Nieuws 16-11-2020

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Publications from relative unknown or alternative sources. The viewpoints given are usually not mentioned in the main stream media. Also listed are msm narrative influencers. Be critical and aware of origins & purpose. Aggregator sites have nuggets, but also debris. Contains propaganda & semi-msm “alternative” media.

0105 GMT My Humble Site Is the Most Exciting Thing I ve Ever Done. A Reminder: Please Donate to WOLF STREET (fin) Wolf Street
0249 GMT Artsen VS wenden zich tot veel gebruikt ontwormingsmiddel als behandeling tegen COVID-19 (alt) LNN TV
0327 GMT Unraveling the Deep State Coup (blog) Sic Semper Tyrannis

0418 GMT Trump Administration Invites Oil Industry to Desecrate Sacred Arctic Refuge (agr) Global Research
0432 GMT COVID-19: Politicisation, Corruption, and Suppression of Science. The British Medical Journal (agr) Global Research
0800 GMT Macro View of US-China Tech Competition: Where Are We and What to Expect? (rus) Valdai Club
0812 GMT Pannenkoeken met Daphne & Arjen over Vaccinatieplicht / Zwarte Piet met nieuwe collega Jonathan (alt) LNN TV
0832 GMT Viruswaarheid: Coronabeleid berust op drijfzand (alt) LNN TV
0943 GMT Press release on a briefing by the Foreign Ministry s spokeswoman on November 19, 2020 (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
1025 GMT Feeling Disoriented By the Election, Pandemic and Everything Else? It s Called Zozobra And Mexican Philosophers Have Some Advice (agr) naked capitalism
1025 GMT Feeling Disoriented By the Election, Pandemic and Everything Else? It s Called Zozobra And Mexican Philosophers Have Some Advi (agr) naked capitalism
1030 GMT Accelerated global warming and stadial cooling events: IPCC oversights regarding future climate trends (climate) Arctic News
1040 GMT Who s World Order?? (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1055 GMT The War Nerd: Gray Wolves The Fascists Nobody Wants To Talk About (agr) naked capitalism
1056 GMT A Letter from Nanea to Yves Smith About CalPERS Strange $1.5 Billion Deal with LongRange Capital (agr) naked capitalism
1101 GMT VIDEO: Neocons Poised to Join New Government (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1108 GMT Defensie ontmaskerd: Befehl ist Befehl (alt) LNN TV
1157 GMT Links 11/16/2020 (agr) naked capitalism
1212 GMT World s Public Banks Gathered At First-Ever Summit (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1303 GMT To Heal the Transatlantic Rift, Biden Should Look to Central and Eastern Europe (msm) FA RSS
1311 GMT Biden State Media Appointee Advocated Using Propaganda Against Americans and Rethinking First Amendment (agr) Global Research
1312 GMT Richard Falk: A Citizen Pilgrim in Search of Justice and Peace Turns 90 (agr) Global Research
1320 GMT US Coup d Etat? Joe Biden President-Selected Not Elected. Evidence of Systemic Fraud (agr) Global Research
1329 GMT Groups Critical of Israel to be Branded Antisemitic Under Pompeo Plan: Report (agr) Global Research
1338 GMT EU Extends Sanctions on Venezuela Until November 2021 (agr) Global Research
1350 GMT UAW Workers At Johnson Controls On Strike (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1354 GMT Die Post-Covid-Welt, das teuflische Projekt des WEF: Resetting the Future of Work Agenda Nach dem Grossen Reset . Eine erschreckende Zukunft (agr) Global Research
1403 GMT Voter Fraud Is All Over America. Voter Fraud in Texas (agr) Global Research
1405 GMT Urgent Need For Further Relief (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1407 GMT 15 Asian Nations Sign Huge China-backed RCEP Trade Pact, The US is Excluded (agr) Global Research
1410 GMT The Kashmir Dispute: Pakistan Accuses India of Being a State Sponsor of Terrorism (agr) Global Research
1415 GMT The article UNESCO: Humanitarian Horizons by Chairman of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, November 16, 2020 (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
1417 GMT A Typical Democratic Official on the Pentagon and War (blog) Bracing Views
1419 GMT Popular Vote? Not necessarily. (blog) Sic Semper Tyrannis
1432 GMT UK Health Study Found 26,000 Extra Non-COVID Deaths at Home Amid Lockdowns (agr) Global Research
1435 GMT New Trade Zone in Asia-Pacific Could Ensure Chinese Global Leadership (agr) Global Research
1440 GMT A Peek At Our future (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1448 GMT Dispel the Magical Belief in Authority . Confront The Greed For Power and Violence. Strengthen Community Feelings (agr) Global Research
1453 GMT Are We Being Watched? (agr) Global Research
1455 GMT Waste Watch: Carbon Emissions to Increase in the UK from Waste Disposal; Yet Another Reason We Need To Cease Making So Much Plastic (agr) naked capitalism
1457 GMT Proud Boy Attacks Send Several To Hospital In Critical Condition (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1458 GMT America s Social Credit System Is Worse than China s (agr) Global Research
1502 GMT Don t Mess with Miz Powell (blog) Kunstler
1511 GMT Close All Nonessential Workplaces (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1530 GMT First Nation To Launch Lawsuits For Damages Against Fishers (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1536 GMT The Red Nation Statement On US Elections (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1607 GMT Peru s Youth Have Mobilized In Indignation (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1615 GMT Misconduct In Public Office In The Assange Case (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1621 GMT Don’t Blame Covid: The Economy is Imploding from Over-Capacity and Corrupt Cartels (alt) oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith
1622 GMT Even a Military-Enforced Quarantine Can t Stop the Virus, Study Reveals (agr) Global Research
1716 GMT Leraren noemen kinderen egoistisch: Moet je oma straks ziek worden? (alt) LNN TV
1819 GMT The Bizarre (but predictable) Universe of Serbian Liberal Elites (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1823 GMT America s Struggle Towards a New Civilizational Paradigm (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1824 GMT RCEP hops on the New Silk Roads (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1832 GMT How War Became Absurd Again (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1855 GMT Waste Watch: Carbon Emissions to Increase in the UK from Waste Disposal; Yet Another Reason We Need To Cease Making So Much Plastic (agr) naked capitalism
1900 GMT Where Covid-19 Has Already Killed More Than One Person Per Thousand (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1900 GMT 2:00PM Water Cooler 11/16/2020 (agr) naked capitalism
1908 GMT China and Russia Have Iran s Back (msm) FA RSS
1921 GMT Selected Articles: COVID-19: Politicisation, Corruption , and Suppression of Science (agr) Global Research
1930 GMT A Convergence of Calamities (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1936 GMT The Cuomo crime familia, who is the biggest POS among them? (blog) Sic Semper Tyrannis
1954 GMT The Great Revenge – How Tony Fauci F*cked Donald Trump (blog) Moon of Alabama
2000 GMT War in Ethiopia Threatens to Engulf Horn of Africa (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
2006 GMT Global Research: Independent Media Under Attack (agr) Global Research
2030 GMT 6 Factors Which Point to a Rigged Election (alt) OffGuardian
2043 GMT Internet disrupted in Iran on anniversary of fuel protests (news) Reports NetBlocks
2103 GMT Face Book has taken down … (blog) Sic Semper Tyrannis
2125 GMT Second vaccine with high immunity (med) Dr. John Campbell
2125 GMT Update (med) Dr. John Campbell
2336 GMT All Container Heck Breaks Loose amid Flood of Orders from US Retailers to Supply Stimulus-Stuffed Consumers, Cancelled Sailings by Carriers, and Record Spiking Freight Rates (fin) Wolf Street


0000 GMT Rethinking the ECB’s inflation objective (alt) Recent Articles
0000 GMT Vaccine challenges (alt) Recent Articles
0000 GMT School holidays accounted for up to half of the rise in Covid-19 infections in Germany over the summer (alt) Recent Articles
0000 GMT Protecting lives and livelihoods with early and tight lockdowns (alt) Recent Articles
0002 GMT Turning parents into criminals (alt) spiked
0004 GMT Belarus: the land Covid forgot (alt) spiked
0006 GMT Masks are destroying the social fabric (alt) spiked
0030 GMT The Eleventh Step to vie at Chicago Children’s FilmFest. (iran) Mehr News Agency
0040 GMT Here Are The Companies That Will Benefit The Most From A Covid Vaccine (agr) ZeroHedge News
0046 GMT Venezuela plans to obtain over 10 mln doses of Sputnik V vaccine, Maduro says (news) TASS
0051 GMT Cyber Activities of the Irish Republican Army (mil)
