa clings to coal, a struggle for the right to breathe (climate) Climate & Energy | Grist
0900 GMT Ilham Aliyev, Mehriban Aliyeva visit grave of national leader Heydar Aliyev (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0900 GMT Georgia reports 3 907 new cases of coronavirus (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0901 GMT The truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop (agr) Signs of the Times
0912 GMT Exports from South Khorasan Province increases 66% (iran)
0920 GMT Knowledge-based firms eyeing COVID-19 diagnostic kits’ export (iran) Mehr News Agency
0930 GMT Russia, Iran to look for new methods to counter sanctions negative effect – Lavrov (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0937 GMT Iran Slams West over Politicization of Chemical Weapons (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0941 GMT Picturesque autumn of N Iran (iran) Mehr News Agency
0951 GMT Constitutional amendments shaped new stage of Russia s development – lower house speaker (news) TASS
0952 GMT Researchers synthesise a psychedelic that could treat depression without hallucinations (agr) Signs of the Times – Science & Technolog
0956 GMT Russia reserves right for tit-for-tat response to UK s anti-Russian sanctions – diplomat (news) TASS
1000 GMT Uzbekistan reveals COVID-19 data for December 12 (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1000 GMT Morocco is Close to buying MQ-9B SeaGuardian UAVs (rus) New defence order. Strategy
1000 GMT Bedfellows: Iran and Al Qaeda (alt) Gatestone Institute :: Articles
1001 GMT Russian Army & Kremlin say foreign states & pharma giants waging information war to discredit Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine (agr) Signs of the Times
1002 GMT Afghan and international journalists organisations, including RSF call on the UN Security Council to protect journalists in Afghanistan. (alt) RSF – RSS feed
1007 GMT More than 100 products at Christmas Bazaar in four seasons Hotel in Damascus (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1010 GMT Country s monetary system must be directed towards a capital system (iran)
1011 GMT Iran sparing no effort to buy COVID-19 vaccine (iran) Mehr News Agency
1013 GMT Supreme Court Tosses Texas Bid To Overturn Election (mil) SouthFront
1014 GMT Supreme Court rejects Texas’s push to overturn Biden victory (agr) Signs of the Times
1014 GMT Researchers Have Shown That Coronavirus Was Circulating in Italy in September 2019 (alt) Anti-Empire
1015 GMT Joe Biden & Kamala Harris named TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’ as a predictable finger in Trump’s eye (agr) Signs of the Times
1019 GMT Explosion hits near Baghdad intl. airport (iran) Mehr News Agency
1023 GMT FDA to grant emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine: HHS (agr) Signs of the Times
1027 GMT VIDEO: Silver fox spotted at White House (iran) Mehr News Agency
1027 GMT Your Support Is Vital To Keep SouthFront Alive (mil) SouthFront
1030 GMT Moscow reports 5,890 coronavirus recoveries in past day (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1031 GMT Karabakh War Round 2? Armenia and Azerbaijan Exchange Accusations Of Clashes In Hadrut (mil) SouthFront
1033 GMT South Korea reports highest number of new cases (news) Asia Times
1033 GMT Iran to launch 4 pilot air taxi lines by late January 2021 (iran)
1034 GMT Oh yeah? You’re SHORT! Liz Cheney reacts to Rand Paul criticizing her ‘perpetual war’ NDAA amendment (agr) Signs of the Times
1036 GMT India Accuses China of Violating ‘Past Agreements’, Says Ladakh Row at Odds With Beijing’s Interests (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
1042 GMT Sweden to remove ‘mother’ and ‘father’ from parental code to make it gender neutral (agr) Signs of the Times
1045 GMT Huisarts kraakt coronabeleid Rutte: Een grote leugen (alt)
1048 GMT Mostafa Karkhaneh steps down as Saipa volleyball coach (iran)
1050 GMT Role Of Russia s New Strategic Weapons Systems In Providing Strategic Deterrence (mil) SouthFront
1052 GMT Iran Air Force, IAIO ink coop. pact (iran) Mehr News Agency
