Nieuws 20-11-2020

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Publications from relative unknown or alternative sources. The viewpoints given are usually not mentioned in the main stream media. Also listed are msm narrative influencers. Be critical and aware of origins & purpose. Aggregator sites have nuggets, but also debris. Contains propaganda & semi-msm “alternative” media.

0016 GMT Pompeo s Vineyard Visit Met With Palestinian Protests (alt) PopularResistance.Org
0024 GMT Food Insecurity In NYC Rises Precipitously (alt) PopularResistance.Org
0031 GMT Workers At Fargo Warehouse Strike Over Virus Safety Concerns (alt) PopularResistance.Org

0037 GMT Ecommerce in Weirdest Economy Ever (fin) Wolf Street
0037 GMT Online Sales by Category, in Weirdest Economy Ever (fin) Wolf Street
0056 GMT Over 235 Organizations Call On Biden To Cancel Student Debt (alt) PopularResistance.Org
0130 GMT Denen bevrijden zich uit ijzeren corona greep. Media zwijgt (alt) LNN TV
0338 GMT One Of Our Guets. (blog) Andrei Martyanov – Reminiscence of the F
0338 GMT One Of Our Guests. (blog) Andrei Martyanov – Reminiscence of the F
0430 GMT China Has Made Drone Warfare Global (msm) FA RSS
0601 GMT Trouble In America (alt) Renegade Inc
0655 GMT You and I May Never Summit Everest But Microplastics Already Have (agr) naked capitalism
0722 GMT Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on a resolution on combating the glorification of Nazism adopted by the Third Committee of the UN GA 75th session (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
0722 GMT Nuclear Euromissiles Are Back (mil) Militarization and WMD Global Research
0800 GMT Information Threats and Arms Control: Is Russian-US Dialogue Possible? (rus) Valdai Club
0953 GMT Press release on Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov s telephone conversation with Foreign Minister of the People s Democratic Republic of Algeria Sabri Boukadoum (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
1000 GMT To Save the Economy, Save People First: Targeted Measures and Subsidies for Cost Effective COVID-19 Abatement (agr) naked capitalism
1124 GMT Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova in connection with another round of US sanctions against Russia (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
1155 GMT Links 11/20/2020 (agr) naked capitalism
1200 GMT Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov s welcome speech at a videoconference on the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Tribunal, November 20, 2020 (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
1205 GMT Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov s video address to the International Scientific and Practical Forum, Lessons from Nuremberg: The Impact of the Nuremberg Process on the Modern World Order, Moscow, November 20, 2020 (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
1212 GMT A Preview of How a Biden/Harris Regime May Operate. Hired Guns and the Role of Registered Lobbyists (agr) Global Research
1215 GMT A New Era for Nuclear Disarmament (mil) Militarization and WMD Global Research
1225 GMT Video: Senate Hearing on COVID-19 Outpatient Treatment (agr) Global Research
1305 GMT Plastic Entangling, Choking 1,800 Marine Animals in U.S. Waters (agr) Global Research
1310 GMT New York Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Cuomo s Thanksgiving COVID Order (agr) Global Research
1319 GMT Biden s America Will Continue Pressure on Iran (agr) Global Research
1320 GMT Hungary-led Vetoes Against New EU Budget Further Fragments the Bloc s Unity (agr) Global Research
1322 GMT New START Dead or Revivable Under a Biden/Harris Administration? (agr) Global Research
1324 GMT The Credibles: How Airwars Secured the Most Comprehensive Locational Data on Civilian Harm Ever Released by the US Military (agr) Global Research
1326 GMT Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests as Unreliable & Unlawful to Quarantine People (agr) Global Research
1339 GMT US Under Joe Biden Will Pursue Policy of Countering and Encircling Russia (agr) Global Research
1346 GMT Ten Foreign Policy Fiascos Biden Can Fix on Day One (agr) Global Research
1346 GMT Pfizer CEO Sells Stock Same Day Positive Results of COVID-19 Vaccine Announced (agr) Global Research
1405 GMT Jewish-Led Groups Condemn Pompeo For Declaring Boycott-Divestment Movement Anti-Semitic (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1417 GMT Trump Plans Series Of Actions Against China Before Biden Inauguration (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1419 GMT The Many Layers of Travail (blog) Kunstler
1422 GMT Challenging EPA s Failure To Protect People And The Environment From Atrazine (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1430 GMT The AMA Officially Recognized Racism As A Public-Health Threat (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1440 GMT Transition and Constancy of Washington s Warmongering (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1440 GMT Dozens File Federal Suit Alleging Chicago Police Abuse This Year (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1444 GMT Secwepemc Land Defenders Kanahus Manuel And Isha Jules On Trial (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1452 GMT Press release on Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko s remarks at the Northern Dimension Online Forum (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
1453 GMT Scheer Intelligence: Don t Believe Anything You Were Told About Populism (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1455 GMT Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko s remarks at the Northern Dimension online forum, November 20, 2020 (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
1503 GMT Beyond COVID-19: The Power Struggle Over Alternatives For Health Care Reform (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1526 GMT Kans op bijwerkingen vaccin groot (alt) LNN TV
1530 GMT War Crimes Report Means Get The Fuck Out Of Afghanistan (alt) PopularResistance.Org
1534 GMT Press release on Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov s telephone conversation with UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
1545 GMT Update (med) Dr. John Campbell
1545 GMT US trends, ventilation and low cost vaccine (med) Dr. John Campbell
1548 GMT The Google Archipelago (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
1600 GMT Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov s remarks during a meeting on the Russian peacekeeping mission in Nagorno-Karabakh, via videoconference (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
1600 GMT OffG Is Moving Again (alt) OffGuardian
1614 GMT The Great US Election 2020: Political Grand Theft Exposed. Evidence of Fraud Abounds (agr) Global Research
1615 GMT Declassify America s Dirty Secrets in Syria to Stop a Biden War (agr) Global Research
1618 GMT Possible US Strike on Iran? (agr) Global Research
1642 GMT Fear of Flying Is a COVID-Era Conundrum (agr) naked capitalism
1708 GMT Here Are the 12 Financial-Market Metrics Mnuchin Listed as Reasons for Letting the Fed s Bondholder-Bailout SPVs Expire on Dec 31 (fin) Wolf Street
1730 GMT Video Message by Sergey Lavrov for the Online Conference on Global Recovery after the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jakarta, November 20, 2020 (rus) Minitstry of Foreign Affairs of the Russ
1730 GMT Finding Solace in Nature (blog) Bracing Views
1846 GMT The One Chart That Predicts our Future (alt) oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith
1855 GMT You and I May Never Summit Everest But Microplastics Already Have (agr) naked capitalism
1900 GMT 2:00PM Water Cooler 11/20/2020 (agr) naked capitalism
1906 GMT How ‘Western’ Media Select Their Foreign Correspondents (blog) Moon of Alabama
1909 GMT Don t [Mourn] Celebrate, Organize! (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
1930 GMT An Epitaph for the West (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
2000 GMT Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests Unreliable & Quarantines Unlawful (alt) OffGuardian
2030 GMT Attacking Iran Would Be Colossally Stupid (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
2038 GMT Selected Articles: Nuclear Euromissiles Are Back (agr) Global Research
2040 GMT The Triumph of Mankind Over the Great Reset: Guns, Books, and the Social Contract (nomsm) Strategic Culture Foundation
2123 GMT SOTT FOCUS: Willing Slaves of the Covidian State? (agr) Signs of the Times – SOTT Focus
2155 GMT Insurance Companies Flag Driver Disengagement as Factor in Robot Car Safety (agr) naked capitalism
2203 GMT On Lord Malloch-Brown – David Habakkuk (blog) Sic Semper Tyrannis
2218 GMT Rocking the boat Sudan (blog) The Vineyard of the Saker
2318 GMT The Geopolitics of Herring Farts – TTG (blog) Sic Semper Tyrannis