0100 GMT Wishful thinking: MSM rush to report Trump ‘concedes’ election… in tweet where he says Left ‘rigged’ the vote – dolt Bolton tells GOP to accept results (agr) Signs of the Times
0100 GMT Gov t gave lobbyists secret access to Covid meetings (alt) TruePublica
0101 GMT Nightmare on Drowning Street (alt) TruePublica
0113 GMT Traders On Edge As China Faces $900 Billion Liquidity Shortage (agr) ZeroHedge News
0121 GMT EDITOR S BUNKER BRIEFING (16 November 2020) No.34 (mil) Armada International
0130 GMT Sen. Bernie Sanders Confirms He’s Seeking Labor Secretary Position (agr) ZeroHedge News
0137 GMT Is an International Conflict Brewing in Montenegro? (mil)
0137 GMT Beijing Does Not Acknowledge Biden (chn) Chinascope
0141 GMT America s third viral wave overwhelming hospitals (news) Asia Times
0147 GMT Escaping the urban liberal hellscape: 300,000 households flee as lockdowns & surging crime sour residents on the Big Apple (agr) Signs of the Times
0147 GMT Fleeing the urban liberal hellscape: 300,000 households flee as lockdowns & surging crime sour residents on the Big Apple (agr) Signs of the Times
0155 GMT Mighty Dragon: Four astronauts headed to the ISS (news) Asia Times
0204 GMT With Sputnik V, Russia takes on Western Big Pharma giants in fight for multi-billion-dollar global Covid-19 vaccine business (agr) Signs of the Times
0207 GMT China Retail Sales Disappoint, Despite Expected Golden-Week Boost (agr) ZeroHedge News
0220 GMT “This Pandemic Was The Final Blow To Our Collective Notion Of Money As Something Real” (agr) ZeroHedge News
0220 GMT Sharing political opinions now ‘irresponsible’: Woke mob demands Disney sack Gina Carano after ‘Mandalorian’ star mocks Democrats (agr) Signs of the Times
0226 GMT Israeli occupation forces arrest 13 Palestinians in the West Bank (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
0230 GMT Police seize over 1 ton of illicit drugs in Hormozgan Prov. (iran) Mehr News Agency
0242 GMT It will never be enough: Fascist Fauci sez wearing masks and social distancing will still be needed even after getting vaccine (agr) Signs of the Times
0245 GMT Navy Pushes Ahead With 500-Ship Plan To ‘Counter China & Russia’ In Wake Of Esper Firing (agr) ZeroHedge News
0250 GMT Germany says curbs for months as daily cases rise (news) Asia Times
0257 GMT Japan GDP grew 5% in Q3, ending recession (news) Asia Times
0301 GMT US adds 1 million cases in less than a week (news) Asia Times
0305 GMT Crew Dragon spacecraft with four astronauts aboard launched to ISS (news) TASS
0310 GMT Biden’s Cancer Charity Took In Millions, Spent Big On Salaries But Nothing On Research (agr) ZeroHedge News
0315 GMT Boris self-isolating after contact tests positive (news) Asia Times
0320 GMT Syria s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem passed away, SANA reports (news) TASS
0320 GMT Syria s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem passes away, SANA reports (news) TASS
0331 GMT Michigan’s governor-tyrant Gretchen Whitmer, whose previous lockdown orders were ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL, imposes new restrictions – Updates (agr) Signs of the Times
0331 GMT Michigan’s governor-tyrant Gretchen Whitmer, whose previous lockdown orders were ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL, imposes new restrictions (agr) Signs of the Times
0335 GMT 86% Of Trump Voters Say Biden ‘Did Not Legitimately Win’ Election (agr) ZeroHedge News
0335 GMT Jharkhand after 20 Years: Rich State Poor People and Betrayal of Promises (alt) Countercurrents
0338 GMT Sanofi says its vaccine won t need supercooling (news) Asia Times
0349 GMT Beijing Issues Joint Operations Guideline for Chinese Military (chn) Chinascope
0353 GMT Biden faces an urgent crucial choice on Taiwan (news) Asia Times
0400 GMT The Pandemic Is Revealing a New Form of National Power (mil) Defense One – All Content
0400 GMT Manual Scavenging: Why law alone cannot solve the crisis? (alt) Countercurrents
0400 GMT What Is John Brennan So Worried About? (agr) ZeroHedge News
0401 GMT A Dedicated Obsession: Washington s Continuing Iran Sanctions Regime (alt) Global Research
0405 GMT Hindutva Hindrance to Economic Growth and Development in India (alt) Countercurrents
0408 GMT China s consumer spending picks up in October (news) Asia Times
0412 GMT Pakistani PM Khan Says He Is Under Pressure to Recognize Israel (alt) Global Research
0414 GMT There s No Returning to Normal After Trump (alt) Countercurrents
0417 GMT Korean Air to buy Asiana Airlines for $1.6bn (news) Asia Times
0422 GMT Biden’s Pentagon transition team members funded by the arms industry (agr) Signs of the Times
0422 GMT Dominion Voting Systems shares floor space with George Soros group, partnered with Soros friend (agr) Signs of the Times
0425 GMT Assassination Attempt On Armenian Prime Minister Thwarted By Security Forces (agr) ZeroHedge News
0427 GMT Venezuela, Cuba extend condolences on death of Minister al-Moallem (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
0432 GMT COVID-19: Politicisation, Corruption, and Suppression of Science (alt) Global Research
0438 GMT Another 18 Russian aircraft with peacekeepers arrive in Armenia, Defense Ministry says (news) TASS
0439 GMT Biden s Pentagon Transition Team Members Funded by the Arms Industry (alt) Global Research
0450 GMT When Does A “Glitch” Become A Coup? It’s Time to Regulate America’s Fly-by-Night Voting Machine Monopoly (agr) ZeroHedge News
0451 GMT Nobel laureate physicist Masatoshi Koshiba dies at 94 (news) Asia Times
0451 GMT Syrian FM Walid al-Moallem passes away at 79 (iran) Mehr News Agency
0452 GMT Free webinar: Tech wars China strikes back (news) Asia Times
0500 GMT Briefing on Iran s daily developments (iran) Mehr News Agency
0500 GMT Get Out of Afghanistan Now (alt) Original
0500 GMT Obama: Politicians Who Criticize Israel Get Smeared As ‘Anti-Semitic,’ Confronted With ‘Well-Funded Opponents’ (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT Will Biden Listen to the Science?, by Ron Paul (agr) The Unz Review:
0500 GMT Public Service Announcements (PSAs) (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Battered But Unbroken Lebanon, by Linh Dinh (agr) The Unz Review:
0500 GMT The Democrats Are Aiming for a One-Party Government, by Paul Craig Roberts (agr) The Unz Review:
0500 GMT Colleges, Universities, and Higher Learning (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Care for Breastfeeding Women (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Public Health Guidance for Community-Related Exposure (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Democratic senators warned of potential ‘vote switching’ by Dominion voting machines prior to 2020 election (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT Screening K-12 Students for Symptoms of COVID-19: Limitations and Considerations (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT What Is John Brennan So Worried About? (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT COVID-19 Critical Infrastructure Sector Response Planning (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Advocaat: Verpletterende verkiezingszege voor Trump, onthutsend bewijs voor fraude (alt)
0505 GMT US Spied on Scandinavian Countries, Defence Industries, Report Says (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
0505 GMT RCEP Set to Supercharge the New Silk Roads, by Pepe Escobar (agr) The Unz Review:
0515 GMT Headlines of Iran’s Persian dailies on Nov. 16 (iran) Mehr News Agency
0520 GMT Whither America?, by Nick Griffin (agr) The Unz Review:
0528 GMT Japanese PM, IOC president confident Olympics will be held on time despite pandemic (news) TASS
0530 GMT Front pages of Iran s English-language dailies on Nov. 16 (iran) Mehr News Agency
0547 GMT Self-reliance sole way to solve domestic challenges (iran) Mehr News Agency
0553 GMT Temperatures around average, showers expected in some regions (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
0600 GMT Railway to connectAghdam, Khojaly and Khankendi (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0600 GMT Railway to connect Aghdam, Khojaly and Khankendi (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0600 GMT “Rapidly Intensifying” Hurricane Iota Set To Slam Central America (agr) ZeroHedge News
0600 GMT Foreign Ministry at Sultanate of Oman extends condolences on passing of al-Moallem (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
0603 GMT Spike-LR Anti-Tank Guided Missile (Infographics) (mil) SouthFront
0606 GMT COVID-19 infects 54.8 million people across globe (iran) Mehr News Agency
0608 GMT A Dedicated Obsession: Washington s Continuing Iran Sanctions Regime (nomsm)
0610 GMT Walid Al Muallem: Syria s Great Patriot Passes at Dawn (news) Syria News