1055 GMT Construction On Nord Stream 2 Resumes As It Races Against Further U.S. Sanctions (mil) SouthFront
1100 GMT Russia reserves right for tit-for-tat response to UK s anti-Russian sanctions – diplomat (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1100 GMT Train Troops to Use Social Media More Effectively (mil) Defense One – All Content
1100 GMT Kamala Harris Upset as Some Old Guy Wanders Into Her Time Magazine Photo Shoot (alt) Anti-Empire
1117 GMT Russia Says UK Sanctions Unfounded , Hints at Retaliation (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1120 GMT Facebook gets rich off of ads that rip off its users (agr) Signs of the Times
1125 GMT Iran, India, Uzbekistan to hold online meeting on Chabahar port (iran)
1126 GMT Iran registers 8,201 COVID-19 cases in 24 hours (iran) Mehr News Agency
1138 GMT Saudi Reportedly Involved in Normalization between Morocco, Zionist Entity (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1145 GMT Iran not like regional countries that are subject to US will (iran) Mehr News Agency
1152 GMT Rouhani Says COVID-19 Cases Dwindling in Iran (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1154 GMT China: Jiangsu Province Reports Fatal Human H5N6 Infection (medic) Avian Flu Diary
1154 GMT We Live in a World of Hoaxes (alt)
1159 GMT Persepolis face dilemma over COVID-19 (iran)
1200 GMT No Privacy, No Property: The World In 2030 According To The WEF (agr) ZeroHedge News
1200 GMT Hunter Biden Is the Subject of Criminal Probe. But Wait, Didn t US Regime Media Assure Us It Was Russian Disinformation ? (alt) Anti-Empire
1203 GMT New Nagorno-Karabakh war crimes fears as Azerbaijani soldier boasts to camera about killing Armenian civilian & mutilating corpse (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1203 GMT Russian Terminator: Origin (mil) SouthFront
1203 GMT New Nagorno-Karabakh war crime fears as Azeri soldier boasts to camera about killing Armenian civilian & mutilating corpse (VIDEO) (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1206 GMT Dutch documentary ‘Punks’ to be reviewed in Cinema Verite (iran) Mehr News Agency
1211 GMT Military Situation In Syria On December 12, 2020 (Map Update) (mil) SouthFront
1215 GMT Petchem production rises 10m tons since late March (iran)
1222 GMT Residential, repair barge to be commissioned in South Pars (iran)
1222 GMT Residential, repair barge to be stationed in South Pars (iran)
1227 GMT TEDPIX gains 21,000 points on Saturday (iran)
1227 GMT 14-year-old dies after family dog attacks him in Otter Tail County, Minnesota (agr) Signs of the Times
1227 GMT Western media condemns Soros & US-government backed American NGO chief s expulsion from Russia, but ignores lobby group s funding (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1231 GMT Syrian envoy submits credentials to FM Zarif (iran) Mehr News Agency
1232 GMT Iran to conduct human test of domestic COVID-19 vaccine (iran) Mehr News Agency
1233 GMT US Media Names Five Features of Russia’s Su-57 That ‘Can Threaten NATO Assets’ (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
1235 GMT George Soros Livid After Merkel ‘Caves’ To Hungary And Poland (agr) ZeroHedge News
1236 GMT Syrian Basketball team moves up five places in World Ranking (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1241 GMT Temperatures far below normal in Kazakhstan and Central Asia (agr) Signs of the Times
1242 GMT Hay at Tahrir Al-Sham Arrested Senior Ansar Al-Islam Leader Over Prisoners Swap With Syrian Authorities (mil) SouthFront
1242 GMT Hay at Tahrir Al-Sham Arrested Senior Ansar Al-Islam Commander Over Prisoners Swap With Syrian Authorities (mil) SouthFront
1252 GMT South Korea: Record High COVID-19 Cases In A Day (medic) Avian Flu Diary
1256 GMT JCPOA should not be revised: Lavrov (iran) Mehr News Agency
1256 GMT Florida Becomes First US State to Require Reporting of CT Values for PCR Tests (alt) Anti-Empire
1300 GMT Trump’s Ban on Foreign Workers Has Left Schools With Teacher Shortages (alt?) The Intercept