0621 GMT Australia races to contain Adelaide outbreak (news) Asia Times
0623 GMT Zionists first blow to UAE after normalization (iran) Mehr News Agency
0624 GMT Another 4,244 patients recover from COVID-19 in Moscow (news) TASS
0630 GMT Armenian occupying military units refuse to leave Karabakh (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0635 GMT Safe Zone (iran)
0640 GMT Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem passes away (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
0657 GMT Iran, Yemen stress expansion of bilateral coop. (iran) Mehr News Agency
0659 GMT Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | Nov. 16 (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0659 GMT Middle East in the Vortex of the US Election (alt) New Eastern Outlook
0700 GMT Austria’s New Hate Speech Law (agr) ZeroHedge News
0700 GMT Azerbaijan calls on stopping environmental terror committed by Armenia in Karabakh (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0703 GMT Agricultural exports increase 13.8% (iran)
0703 GMT News From Russia: What You Missed Over the Weekend (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0707 GMT Watch Commercial Real Estate Failures To See The Financial Crisis Part 2 Unravel! (alt) The Duran
0707 GMT Moses Logos (alt)
0709 GMT CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths (alt) The Duran
0709 GMT Syrian conference held in Damascus is paving the way for the return of refugees (alt) The Duran
0710 GMT The Link Between Fear Appeal and COVID-19 Perception- Interview With Dr. Peter Breggin (alt) The Duran
0710 GMT Trump’s base has largely supported his claims of fraud: political Analyst (iran)
0712 GMT Google Vote Reminders Only Went to Liberals, Not Conservatives for at Least 4 Days Dr Robert Epstein (alt) The Duran
0713 GMT Iran, Iraq targeting annual trade vol. $20b (iran) Mehr News Agency
0714 GMT 2.7 Million Votes Potentially Lost; Dominion Voting Strong Ties to CCP and Dems| Beyond The Noise (alt) The Duran
0718 GMT Israel sees fall in serious virus cases, with 613 new diagnoses in one day (msm) ynet – News
0729 GMT Navy Pushes Ahead With 500-Ship Plan To Counter China & Russia In Wake Of Esper Firing (mil) SouthFront
0729 GMT American Human Rights: The Waco Massacre (iran) Mehr News Agency
0730 GMT Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Emergency Situations operates in liberated Azerbaijani territories (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0730 GMT In Memory of the Juan G mez-Quinones: Chicano Scholar, Activist and Poet (alt)
0737 GMT Russia sends condolences over death of Syrian foreign minister (news) TASS
0738 GMT Syrian FM Walid Al-Moallem Passes Away (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0740 GMT Syria s veteran foreign minister Walid al-Muallem dies (iran)
0745 GMT Russian Troops Officially Begin Patrol Of Karabakh, Oversee Exchange Of Bodies (agr) ZeroHedge News
0751 GMT Russian Foreign Ministry expresses deepest condolences on death of Minister al-Moallem (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
0751 GMT Russia s daily coronavirus cases hit all-time high of 22,778 (news) TASS
0751 GMT UN envoy slams Israel plan to expand East Jerusalem settlement (msm) ynet – News
0752 GMT First Russian Region Returns to Full Lockdown as Coronavirus Surges (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0759 GMT Iran Will Certainly Avenge Killing of General Suleimnai: IRGC Chief (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0759 GMT Iraqi forces capture 2 ISIL leaders in Kirkuk (iran) Mehr News Agency
0800 GMT China leads world with 5G development (news) Asia Times
0800 GMT Azerbaijan unveils video of liberated Khojavend’s Dashbashi village (VIDEO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0808 GMT Earthquake of magnitude 6.1 hits Mindanao, Philippines (agr) Signs of the Times
0808 GMT Magnitude 6.1 earthquake hits Mindanao, Philippines (agr) Signs of the Times
0818 GMT ICCIMA representative attends 34th CACCI annual conference (iran)
0818 GMT Trump Walks Back Tweet Saying Biden Won Election (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0818 GMT Protecting the Northern Yellowstone Ecosystem (alt)
0826 GMT At Odds with Haitian Presidency, a Government Watchdog is Weakened by Executive Decree (alt)
0827 GMT 8 Iranian sailors imprisoned in Tanzania return home (iran) Mehr News Agency
0829 GMT The Man From Central Casting (alt)
0830 GMT Azerbaijan shows aerial video footage from liberated Hadrut settlement and Tug village of Khojavend district (VIDEO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0830 GMT London Mayor Cries “It’s Never Been Harder To Be A Muslim” And It’s Trump’s Fault (agr) ZeroHedge News
0832 GMT Magen David Adom worker fired for spitting on images of Jesus in Jaffa residence (msm) ynet – News
0837 GMT Gunmen Kill 34 in Attack on Bus in West Ethiopia: Rights Body (mil) The Defense Post
0838 GMT Asteroid 2020 VT4 breaks record for the closest asteroid flyby (agr) Signs of the Times – Science & Technolog
0838 GMT By opting out of RCEP, India missed another bus (news) Asia Times
0842 GMT Iran’s geographical borders not changed: FM spox. (iran) Mehr News Agency
0844 GMT Turkish Presidency Reportedly Submits Motion on Sending Troops to Azerbaijan (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
0847 GMT Lowering the Bar on Success: Megan McArdle on Drug Development (alt)
0850 GMT Trump s Game (alt)
0852 GMT US Administration ‘Has Obviously Decided Not to Extend New START Treaty’, Russian Deputy FM Says (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
0852 GMT An Awkward Era for the Commercial Timber Industry (alt)
0852 GMT What Should We Do Now? (alt)
0852 GMT US Administration Has Decided Not to Extend New START Treaty, Russian Deputy FM Says (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
0852 GMT St. Petersburg reports over 2,000 daily COVID-19 cases for the first time (news) TASS
0854 GMT Cambodian official has no reason to fear honest debate (news) Asia Times
0855 GMT Trump AWOL (alt)
0856 GMT Trump s Ongoing Crime Wave Requires a Special Prosecutor (alt)
0856 GMT RCEP set to supercharge the New Silk Roads (news) Asia Times
0857 GMT Unlikely Plan B? Trump could receive second term from U.S. House in ‘contingent election’ (agr) Signs of the Times
0857 GMT This Regime Must Go NOW: Three Reasons (alt)
0859 GMT It s kids vs. parents in this award-nominated climate novel (climate) Climate & Energy | Grist
0859 GMT Commodities worth $104m exported from Qom Province (iran)
0859 GMT The Korean War s Forgotten Lessons on the Evil of Intervention (alt)
0859 GMT Insulting Islam: an Encore for Charlie Hebdo (alt)
0900 GMT Armenians, leaving Kalbajar, take out valuable objects from Khudavan monastery (VIDEO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0900 GMT Iran, Russia review regional issues, bilateral coop. (iran) Mehr News Agency
0902 GMT 121 mining zones to be offered to investors in South Khorasan Province (iran)
0903 GMT Georgia reports 3,157 COVID-19 cases in 24 hours (news) TASS
0906 GMT The folly of targeting foreign embassies in Tehran (news) Asia Times
0914 GMT FODASUN to hold webinar on Avicenna’s philosophy (iran) Mehr News Agency
0915 GMT Germany Wants To Avoid “Yo-Yo Shutdown” Of Economy With 4-5 Months Of ‘Severe’ Lockdown (agr) ZeroHedge News
0917 GMT Bulgarian news agency chief Maxim Minchev dies at 67 (iran) Mehr News Agency
0923 GMT Russia Finds No Criminal Influence on Journalist s Self-Immolation Death Reports (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0923 GMT Sandu wins Moldovan presidential election (news) TASS
0923 GMT Russia Finds No Criminal Influence on Journalist s Self-Immolation Death Kommersant (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0925 GMT UAE s Etihad to Launch Direct Flights to Tel Aviv Next Year (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0925 GMT Cultural erasure may spark next Nagorno-Karabakh war (news) Asia Times
0925 GMT Turkish Presidency Reportedly Submits Motion on Sending Troops to Azerbaijan (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0930 GMT Nikol Pashinyan: It’s all my fault, but … (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0931 GMT SP complex supplies 40% of feedstock for gasoline production (iran)
0932 GMT Europe-Iran Business Forum to run next month (iran)
0932 GMT Europe-Iran Business Forum to run next month if sanctions lifted (iran)
0945 GMT Karabakh Armenians: our friendship with Azerbaijanis to surely endure (VIDEO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0946 GMT S Korea seeking to remove trade obstacles with Iran: Envoy (iran) Mehr News Agency
0949 GMT Oxford professor says Trumpism has its roots in American society (iran)
0950 GMT Anthony Fauci’s new COVID-19 guidance: ‘Do what you’re told’ (agr) Signs of the Times
0954 GMT Malaysian authorities expect to receive coronavirus vaccine in first quarter of 2021 (news) TASS
0954 GMT Malaysian authorities expect to receive coronavirus vaccine in Q1 2021 (news) TASS
0955 GMT Gazprom starts selling gas to Turkey through electronic platform (news) TASS
0956 GMT Five prisoners in Russia sentenced to long terms for plotting terrorist attacks (news) TASS
0958 GMT As Russia Eases Its Border Restrictions, Who Is Able to Enter? (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1000 GMT Press review: Asia-Pacific forms world s biggest trade bloc and what awaits US-EU ties (news) TASS
1000 GMT Biden faces an urgent crucial choice on Taiwan (news) Asia Times
1000 GMT Video footage from liberated Domi village of Khojavend district revealed (VIDEO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1000 GMT Europe’s Lax Security Aids Islamist Terrorists (alt) Gatestone Institute :: Articles
1000 GMT Boris s bizarre self-isolation stunt (alt) spiked
1000 GMT No part of Iran safe for terrorists (iran) Mehr News Agency
1000 GMT Syria Exit In Progress? US Convoys Seen Withdrawing From Northeast Syria to Iraq (agr) ZeroHedge News
1001 GMT Armenian premier says he bears main responsibility for Karabakh situation (news) TASS
1002 GMT British MP Banned From Pubs in His Hometown for Life for Helping to Impose a Curfew (alt) Anti-Empire
1004 GMT Are phone networks now censoring links about election fraud? (agr) Signs of the Times
1005 GMT Leger bespioneerde, gele hesjes en Viruswaarheid: Big Brother is watching you (alt)
1006 GMT Arnous: with passing of al-Moallem, Syria lost prominent national figure and veteran diplomat (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1011 GMT ‘Children cannot be financially compensated for lost schooling’ (msm) ynet – News
1013 GMT Ethnic feuds shatter Ethiopia s fragile calm (news) Asia Times
1015 GMT Hurricane Iota Strengthens Into Powerful Category 4 With 155 MPH Winds (agr) ZeroHedge News
1015 GMT UC Berkeley professor calls for ‘transphobic’ book to be BURNED & replaced with ‘own propaganda,’ later claims it was a ‘joke’ (agr) Signs of the Times
1017 GMT German protests against COVID-19 measures: Persecution of journalists behind the facade of a citizen movement (alt) RSF – RSS feed
1018 GMT Belated American apology for Korean War massacre (news) Asia Times
1018 GMT Zarif condoles with Syria over his counterpart s demise (iran) Mehr News Agency
1019 GMT Turkey to Send Soldiers for Karabakh Peacekeeping Center (mil) The Defense Post
1019 GMT Military Situation In Syria On November 16, 2020 (Map Update) (mil) SouthFront
1024 GMT IOC chief Thomas Bach awards ex-Japan s PM Shinzo Abe with Olympic Order (news) TASS
1026 GMT Higher hopes for higher learning in Indonesia (news) Asia Times
1029 GMT Free webinar: Tech wars China strikes back (news) Asia Times
1029 GMT ‘I WON’: Trump tweets claiming ‘fake results’ (iran) Mehr News Agency
1030 GMT Another 475 displaced persons return to Khankendi from Yerevan (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1030 GMT Karabakh: if you leave, do it in a humane way (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1030 GMT The Covid inquisition (alt) spiked
1032 GMT 5 Things You Need to Know About Moldova s Presidential Elections (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1033 GMT Russia looks forward to mutually beneficial relations with new Moldovan leader Kremlin (news) TASS
1035 GMT The British Twitter Stasi (agr) Signs of the Times
1037 GMT Russia s space agency to process remote sensing data based on neural networks (news) TASS
1040 GMT Social ‘Segregation’ of Ethnic Minorities is Fuelling Terrorism in France, Campaigner Says (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
1042 GMT Trump s North Korea legacy could survive Biden (news) Asia Times
1043 GMT Enemy of Russia or practical president? Moscow experts divided as Western analysts celebrate Sandu s Moldovan election victory (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1045 GMT UK Health Study Found 26,000 “Extra” Non-COVID Deaths At Home Amid Lockdowns (agr) ZeroHedge News
1046 GMT California judge rules Gov. Gavin Newsom overstepped authority with mail ballot order (agr) Signs of the Times
1051 GMT Contacts with Trump administration continue, says senior Russian diplomat (news) TASS
1053 GMT US spied on Scandinavian countries, defence industries, report says (agr) Signs of the Times
1054 GMT Iran Health Ministry announces 13,053 new COVID-19 cases (iran) Mehr News Agency
1057 GMT Iran reaches agreement with Vladimir Alekno, source says (iran)
1100 GMT Israeli Delegation in Khartoum this Week (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1100 GMT Azerbaijan: 94 civilians killed as result of Armenian provocations (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1104 GMT Britain s care-home catastrophe (alt) spiked
1106 GMT Russian health minister points to rise in intensive care COVID-19 patients (news) TASS
1106 GMT Hungary s war on woke (alt) spiked
1107 GMT PNC Buys BBVA’s US Arm For $11.6BN In 2nd-Biggest Banking Deal Since Collapse Of Lehman (agr) ZeroHedge News
1108 GMT Brexit is bigger than Boris or any Downing Street bunfight (alt) spiked
1111 GMT Israel’s second astronaut to blast off to space in 2021 (msm) ynet – News
1112 GMT Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell: “We’re Getting Ready To Overturn Election Results In Multiple States” (agr) ZeroHedge News
1113 GMT AFC Appeal Cmt. dismisses complaint against Persepolis (iran) Mehr News Agency
1118 GMT France: Deputies urged to remove ban on filming police with the aim of harming from bill (alt) RSF – RSS feed
1120 GMT Erdogan Requests Parliament Approval For Deployment Of Troops For Karabakh Ceasefire Monitoring Center (mil) SouthFront
1120 GMT Cement production up 14.4% in H1 (iran)
1124 GMT Biden s Administration Must Rejoin JCPOA Unconditionally : Iranian Speaker (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1124 GMT Three-metre-long dinosaur may have swum across a wide ocean (sci) New Scientist – Home
1130 GMT Arayik Harutyunyan confesses Armenian army suffered heavy losses (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1130 GMT Welcome to Chechnya Gay Purge Documentary Now Streaming for Russian-Speaking Audiences (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1131 GMT Locations Of US Carrier Strike Groups November 15, 2020 (mil) SouthFront
1134 GMT British PM self-isolates as US reels from surge (news) Asia Times
1136 GMT FAO starts project on improving Iran agro-rural capacities (iran) Mehr News Agency
1141 GMT Timidity in New Zealand (msm) Le Monde diplomatique – English edition
1142 GMT Ural Airlines to resume weekly flights to UAE from Moscow (news) TASS
1142 GMT Coronavirus cases on the rise in 25 Russian regions (news) TASS
1143 GMT Minister of Information: Syria was in heart and conscience of al-Moallem who remained loyal soldier fighting for it (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1144 GMT Hong Kong tightens rules amid fourth-wave fear (news) Asia Times
1147 GMT Mehrdad Mohammadi ruled out for one month (iran)
1147 GMT Iran volleyball leagues postponed due to coronavirus (iran)
1150 GMT Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | Nov. 16 (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1150 GMT Nagorno-Karabakh Briefing | Nov. 16 (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1151 GMT More COVID-19 Restrictions Expected Across US, Europe As World Awaits Latest Vaccine Update: Live Updates (agr) ZeroHedge News
1158 GMT Putin urges broader international cooperation in anti-drug fight (news) TASS
1200 GMT Turkish parliament to consider issue of sending military to Azerbaijan (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1200 GMT NATO readies for cyber threats (news) NATO Latest News
1200 GMT Meeting of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs – Brussels, 01-02 December 2020 (online event) (news) NATO Latest News
1200 GMT Europeans to study post-Trump investment chances in Iran (iran) Mehr News Agency
1205 GMT Putin congratulates Maia Sandu on winning Moldovan presidential election (news) TASS
1208 GMT Obama’s Failed Mid-East Policies Likely to Make a Comeback if Biden Wins. Ghassan Kadi Sputnik Interview. 16 November 2020 (lib) Intibah and Ghassan Kadi
1209 GMT No Change in Border after Karabakh Peace Deal: Iranian Spokesman (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1211 GMT The C-27J Next Generation Enters The Final Testing Phase (ac) The Aviationist
1212 GMT Musk says he s positive & negative for Covid-19 after taking 4 tests in 1 day (alt)
1212 GMT The Democrats Are Aiming for a One-Party Government (alt)