1301 GMT A number of QSD militia gunmen injured in explosive device detonation in Deir Ezzor countryside (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1301 GMT Araghchi meets with Afghan nat. security adviser (iran) Mehr News Agency
1305 GMT Algerian PM Warns against Zionist Desire to Come Closer to Borders (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1306 GMT Lavrov, Azerbaijani top diplomat discuss implementation of Karabakh statement (news) TASS
1307 GMT More than 70 percent of wheat cultivation plan in Lattakia carried out (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1310 GMT Karabakh settlement was not reached with disregard for Iran s interests – Lavrov (news) TASS
1310 GMT NHS Commercial Terrifies Kids By Showing Santa Stricken With COVID (agr) ZeroHedge News
1313 GMT Russian Navy nuclear-powered sub makes salvo launch of Bulava missiles (news) TASS
1317 GMT Preparations in Sweida province for Christmas (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1322 GMT Ilham Aliyev holds talks with co-chairs of OSCE Minsk Group from France and US (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1326 GMT Russian health watchdog says Covid-19 triggers process of natural selection as deaths among elderly and infirm peak (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1330 GMT Iran, Brazil to accelerate, facilitate plant products trade (iran) Mehr News Agency
1331 GMT Controlling the fourth pillar of democracy Media censorship in Kashmir (alt) Countercurrents
1331 GMT What is left from liberated villages of Jabrayil and Aghdam regions (VIDEO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1345 GMT Tesla Ordered By German Court To Stop Cutting Down A Forest To Make Space For Its German Gigafactory (agr) ZeroHedge News
1346 GMT Iran, Afghanistan confer on issues related to Peace Talk (iran) Mehr News Agency
1347 GMT Anti-mask protesters burned masks in Brooklyn (iran)
1347 GMT Kashmir: Towards A Historical Glimpse Of Democratic Colony (alt) Countercurrents
1347 GMT Armenian Defense Minister pays visit to Moscow (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1356 GMT Sanat Naft move top of Iran football league (iran)
1356 GMT Bracing Up For New Attack? Iranian-Backed Forces, Hezbollah Deployed Reinforcements In Syria s Greater Idlib (mil) SouthFront
1357 GMT Armenian defense minister to visit Russia (news) TASS
1357 GMT Partly Truth and Partly Fiction Totally Genius: Kris Kristofferson (alt) Countercurrents
1400 GMT Arts klaagt over verbod op corona-autopsies: Dit is een heel groot probleem (alt)
1402 GMT University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Won t Require Staff to Take COVID-19 Vaccine Due to General Uncertainty (alt) Anti-Empire
1402 GMT Red deer population rises in Golestan National Park (iran)
1402 GMT Cher accuses Russia of seeking to seize Armenia (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1406 GMT Suppression, Corruption and Deception Experts Condemn Response to Covid-19 (alt) Countercurrents
1407 GMT Iran to start testing homegrown COVID-19 vaccine next week (iran)
1408 GMT Italian embassy celebrates traditional cuisine week in Tehran (iran)
1415 GMT Takht-Ravanchi rails against politicizing OPCW processes against Syria (iran)
1416 GMT GC spokesman to Pompeo: Iran not like U.S. regional minions (iran)
1418 GMT The pandemic, the profiteers, the people (alt) Countercurrents
1422 GMT AstraZeneca Agrees To Buy Alexion For $39BN In Year’s Biggest Drugmaker Deal (agr) ZeroHedge News
1425 GMT Lavrov explains format for settlement of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1427 GMT Diplomat: Lavrov discussed problem of justification of Nazi crimes with AfD delegation (news) TASS
1429 GMT US position on Western Sahara may trigger new spiral of violence in region – ministry (news) TASS
1433 GMT Sadegh Moharrami pens long-term Dinamo Zagreb deal (iran)
1441 GMT Iran, Tajikistan discuss implementation of joint decisions (iran) Mehr News Agency
1442 GMT Azerbaijani liberators resting (VIDEO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1444 GMT Russian Aerospace Forces Renew Airstrikes On Syria s Greater Idlib (Photos) (mil) SouthFront