1214 GMT The Vote Fraud is all over America, it leaps out in huge quantities and the NY Times denies the obvious. The Fraud is Overwhelming. It is so massive it is suffocating. (alt)
1215 GMT Iran gains 100% of projected tax income (iran)
1217 GMT Help people survive, not starve Russian charity tests new virtual food card to help victims of coronavirus economic hardship (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1219 GMT Bahrain FM Heads to Zionist Entity, to Meet Netanyahu and Pompeo (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1224 GMT Late introduction of COVID-19 restrictive measures threatens people s lives PM (news) TASS
1225 GMT Sousan: al-Moallem was prominent national figure who strongly defend Syria (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1230 GMT Peskov explains Erdogan’s motion on sending troops to Azerbaijan (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1230 GMT Kish to host Austrian Cultural Week (iran) Mehr News Agency
1231 GMT S&P Futures Surge, Nasdaq, Treasuries Plunge On “Game-Changer” Moderna Covid Vaccine (agr) ZeroHedge News
1231 GMT Russia s coronavirus situation remains tense, says minister (news) TASS
1232 GMT Asia s two biggest economies lift markets (news) Asia Times
1234 GMT Funeral ceremony for Minister al-Moallem held amid official and popular presence (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1234 GMT Chinese media says RCEP realizes Xi s Asia dream (news) Asia Times
1238 GMT Coronavirus Vaccine to Be Available in Lebanon in First Quarter of 2021: Health Minister (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1239 GMT Democrats Hold Big, Fancy Dinners While Telling America to Cancel Thanksgiving (alt) Anti-Empire
1242 GMT Georgia s Senate Runoff Will Determine Whether the Minimum Wage Increases (alt?) The Intercept
1244 GMT Putin denounces civilized use of soft drugs (news) TASS
1256 GMT EU warns Israeli regime on expansion of illegal settlements (iran) Mehr News Agency
1257 GMT Moldova Vote Winner Promises ‘Balanced’ Ties With West, Russia (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1258 GMT Biden s First Priority: Undo the Damage Done by Trump – President Biden can make progressive appointments and executive actions no matter who controls the Senate. (alt) In These Times
1300 GMT Pashinyan dismisses Armenian foreign minister for refusal to de-occupy Shusha (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1300 GMT Arts op Museumplein: Onze vrijheid van meningsuiting staat onder grote druk (alt)
1300 GMT COVID-19 Is Out of Control. What Can We Do? (mil) Defense One – All Content
1300 GMT Huisarts op Museumplein: Onze vrijheid van meningsuiting staat onder grote druk (alt)
1304 GMT Your own sweat could be used to produce a natural antiperspirant (sci) New Scientist – Home
1304 GMT Int l, Regional Figures Offer Condolences on Demise of Syrian FM Walid Al-Moallem (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1305 GMT Zarif: Al-Moallem played important role in defending Syria s interests and security (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1307 GMT The Housing Bubble Is Even Bigger Than The Stock Market Bubble (agr) ZeroHedge News
1308 GMT Moderna vaccine success sends stocks soaring (news) Asia Times
1310 GMT New Jersey Follows Washington, Michigan By Tightening COVID-19 Restrictions: Live Updates (agr) ZeroHedge News
1310 GMT Biden s Normalcy Means Return Of Ancien Regime (nomsm)
1312 GMT Meeting of Coronavirus Combat Headquarters (iran) Mehr News Agency
1312 GMT Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | Nov. 16 (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1314 GMT Putin, Macron discuss joint anti-terrorist efforts (news) TASS
1315 GMT There Is More Freedom in China s Autocracy than in America s Democracy (alt)
1317 GMT A strategy comes home to roost (alt) Countercurrents
1321 GMT Militants of QSD killed, three women in the al-Hawl camp abducted (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1321 GMT The Return of the Obama Adults in a Joe Biden Administration Is Likely to Spell Ruin for America (alt) Global Research
1321 GMT Morocco, Polisario Exchange Fire in Western Sahara: Report (mil) The Defense Post
1322 GMT First Europe, Then Japan, Now Australia Hit By Unprecedented Full-Day Trading Halt Due To “Software Glitch” (agr) ZeroHedge News
1324 GMT The Great Reset : A Technocratic Agenda that Waited Years for a Global Crisis to Exploit (alt) Global Research
1328 GMT Joe Biden s Love Affair with the CIA (alt) Global Research
1328 GMT Canadian Military Wants to Establish New Organization to Use Propaganda, Other Techniques to Influence Canadians (alt) Global Research
1329 GMT Swadeshi Andolan writes to Prez, PM; seek probe into FM s role in Vodafone tax matter (alt) Countercurrents
1330 GMT Global Skytrax rating praises China’s Hainan Airlines for the tenth year in a row (news) TASS
1330 GMT Putin and Macron discuss situation in Karabakh (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1330 GMT ‘Iran’s role in defending Iraq against ISIL significant’ (iran) Mehr News Agency
1330 GMT Arnous discusses with Indian ambassador in Damascus enhancing bilateral relations in different domains (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1333 GMT In Video: Azerbaijani President Visists Fuzuli District Captured From Armenians During Second Karabakh War (mil) SouthFront
1334 GMT Crime reporter deliberately killed by speeding car in northeastern India (alt) RSF – RSS feed
1335 GMT Buffett Indicator: Why Investors Are Walking Into A Trap (agr) ZeroHedge News
1339 GMT The Imperative To Achieve National Improved Medicare For All (alt) Countercurrents
1340 GMT Support Independent Voice (mil) SouthFront
1341 GMT Damascus on Monday (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1341 GMT OpEx Gamma “Call Wall” At 3,600 Means Dealers Will Sell S&P Breakouts (agr) ZeroHedge News
1348 GMT Siberian Environmentalist Detained for Poaching World s Largest Sheep Reports (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1348 GMT Over 1,000 Belarus Protesters Detained Amid Ongoing Protests (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1349 GMT Bogdanov: Al-Moallem greatly contributed to developing Syrian-Russian relations (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1352 GMT Egypt to dismiss public servants with alleged ties to Muslim Brotherhood (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1353 GMT Blessing in disguise : Putin says COVID border closures curbed drug smuggling into Russia (news) TASS
1354 GMT Biden Hires Economic Team With Focus On Systemic Racism (agr) ZeroHedge News
1354 GMT Hasaka rains (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1355 GMT Travel startups and efforts to survive coronavirus (iran) Mehr News Agency
1359 GMT SEC Chairman Jay Clayton To Step Down At End Of 2020, Paving Way For Biden’s Pick (agr) ZeroHedge News
1359 GMT LIVE: 2020 Global Security Forum (mil) Defense One – All Content
1400 GMT Karabakh occupants clashes with Russian peacekeepers (VIDEO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1400 GMT Europe Reacts to the 2020 US Presidential Election (alt) Foreign Policy In FocusForeign Policy In
1400 GMT Israeli protesters clash with EU officials at East Jerusalem settlement (msm) ynet – News
1402 GMT IOC may cover COVID-19 vaccination costs for Tokyo Olympics participants, says Thomas Bach (news) TASS
1407 GMT Russian-built Telegram messaging app takes battle with state security over access to data to European Court of Human Rights (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1407 GMT Record-breaking winds shake ground, send debris flying in Ontario (agr) Signs of the Times
1412 GMT Al-Moallem ..Honorable patriotic stances and longtime diplomatic march that will be always memorized by history (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1412 GMT Al-Moallem ..Honorable patriotic stances and longtime diplomatic march that will be always remembered (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1419 GMT Ice Age Farmer Report: “Next crisis bigger than COVID” – Power grid/finance down – WEF Cyber polygon (agr) Signs of the Times
1420 GMT Cairo to turn 15th century sultan’s caravansary into heritage hotel to boost tourism (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1421 GMT Key Events This Week: Data Deluge And Fed Speaker Bonanza (agr) ZeroHedge News
1425 GMT After Military Defeat, What’s Next for Nagorno-Karabakh? (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1429 GMT Free webinar: Tech wars China strikes back (news) Asia Times
1429 GMT Progress: Biden Administration to Apply Black Lives Matter Decals to All Attack Drones (alt) Anti-Empire
1429 GMT Tyson Foods Employs COVID-19 “Tracking Algorithms” At Meatpacking Plants (agr) ZeroHedge News
1429 GMT Shahin to vie at Australian, Indian film festivals (iran) Mehr News Agency
1430 GMT VIDEO: American experts discuss Iran’s cyberpower (iran) Mehr News Agency
1432 GMT Turkish occupation s terrorists kidnap civilians in Aleppo countryside (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1434 GMT Russia s first muskox farm in Siberia’s Taimyr receives ten calves (news) TASS
1437 GMT Twitter suspends Iranian oil minister s account (iran)
1437 GMT IRGC chief vows to avenge Soleimani killing in the field (iran)
1439 GMT Iran urges Saudi Arabia to avoid slipping into deeper isolation (iran)
1439 GMT Top judge criticizes wrong signals to U.S. (iran)
1444 GMT Russia s drug crime rate drops almost 17%, says interior minister (news) TASS
1445 GMT India and US Signed a Game-changer Defence Deal, Amid the Rise of What Could be a New Bipolarity (alt) Global Research
1445 GMT Dershowitz: Trump May Try To Deny Biden 270 Electoral Votes, Put Election In Congress (agr) ZeroHedge News
1445 GMT Diwali props up air travel in India (news) Asia Times
1446 GMT OIE Notification: HPAI H5N1 In Laos (medic) Avian Flu Diary
1447 GMT Let it snow! Hawaii summits get an early dusting (agr) Signs of the Times
1447 GMT Tehran to host Climathon 2020 (iran)
1450 GMT UNRWA fears ‘disaster’ in Gaza as funding runs dry (msm) ynet – News
1450 GMT Heidi Larson interview: How to stop covid-19 vaccine hesitancy (sci) New Scientist – Home
1451 GMT Slovakian, Thai, Japanese envoys submits credentials to Zarif (iran) Mehr News Agency
1452 GMT In Photos: Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh Burn Down Homes Ahead of Azerbaijan Handover (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1454 GMT Aeroflot resumes flights to Nice from November 20 (news) TASS
1459 GMT Doc reveals Quds Force role in breaking ISIS siege of Amerli (iran)
1500 GMT Het gaat beginnen: Trump-advocaat kondigt grote rechtszaken aan. Stortvloed aan bewijs (alt)
1500 GMT The MAGA Army Tries to Drag America to Hell – Dear Leader Trump’s toy soldiers make one last stand on the streets of Washington, DC (alt) In These Times
1500 GMT Heart doctors more likely to implant devices from manufacturers that pay them, new study finds (alt) ICIJ
1502 GMT Cinema Verite to screen Gregory Monro s Kubrick by Kubrick (iran)
1505 GMT Persian publisher to review Arabic version of In the Tumult of Silence (iran)
1505 GMT Google Sued For Data Costs After Android Phones Found Transferring “Unapproved, Undisclosed” Data (agr) ZeroHedge News
1505 GMT Wahhabi terrorists to fail in northern borders of Iran (iran) Mehr News Agency
1507 GMT Twenty-four journalists detained in Belarus on Sunday (news) TASS
1508 GMT Iranian children s publisher releases bestsellers in braille (iran)
1509 GMT Russians Got Situation Under Control In Nagorno-Karabakh. 25 Posts Deployed. Demining Of Lachin Corridor Started (mil) SouthFront
1510 GMT Resistance festival announces jury for official competition (iran)
1512 GMT Hashd al-Sha abi captures 5 ISIL elements in Diyala (iran) Mehr News Agency
1512 GMT Thomas Nagel s Equality and Partiality appears in Persian (iran)
1514 GMT Grad Workers Strike Shows Labor Why It Must Become Abolitionist (alt) Latest Truthout
1514 GMT Russia Pulls Transgender Ban Bill (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1514 GMT Smugglers of fuel, livestock fined $570m (iran)
1515 GMT COVID-19 outpatient facilities to increase fourfold (iran)
1516 GMT Iran offers condolences on passing of Syria FM (iran)
1518 GMT Body of Minister al-Moallem escorted to his final resting place (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1519 GMT Gorgan Bay: a late solution to speed up valuable reserve s demise (iran)
1520 GMT Kazakhstan s Tokayev says agreement reached with Putin on production of COVID-19 vaccine (news) TASS
1521 GMT Art perseveres in Istanbul despite coronavirus (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1521 GMT Investment in tourism industry continues despite coronavirus (iran)
1521 GMT Handicraft courses to provide jobs for inmates (iran)
1522 GMT Moscow s unemployment up seven-fold amid pandemic, reaches peak in September (news) TASS
1525 GMT Bank Analyst Puts Bitcoin Price Prediction “As High As $318,000” (agr) ZeroHedge News
1530 GMT Trump Campaign Keeps Looking for Judges to Rule in Its Favor Following Election (alt) Latest Truthout
1530 GMT Anthony Fauci s New COVID-19 Guidance: Do What You re Told (alt) Anti-Empire
1530 GMT Gasoline rationing scheme: From policy to practice (iran) Mehr News Agency
1533 GMT Questions Over Al-Qaeda Future After Leaders Reported Deaths (mil) The Defense Post
1534 GMT Group enters cloud gaming market (news) TASS
1536 GMT Thirty tank cars go off rails in Russian Vladimir Region killing one (news) TASS
1541 GMT Armenian opposition leaders summoned to National Security Service ahead of rally (news) TASS
1542 GMT His Dark Materials review: Season 2 is spine-chillingly excellent (sci) New Scientist – Home
1546 GMT Trump Pursues Last-Minute China Crackdown To Hem In Biden Administration (agr) ZeroHedge News
1548 GMT Persepolis complete signing of Mehdi Mehdikhani (iran)
1549 GMT Putin, Netanyahu discuss supplies of anti-COVID vaccine, situation in Middle East (news) TASS
1554 GMT Most Dem Voters Are to the Left of Biden on Foreign Policy. Can He Be Moved? (alt) Latest Truthout
1556 GMT President Al-Assad receives condolences cables on death of Minister Al-Moallem (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1559 GMT ‘Moallem made great efforts to counter threats of Zionists’ (iran) Mehr News Agency
1600 GMT Repeated radio bursts from nearby star suggest such signals are common (sci) New Scientist – Home
1600 GMT Basket weaving in Tehran to be revived (iran)
1602 GMT Today’s D Brief: Miller s memo; COVID packing ICUs; Helicopter victims, ID d; Army s next missiles; And a bit more. (mil) Defense One – All Content
1605 GMT Peter Schiff: Can America Really Take A Paid Vacation Funded By Uncle Sam? (agr) ZeroHedge News
1608 GMT Sudden jitters hit credibility of Chinese credit (news) Asia Times
1625 GMT Goldman, Citi See Dollar Sliding In 2021, Plunging As Much As 20% (agr) ZeroHedge News
1625 GMT Top Goldman Dealmaker And Former CEO Contender Is Leaving The Firm (agr) ZeroHedge News
1626 GMT Russian duo of European figure skating medalists Stepanova-Bukin to skip Moscow Grand Prix (news) TASS
1627 GMT SOCOM is officially getting a new sniper rifle (mil) War Is Boring
1630 GMT Safavid-era relics unearthed in west-central Iran (iran)
1630 GMT The Great Reset Already Happened (alt) Anti-Empire
1630 GMT UN anti-Iran Human Rights resolution ignores Iranians’ rights (iran) Mehr News Agency
1633 GMT Syrian military moves closer to liberating occupied Idlib (alt) The Duran
1633 GMT Desperate doctors call for lockdown in Istanbul (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1635 GMT Nearly 70 teachers in Moscow diagnosed with COVID-19 every day over fortnight (news) TASS
1636 GMT Trump Cheers As Dow Hits New Record High (agr) ZeroHedge News
1641 GMT McConnell Pushes to Pack Courts With Trump s Judges While Neglecting Pandemic (alt) Latest Truthout
1645 GMT Walmart Launches Walmart Pet Care (agr) ZeroHedge News
1646 GMT BEST OF THE WEB: The ‘glitch’ becomes a coup: Time to strictly regulate America’s fly-by-night voting machine monopoly (agr) Signs of the Times
1646 GMT The ‘glitch’ becomes a coup: Time to strictly regulate America’s fly-by-night voting machine monopoly (agr) Signs of the Times
1654 GMT East African Rift system is slowly breaking away (agr) Signs of the Times – Science & Technolog
1656 GMT Spectacular stronger-than-usual explosion at Stromboli volcano, Italy (agr) Signs of the Times
1658 GMT Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial produces best results yet (sci) New Scientist – Home
1659 GMT Covid-19 news: UK government in talks to pre-order the Moderna vaccine (sci) New Scientist – Home
1659 GMT Covid-19 news: Moderna coronavirus vaccine is 95 per cent effective (sci) New Scientist – Home
1700 GMT Another Trump Attorney Harassed As Election Challenges Move Through Courts (agr) ZeroHedge News
1701 GMT Trump campaign rejects WaPo report of changed Pennsylvania lawsuit on counting votes in secret (agr) Signs of the Times
1704 GMT British Muslim Brotherhood Tour (alt) Voltaire Network
1708 GMT Trump Obstructing Biden s Transition May Hinder COVID Vaccine Rollout (alt) Latest Truthout
1711 GMT Some GOP Governors and Senators Are Simply Dismissing New COVID Surge (alt) Latest Truthout
1712 GMT Ministers lift further restrictions from education system, outdoor shopping centers (msm) ynet – News