1445 GMT “Flight Crew Is Ready” – Virgin Galactic Prepares Test Flight From New Mexico Spaceport (agr) ZeroHedge News
1448 GMT US administration source: Nord Stream 2 will never be completed (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1450 GMT Incarcerated Women Are Punished for Their Trauma With Solitary Confinement (alt) Latest Truthout
1454 GMT No, Trump Isn t Following Stacey Abrams s Playbook in His Refusal to Concede (alt) Latest Truthout
1457 GMT Russia s Lavrov rules out possibility of JCPOA revision (iran)
1459 GMT Perpetuators of Fakhrizadeh case to pay price for their crime (iran) Mehr News Agency
1502 GMT Araghchi meets top Afghan officials in Kabul (iran)
1503 GMT Tehran: U.S. trying to tempt others to sacrifice Palestinian cause (iran)
1506 GMT Elamite bowl selected symbol for Iran Olympic delegation (iran)
1507 GMT Despite obstacles, the Great Wall of Gorgan could win UNESCO status, deputy tourism minister says (iran)
1507 GMT Fire department of Azerbaijani EMERCOM opens in liberated Kelbajar (VIDEO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1508 GMT Six historical objects identified in Siraf port (iran)
1510 GMT Raoul Pal Sees Cryptocurrencies Gathering “Trillions Of Value” (agr) ZeroHedge News
1511 GMT As a Soldier gives Leader s accounts of first year of Iran-Iraq war (iran)
1511 GMT QSD militia kidnaps child in Deir Ezzor eastern countryside (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1513 GMT Werner Herzog calls Iran country with great tradition of wonderful films (iran)
1513 GMT Suez Canal reduces fees, will add art for cruise ships (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1514 GMT COVID UPDATE from Stefan Molyneux (alt) The Duran
1514 GMT Azerbaijan Resumed Offensive Operations In Nagorno-Karabakh (mil) SouthFront
1514 GMT Azerbaijan Resumed Offensive Operations In Nagorno-Karabakh. Russian-Turkish Monitoring Center To Be located In Agdam (mil) SouthFront
1515 GMT Asho wins best short-medium doc award at Greece Olympia festival (iran)
1515 GMT Your Guide to the Great Reset (alt) The Duran
1516 GMT Negative Yielding Debt Hits $17 Trillion! Japan Central Bank Now Biggest Stock Holder! (alt) The Duran
1516 GMT Nobody Is Exempt From Cancel Culture (alt) The Duran
1517 GMT In his own words: Elon Musk talks about escaping Crazy California for Texas [Video] (alt) The Duran
1518 GMT Will Washington Review Its Double Standards in the Syrian File (alt) The Duran
1518 GMT It s True (Mark s brilliancy in action) (alt) The Duran
1519 GMT Jalal Literary Awards unveils nominations in short story collections competition (iran)
1519 GMT m o d e r n i t y 4 (PJW brilliancy in action) (alt) The Duran
1520 GMT Pakistan eager to expand library ties with Iran (iran)
1521 GMT SCOTUS Throws Out Texas Lawsuit Seeking to Flip Election Results for Trump (alt) Latest Truthout
1521 GMT Iran monitoring US B52 bombers’s movements (iran) Mehr News Agency
1521 GMT Homs on Saturday 12/12/2020 (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1521 GMT Iran monitoring US B52 bombers’ movements (iran) Mehr News Agency
1521 GMT Tadeusz Konwicki s A Minor Apocalypse published in Persian (iran)
1523 GMT Brian Housman s Tech Savvy Parenting comes to Iranian bookstores (iran)
1533 GMT A civilian martyred in landmine blast in eastern Deir Ezzor (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1534 GMT Memory of Heydar Aliyev honored at the Azerbaijani embassy in Moscow (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1535 GMT “Chaos And Frustration”: French Trucking Paralyzed Amid Brexit Chaos (agr) ZeroHedge News
1546 GMT Progress of Iranian nation not to stop by scientist assaults (iran) Mehr News Agency
1547 GMT Russia to deliver humanitarian aid to Karabakh in 54 railroad cars – Emergencies Ministry (news) TASS
1549 GMT Yerevan informs about Baku s offensive in southern Nagorno-Karabakh (news) TASS
1549 GMT TRT Journalist Assassinated In Turkish-Occupied Al-Bab In Northern Syria (mil) SouthFront
1550 GMT Umar Kremlev elected president of Amateur International Boxing Association (news) TASS