1716 GMT Cases in the U.S. (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
1720 GMT Back To Square One: Hank Paulson Calls For New Round Of US-China Talks “Under Biden Administration” (agr) ZeroHedge News
1721 GMT Baku works towards having Shusha, Khodaafarin Bridges added to World Heritage List (news) TASS
1722 GMT Nikol The Basement Pashinyan Strikes Back, Blames Previous Governments And Armenian Nation For Defeat In Nagorno-Karabakh War (mil) SouthFront
1722 GMT Revenge from US assassination of martyr Soleimani, certain (iran) Mehr News Agency
1723 GMT Hurricane Iota Erupts To Category 5, “Catastrophic” Damage Expected (agr) ZeroHedge News
1726 GMT Meteor fireball lights up Alabama sky (agr) Signs of the Times – Fire in the Sky
1727 GMT Mitch McConnell Is Sacrificing the Entire Economy to Impede Biden Administration (alt) Latest Truthout
1729 GMT Military Situation In Afghanistan On November 16, 2020 (Map Update) (mil) SouthFront
1730 GMT Future of transportation industry during COVID-19 pandemic (iran) Mehr News Agency
1730 GMT My Grueling Search for Asylum From an Undeclared War – A member of the Honduran resistance movement tells his story. (alt) In These Times
1732 GMT ‘Loud bang’ heard across Dorking and Westcott, UK (agr) Signs of the Times – Fire in the Sky
1733 GMT Israeli-Arab Knesset member sparks controversy with outreach to Netanyahu (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1738 GMT US-Backed Moroccan Military Breaks Three-Decade Ceasefire in Western Sahara (alt) Latest Truthout
1740 GMT Chisinau residents calm as presidential election results emerge (news) TASS
1740 GMT Here’s How The Pfizer And Moderna Vaccines Stack Up (agr) ZeroHedge News
1742 GMT What did the Detroit whistleblowers, whose lawsuit was rejected, say they saw? Late ballot boxes, votes counted 4-5 times each (agr) Signs of the Times
1745 GMT The Return of the Goldilocks Apocalypse (alt) Foreign Policy In FocusForeign Policy In
1746 GMT Sidney Powell: People with links to powerful Democrats used Dominion voting machines to ‘steal’ votes (agr) Signs of the Times
1748 GMT Who spied on journalists, again? Obama urged to self-reflect after accusing Trump of acting like a power-hungry dictator (agr) Signs of the Times
1753 GMT Lavrov extends condolences over death of wise diplomat Walid Muallem (news) TASS
1754 GMT Supporter of the Karabakh occupation set fire to his house in the Kelbajar region on camera (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1754 GMT Sun halo, tangental arcs spotted in the skies of central Alabama (agr) Signs of the Times
1756 GMT If Biden s Serious About Bringing Back Diplomacy, He Should Make These Appointments (alt) Foreign Policy In FocusForeign Policy In
1756 GMT People s Assembly commemorates 50th anniversary of Correctionist Movement, discusses performance of Interior Ministry (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1759 GMT Macron, Pompeo to confer on issues related to Iran in Paris (iran) Mehr News Agency
1800 GMT China’s Bond Market Turmoil Worsens As More State-Owned Companies Default (agr) ZeroHedge News
1800 GMT Het is zo rustig dat artsen zich schamen voor de extra 1000 euro (alt)
1803 GMT Cases & Deaths by County (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
1803 GMT Senior Trump official: Politicians get ‘very rich’ by supporting Israel (agr) Signs of the Times
1805 GMT Hurricane Iota strengthens into first Category 5 of 2020 Atlantic hurricane season (agr) Signs of the Times
1806 GMT Turkish army shelling border communities in northern Syria (news) TASS
1807 GMT Zappa Official Trailer (alt)
1808 GMT Michigan’s governor-tyrant Gretchen Whitmer, whose previous lockdown orders were ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL, imposes new restrictions – Updates (agr) Signs of the Times
1818 GMT Mainstream media taking heat for ignoring violent attacks on Trump supporters at MAGA rally (agr) Signs of the Times
1820 GMT With the Election Over, Congress Must Remember the Rest of the World (alt) Foreign Policy In FocusForeign Policy In
1820 GMT Iranian FM holds phone talk with his British counterpart (iran) Mehr News Agency
1820 GMT Qatari FM: Normalization with Israel undermines Palestinian statehood efforts (msm) ynet – News
1820 GMT Here Comes More Fed Easing: JPMorgan Expects Fed To Extend QE Maturity In December Meeting (agr) ZeroHedge News
1821 GMT Russia Takes Charge in the Caucasus (alt) New Eastern Outlook
1822 GMT Walid al-Moallem a fighter diplomat who defended Syria until last breath (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1823 GMT Bolide captured over southern Spain (agr) Signs of the Times – Fire in the Sky
1825 GMT Hezbollah: Al-Moallem Defended Syria Unity, Palestinian Cause (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1827 GMT Persepolis confirmed as 2020 ACL finalists (iran)
1830 GMT Cement production grows 14.4% in H1 (iran) Mehr News Agency
1835 GMT Spain’s Santander In Talks To Buy Wirecard Bank, Other Assets Out Of Bankruptcy (agr) ZeroHedge News
1835 GMT Lavrov calls on UNESCO not to ignore discrimination of Russian language in Ukraine (news) TASS
1839 GMT Shock new figures fuel fears of more lockdown domestic abuse killings in UK (agr) Signs of the Times
1840 GMT Illinois Confirms Another 11,600 Cases, Germany Announces More COVID Restrictions: Live Updates (agr) ZeroHedge News
1841 GMT Russian military setting up humanitarian response center in disputed Nagorno-Karabakh to assist displaced refugees (agr) Signs of the Times
1848 GMT It s unrecognizable booming Crimea better off in Russia as Moscow pours in cash, says ally of Ukrainian President Zelensky (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1848 GMT It s unrecognizable : Booming Crimea better off in Russia as Moscow pours in cash, says ally of Ukrainian President Zelensky (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1850 GMT Lebanon Records 10 Coronavirus Deaths and 1,016 New Infections in Last 24 Hours (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1850 GMT Watch Live: Biden Delivers Remarks On Reviving The US Economy (agr) ZeroHedge News
1852 GMT Russian Karabakh And Other Consequences Of Armenian-Azerbaijani War (mil) SouthFront
1852 GMT Russian Karabakh and other consequences of the Armenian-Azerbaijani war (mil) SouthFront
1854 GMT Team of Moscow medics heads to Urals city to help in battle against coronavirus (news) TASS
1859 GMT FLASHBACK: Florida county elections supervisor says ‘toldya so’ after software maker Dominion takes blame in Wellington vote count mess (agr) Signs of the Times
1859 GMT Hurricane Eta Devastates Central America as U.S. Withdraws From Climate Accord (alt?) The Intercept
1901 GMT New Website Advertising, by Ron Unz (agr) The Unz Review:
1902 GMT Three Intelligence Failures from Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict Need Investigating (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1903 GMT Lavrov calls on international community to restore archeological sites destroyed by terrorism in Syria (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1904 GMT Cuba Could be on the Brink of a Revolutionary COVID Vaccine, But US Sanctions Are Slowing It Down (alt) MintPress News
1905 GMT Globalist Propaganda Over Ukraine Church Crisis Reaches New Level (mil) SouthFront
1905 GMT Democrats Regroup After Senate Setback, Look To Biden Strategy As ‘Blueprint’ (agr) ZeroHedge News
1907 GMT Whitmer Gives Sharp Rebuke to Scott Atlas s Rise Up Tweet Over COVID Rules (alt) Latest Truthout
1908 GMT Thought police: Russian law enforcement seeks funding for development of $720 million ‘virtual brain’ to help catch criminals (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1911 GMT Sidney Powell: “So much evidence, I feel like it s coming in through a fire hose” (alt) The Duran
1913 GMT Israel opens bidding for project in east Jerusalem (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1914 GMT Russia s Red Sea hub: Putin signs off on building naval facility in Sudan (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1914 GMT Number of COVID-2019 cases across globe up by over 528,000 in past day – WHO (news) TASS
1914 GMT Number of COVID-19 cases across globe up by over 528,000 in past day – WHO (news) TASS
1914 GMT Russia s naval reach extends with new African base: Putin signs off on building Red Sea hub in strategically vital Sudan (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1916 GMT Netanyahu says scheduled to speak to Biden for first time since election win (msm) ynet – News
1916 GMT Netanyahu says schedueled to speak to Biden for first time since election win (msm) ynet – News
1918 GMT After years of tantrums over 2016, Democrats now preach ‘accept election results’ (agr) Signs of the Times
1922 GMT Here’s How The Pfizer And Moderna Vaccines Stack Up (agr) ZeroHedge News
1924 GMT Trump’s new Defense Secretary tells Pentagon, “All wars must end” (alt) The Duran
1925 GMT WHO Hails Encouraging Covid Vaccine News, But Voices Concern over Surge in Cases (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1930 GMT Amir-Abdollahian hails Moallem’s role against Takfiris (iran) Mehr News Agency
1935 GMT Stephen Schwarzman, World’s Biggest Landlord, Says Teachers Shouldn’t Pay Income Taxes (agr) ZeroHedge News
1941 GMT The US Is Not Agreement Capable Because It Is Ungovernable (alt) Anti-Empire
1944 GMT Brazil s 2020 municipal elections: RSF s five recommendations to city councillors on protecting press freedom (alt) RSF – RSS feed
1947 GMT Lavrov: al-Moallem a wise diplomat who contributed to enhancing relations between Russia and Syria (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1952 GMT Election feed count anomalies: Multiple reversals, fractional vote entries in VA after 11 pm on election night (agr) Signs of the Times
1953 GMT Not a single case of reinfection with COVID-19 confirmed in Russia – expert (news) TASS
1954 GMT Syria national football team losses 0-1 to its Jordanian counterpart in a friendly match (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1956 GMT Iran’s Rouhani announces new nationwide closures (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1956 GMT Christian tearoom owners arrested for refusing to close during lockdown in UK (agr) Signs of the Times
1957 GMT Lebanon s intelligence chief visited Damascus amid efforts to free Austin Tice (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1957 GMT Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem dies at 79 (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1958 GMT Qatar invites countries in region to coexist with Iran: FM (iran) Mehr News Agency
2000 GMT Covid-19 Started in Italy, in September 2019, Not in China in December (alt) The Duran
2000 GMT How Truthful is China s Stance on the Korean War? (alt) New Eastern Outlook
2001 GMT Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire raises questions in Iran (iran)
2001 GMT 3 Afghan security forces killed in Kunduz Province (iran) Mehr News Agency
2003 GMT Coronavirus cuts Iran tourist arrivals by 72%: UNWTO (iran)
2005 GMT Peru’s interim president resigns amidst “coup” accusations in largest protests seen in decades (agr) Signs of the Times
2006 GMT Parliament to review strategic bill to lift sanctions at first opportunity (iran)
2006 GMT Webinar to explore ancient life, arts and architecture in Rey (iran)
2007 GMT FAO to strengthen disaster risk management in rural areas of Iran (iran)
2007 GMT Iran to extend travel restrictions as of Nov. 21 (iran)
2010 GMT “All-In?” (agr) ZeroHedge News
2015 GMT Report claims NSA spied on Denmark fighter jet purchase (news) Asia Times
2015 GMT Paris chief slams lockdown and Macron’s bureaucratic and controlling government, demands stores reopen for Black Friday (agr) Signs of the Times
2018 GMT The troubled summer: The U.S. is teetering on the brink of renewed violence (iran)
2019 GMT Gegen das neue Infektionsschutz-Ermachtigungsgesetz (alt) Deutscher Freidenker-Verband e.V.
2020 GMT All Wars Must End! (alt) New Eastern Outlook
2023 GMT Kadena Airman Receives Air Force Achievement Medal for Okinawa Rescue (mil) Air Force Magazine
2025 GMT Dozens arrested as thousands protest lockdown in Liverpool & Bristol, including Jeremy Corbyn’s brother (agr) Signs of the Times
2026 GMT Erdogan’s call for two-state solution in Cyprus dims hopes for Turkish ‘reset’ with West (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
2029 GMT Traditional cotton harvest in North Khorasan province (iran) Mehr News Agency
2030 GMT There Has Been A Sudden, “Huge” Drop In COVID-Testing In The US (agr) ZeroHedge News
2033 GMT Russian ambassador to Moldova says plans to discuss cooperation with president elect (news) TASS
2034 GMT Robot patrols shop checking lockdown restrictions are being adhered to in Japan (agr) Signs of the Times
2036 GMT Health Ministry: 75 new Coronavirus cases registered, 45 patients recover, 5 others pass away (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
2045 GMT Biden return to Iran nuclear deal will be a mistake, says Israel envoy to U.S. (msm) ynet – News
2045 GMT Biden State Media Appointee Advocated Using Propaganda Against Americans (agr) ZeroHedge News
2049 GMT Armenian president says power is to go over to government of national accord (news) TASS
2100 GMT Diabetes: Is de aarde plat? (alt)
2102 GMT Anti-Nuclear Pacifists Get Federal Prison Terms for Nonviolent Protest (alt?) The Intercept
2102 GMT Dow Hits Record High As Vaccine Hope Trumps COVID ‘Casedemic’ (agr) ZeroHedge News
2106 GMT Cases & Deaths by County (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
2111 GMT Where Covid-19 Has Already Killed More Than One Person Per Thousand (alt) The Duran
2113 GMT ‘Ineffective and expensive’: Scientists sound alarm on UK’s ‘Operation Moonshot’ mass coronavirus testing scheme (agr) Signs of the Times
2120 GMT Our COVID Police State Wants To Take Thanksgiving And Christmas Away From You Too (agr) ZeroHedge News
2121 GMT The real 2020 election scandal: voter theft targeting Black people, youth (alt) The Grayzone
2131 GMT 13810 (iran)
2136 GMT Spangdahlem F-16s Head to Middle East (mil) Air Force Magazine
2139 GMT End of kafala no panacea for Egyptian workers in Saudi Arabia (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
2140 GMT Pelosi Grapples With Slim Majority And Socialist Factions As House Dems Seek Path Forward (agr) ZeroHedge News
2148 GMT Latino Organizers Work to Mobilize Georgia Voters Ahead of Senate Runoffs (alt?) The Intercept
2153 GMT Iran s defense needs manufactured in accordance with threats (iran) Mehr News Agency
2155 GMT Etihad to start daily Tel Aviv flights in 2021 (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
2155 GMT BEST OF THE WEB: Justin Trudeau in UN conference call says ‘pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset’ (agr) Signs of the Times
2200 GMT Don’t Blame COVID: The Economy Is Imploding From Over-Capacity And Corrupt Cartels (agr) ZeroHedge News
2202 GMT Russia firms on hopes of oil cuts (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
2209 GMT Bahrain FM to visit Israel on Wednesday, meet with Netanyahu, Pompeo (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
2210 GMT National Space Intelligence Center Takes Shape (mil) Air Force Magazine
2211 GMT Biden Poised to Embrace US Space Force Goals, Expand NASA s Mission, Experts Claim (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
2212 GMT Armenian president sacks foreign minister, commander of police troops (news) TASS
2216 GMT Moscow s COVID-19 death toll surpasses 7,900 (news) TASS
2220 GMT Only 46% Of Americans Would Receive COVID Vaccine As Soon As It Is Available (agr) ZeroHedge News
2222 GMT TSLA Soars On Inclusion In The S&P 500 (agr) ZeroHedge News
2223 GMT Trump Administration to Withdraw More Troops from Afghanistan, Iraq (mil) Air Force Magazine
2234 GMT Berkshire Continued To Dump Banks, Bought New Stakes In Pharma Giants In Q3 (agr) ZeroHedge News
2234 GMT Cutting U.S. Defense Attaches from Embassies Abroad is a Bad Idea (mil) Defense One – All Content
2237 GMT California Pulls COVID-19 “Emergency Break” With New Restrictions: Live Updates (agr) ZeroHedge News
2243 GMT Virtual Events: CSAF Brown Talks USAF s Future, and More (mil) Air Force Magazine
2245 GMT Amid Tumbling Revenues & Headcount, And ‘No Path To Profitability’, AirBNB Files For An IPO (agr) ZeroHedge News
2250 GMT The individual solution to avoiding totalitarianism (agr) Signs of the Times
2256 GMT Drawing All the Wrong Lessons From Media s Election 2020 Failures (alt) FAIR
2300 GMT Natgas Prices Plunge On Warmer Weather Outlook (agr) ZeroHedge News
2301 GMT Ukrainian volleyball player gets Russia s sporting citizenship (news) TASS
2306 GMT Former Iranian PM Mousavi, under house arrest, tests positive for COVID-19 (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
2310 GMT Jim Quinn Warns “This Is How Fourth Turnings Roll” (agr) ZeroHedge News
2313 GMT Senate Appropriators Question ABMS Spending (mil) Air Force Magazine
2317 GMT Bitcoin ban? No way, says Raoul Pal (news) Asia Times
2318 GMT Nationalization of religion as a way to combat religious extremism (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
2325 GMT Daily Briefing – November 16, 2020 (agr) ZeroHedge News
2330 GMT “Imperialism In Pumps”: Greenwald & Johnstone Go Off As Media Gushes Over Presumed Biden Pick For SecDef (agr) ZeroHedge News
2340 GMT Trumpism remains in American society as a deadly virus (iran) Mehr News Agency