1550 GMT Uber eyes profit with sale of air taxi division to Joby (news) Asia Times
1553 GMT Armenian soldier cuts ear off Azerbaijani enemy in shocking clip amid claims Yerevan behind war crimes in Nagorno-Karabakh (VIDEO) (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1553 GMT Armenian soldier cuts ear off Azeri enemy in shocking footage amid claims Yerevan behind war crimes in Nagorno-Karabakh (GRAPHIC) (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1600 GMT The Trump Administration Has Gone on an Underreported Execution Spree (alt) Latest Truthout
1600 GMT Secession? Texas GOP Calls For New ‘Union Of States That Will Abide By Constitution’ In Wake Of Supreme Court Defeat (agr) ZeroHedge News
1603 GMT Russian-Turkish monitoring center is being created in Aghdam region, Ilham Aliyev says (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1605 GMT Pres. Rouhani to hold press conference on Dec. 14 (iran) Mehr News Agency
1608 GMT Russian Defense Ministry reports violation of ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1611 GMT Terrorist attacks against Azerbaijani military were carried out on liberated lands, Ilham Aliyev says (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1614 GMT Clumsy PR stunt : Russian Foreign Ministry ridicules baseless US sanctions against Chechen SPORTS & charity entities (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1614 GMT Clumsy PR stunt : Russian Foreign Ministry ridicules baseless US sanctions against Chechen SPORTS entities and charity (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1616 GMT Ex-minister detained in Armenia (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1619 GMT Toothpaste kills Covid-19 (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1625 GMT Earnings Growth Will Disappoint In 2021 (agr) ZeroHedge News
1629 GMT Farmers of al-Bayarat al-Gharbiya in Palmyra Badia cultivate their lands with wheat and barley (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1631 GMT Araghchi meets with former Afghan president in Kabul (iran) Mehr News Agency
1634 GMT In celebration of Christmas and New Year a large Christmas tree lighted in Kafr Buhum, Hama (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1636 GMT DeVos Is on Her Way Out, But Public Education Is Still Very Much Under Attack (alt) Latest Truthout
1647 GMT Getting India out of the hole with China is still possible (blog) Indian Punchline
1648 GMT First ceasefire violation recorded in Nagorno-Karabakh – Russia s Defense Ministry (news) TASS
1650 GMT Leader Of German Audit Watchdog Caught Trading In Wirecard Shares Before Collapse (agr) ZeroHedge News
1652 GMT ISIS Claims Responsibility For New Rocket Attack On Kabul s Airport (Photos, Video) (mil) SouthFront
1655 GMT Iranian Parliamentary Members condemn Erdogan s remarks (iran) Mehr News Agency
1655 GMT Iranian lawmakers condemn Erdogan s remarks (iran) Mehr News Agency
1656 GMT The Empire Doubles Down: Open Society Foundations Will Now Be Run by Lord Malloch Brown (alt) The Duran
1658 GMT Ilham Aliyev critisizes Minsk Group co-chairs (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1659 GMT Erdogan unaware of sensibility of poem he recited: Cavusoglu (iran) Mehr News Agency
1700 GMT Hainan Intl Film Fest to host “Bandar Band (iran) Mehr News Agency
1703 GMT Many Workers at Largest Corporations in US Depend on Federal Benefits to Survive (alt) Latest Truthout
1708 GMT Russian-Turkish monitoring center to be set up in Agdam district – Aliyev (news) TASS
1709 GMT Palestine expects 4mln doses of Russian COVID-19 vaccine to be delivered in January – TV (news) TASS
1715 GMT The Probability Of Stagflation Is Rising (agr) ZeroHedge News
1716 GMT Cases in the U.S. (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
1719 GMT United Airlines kicks couple off flight because their 2-year old wouldn’t “comply” and wear a mask (agr) Signs of the Times
1720 GMT Bulava missiles fired from Sea of Okhotsk at distance of over 5,500 km (news) TASS
1724 GMT Azerbaijani Defense Ministry comments on violation of ceasefire in Hadrut (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1730 GMT Yeager s legacy: Just who was the best pilot ever? (news) Asia Times
1733 GMT Saudi Arabia begins ‘terrorism’ trial of women’s rights activist (agr) Signs of the Times
1735 GMT US Sees Record 300K COVID Cases As Total Nears 16MM; Scramble For Vaccine Doses Begins: Live Updates (agr) ZeroHedge News
1738 GMT FBI subpoenas Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton amid whistleblower allegations (agr) Signs of the Times
1740 GMT For The First Time Ever, Millions Of Working-Poor Americans Forced To Turn To Food Banks (agr) ZeroHedge News
1742 GMT The Maxwells: Mossad’s first family of spies (agr) Signs of the Times
1752 GMT US to return 12 military bases to S Korea: Report (iran) Mehr News Agency
1753 GMT Brexit farce continues with possible delay or no-deal proposed following Bojo’s meeting with EU officials (agr) Signs of the Times
1754 GMT UK and Canada move forward with SHOT ID freedom passes (alt) The Duran
1759 GMT ‘Pay attention!’ Sidney Powell fights on with emergency filings in the Supreme Court (agr) Signs of the Times
1800 GMT Erdogan Celebrates Azerbaijan s Victory Over Armenia by Praising the Architect of the Armenian Genocide (alt) Anti-Empire
1803 GMT Statistical analysis reveals ‘impossible’ anomalies caused Biden ‘win’ in Michigan (agr) Signs of the Times
1805 GMT CNN’s April Ryan Outraged At Reporters Disclosing Embarrassing Comments By Joe Biden (agr) ZeroHedge News
1810 GMT Social networks tell about martyr who died during liberation of Fizuli (PHOTO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1818 GMT Abandoned caravanserais undergo restoration in eastern Iran (iran)
1821 GMT Kansas professor says few claim U.S. actions in the region have been positive (iran)
1823 GMT Iran urges IAEA to be independent, professional and impartial (iran)
1823 GMT Austrian FM calls on all sides to comply with JCPOA, voices readiness to facilitate talks (iran)
1823 GMT The Daily Beast demands Trump supporters be arrested & humiliated, but shocked when they’re threatened with the same? (agr) Signs of the Times
1829 GMT Dance of Azerbaijani soldier who became martyr (VIDEO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1830 GMT You Can Now Buy This Nevada Gold Mine For $1.95 Million (agr) ZeroHedge News
1830 GMT Iran-Pakistan library cooperation to expand (iran) Mehr News Agency
1837 GMT BBC presenter claims UK gardening culture is so ‘RACIST’ that ‘racism is baked into its DNA’ (agr) Signs of the Times
1845 GMT Murad Ustarov on Vesti.FM: ethnotourism is booming in North Caucasus (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1845 GMT Explore Malayer, a world city of woodcarving (iran)
1845 GMT Bhutan becomes latest country to normalize relations with Israel (agr) Signs of the Times
1850 GMT Peacekeepers urge to observe ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1852 GMT People gather in front of Turkish Consulate in Tabriz (iran) Mehr News Agency
1855 GMT Fed Floundering Is Punishing The Young, The Poor, & The Retired (agr) ZeroHedge News
1900 GMT In Video: Russian Nuclear Submarine Launches Barrage Of Ballistic Missiles (mil) SouthFront
1905 GMT Achaemenid, Seleucid objects seized from smugglers (iran)
1913 GMT Wisconsin ANG Identifies Pilot Killed in F-16 Crash in Michigan s Upper Peninsula, Grounds Flights Pending Investigation (ac) The Aviationist
1914 GMT Coronavirus vaccination kicks off in Stavropol region (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1917 GMT Russia urges Armenia, Azerbaijan to uphold Karabakh ceasefire (iran) Mehr News Agency
1920 GMT Twitter Blocks Users From Liking, Replying-To Trump Tweets As President Rages Over SCOTUS, Barr, & ‘RINO’ Governors (agr) ZeroHedge News
1930 GMT JCPOA Joint Commission to meet Wednesday (iran)
1934 GMT 90 members of Taliban killed in Afghan s Kandahar prov. (iran) Mehr News Agency
1943 GMT James Flynn, RIP, by James Thompson (agr) The Unz Review:
1945 GMT An Epic Commodities Boom Is Coming (agr) ZeroHedge News
1953 GMT Senate overwhelmingly passes defense bill despite Trump veto threat (agr) Signs of the Times
1956 GMT How the media covered up the Hunter Biden story until after the election (agr) Signs of the Times
2000 GMT Wisconsin Supreme Court takes up Trump case after a dismissal by circuit court judge (agr) Signs of the Times
2001 GMT BEST OF THE WEB: Coronavirus scandal breaking in Merkel’s Germany affects the whole world (agr) Signs of the Times
2001 GMT Coronavirus scandal breaking in Merkel’s Germany affects the whole world (agr) Signs of the Times
2006 GMT Boosting transport fleet, prerequisite to exports promotion (iran) Mehr News Agency
2030 GMT Yemeni Forces Make More Gains In Battle With Saudi Proxies In Marib (Map Update) (mil) SouthFront
2035 GMT The Viral Assault On Small Businesses (agr) ZeroHedge News
2047 GMT Two members of family killed by lightning in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (agr) Signs of the Times
2100 GMT Geologists Reveal Supervolcano May Lurk Beneath Alaska’s Aleutian Islands (agr) ZeroHedge News
2111 GMT Health Ministry: 130 new Coronavirus cases registered, 76 patients recover, 15 pass away (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
2112 GMT Sputnik V likely to offer two-year protection against coronavirus – developers (news) TASS
2115 GMT Venezuelan leader’s son vaccinated against COVID-19 with Russian vaccine TV (news) TASS
2122 GMT Aliyev blames Armenia for ceasefire violation in Nagorno-Karabakh (news) TASS
2123 GMT Moscow’s death toll from confirmed COVID-19 cases rises by 72 to 9,870 crisis center (news) TASS
2124 GMT Aliyev says OSCE Minsk Group played no part in Karabakh settlement (news) TASS
2126 GMT WHO reports over 656,000 new daily cases of COVID-19 (news) TASS
2127 GMT Kyrgyzstan election authority registers 18 presidential candidates (news) TASS
2130 GMT It Is Striking How Similar Wall Street’s Forecasts For 2021 Are (agr) ZeroHedge News
2131 GMT Israel and Bhutan establish diplomatic relations (msm) ynet – News
2131 GMT 13832 (iran)
2137 GMT Hunter Biden Subpoenaed Over Burisma, Two Dozen Other Entities As Part Of Four Investigations (agr) ZeroHedge News
2137 GMT Hunter Biden Subpoenaed Over Burisma, Two Dozen Other Entities (agr) ZeroHedge News
2140 GMT Elephant tramples man to death in Assam, India – 4 such fatalities for the country in 2 days (agr) Signs of the Times
2200 GMT Manhattan Apartment Rents Dive To Decade Low As Inventory Swells (agr) ZeroHedge News
2222 GMT After reports of fresh fighting, Russian peacekeepers tell Armenia & Azerbaijan to observe agreed truce in Nagorno-Karabakh (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
2222 GMT After reports of fresh fighting, Russian peacekeepers tell Armenia & Azerbaijan to observe truce in Nagorno-Karabakh (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
2230 GMT ‘Unhinged’ Dem Rep. Urges Pelosi To Block 126 Republicans From Congress For Supporting “Insurrection Or Rebellion” (agr) ZeroHedge News
2234 GMT ‘Violent ultra-left’ activists charged with forming ‘terrorist group’ to wage guerrilla warfare in France (agr) Signs of the Times
2240 GMT The leaders decree – Do we follow? (agr) Signs of the Times
2254 GMT The ocean behind the Window to vie at Dhaka FilmFest. (iran) Mehr News Agency
2300 GMT Sanctions kill people they’re supposed to be protecting and undermine entire system of human rights & humanitarian aid – UN (agr) Signs of the Times
2300 GMT Are You Ready For A Cookie Shortage This Holiday Season? (agr) ZeroHedge News
2318 GMT Attorney Matthew DePerno CONFIRMS Dominion Voting machines in Michigan County CHANGED VOTES from Trump to Biden It was NOT human error! (agr) Signs of the Times
2325 GMT Trump approves filing retooled Texas-style election challenges: Giuliani (agr) Signs of the Times
2329 GMT Biden administration looks like one more try at liberal technocratic government pushing Great Reset agenda (agr) Signs of the Times
2330 GMT “This Is Insane”: NYC Small Businesses Furious At Indoor Dining Ban After Data Shows Restaurants Account For Only 1.4% Of Covid Cases (agr) ZeroHedge News
2337 GMT Supreme Court Hides from the Issue (alt)
2344 GMT Pro-Trump groups rally in DC to call for election integrity (agr) Signs of the Times