0000 GMT Fintech and big tech credit markets around the world (alt) Recent Articles
0000 GMT The secret war in Laos (alt) Recent Articles
0000 GMT Resilience and fragility in global banking: Impacts on emerging economies (alt) Recent Articles
0000 GMT Local labour market effects of the Brexit vote (alt) Recent Articles
0000 GMT Joe Biden Leaves Cannabis Reform Out Of Updated Policy Pledges (agr) ZeroHedge News
0001 GMT The pandemic has empowered the petty (alt) spiked
0002 GMT This is an abusive government (alt) spiked
0003 GMT What acting SecDef Miller’s special ops shift means (agr) Signs of the Times
0005 GMT The Nuremberg Trials: fascism as a morality play (alt) spiked
0006 GMT Trucker with 39 migrants that died in cargo tells jury he thought load was ‘stolen goods’ (agr) Signs of the Times
0007 GMT Armenians vandalism in Kalbajar District of Azerbaijan shocks the world (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0009 GMT We Basically Made Recovery Much, Much Harder Than It Has to Be (alt) FAIR
0012 GMT Nagorno-Karabakh war could’ve ended weeks ago – Putin (agr) Signs of the Times
0019 GMT Medvedev to face Nadal in ATP Finals SFs (news) TASS
0019 GMT Russian tennis star Medvedev to face Nadal in ATP Finals SFs (news) TASS
0020 GMT Google Searches For ‘Reloading Ammo’ Explode Amid Nationwide Shortage (agr) ZeroHedge News
0030 GMT Free webinar: Tech wars China strikes back (news) Asia Times
0030 GMT Even with Biden, talks with Palestinians not on Israel s agenda (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
0032 GMT Taiwan F-16s grounded after fighter jet goes missing (news) Asia Times
0034 GMT Rouhani, Zarif face criticism for suggesting talks with US (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
0037 GMT CNN: Trump eyeing meeting with Michigan lawmakers to challenge election results (news) TASS
0039 GMT Maduro claims Trump wanted to start talks with him (news) TASS
0040 GMT Biden campaign slams Giuliani s claims of mass electoral falsifications as absurd (news) TASS
0040 GMT The Rise Of Voodoo Economics (agr) ZeroHedge News
0044 GMT Islamic State claims sabotage attack on Egypt s gas pipeline to Israel (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
0100 GMT WHO Officially Counsels Against Prescribing Gilead’s Remdesivir To Treat COVID-19 (agr) ZeroHedge News
0120 GMT Trump Vs Biden: Will The Future Belong To The Patriots Or The Globalists? (agr) ZeroHedge News
0131 GMT Georgia recount confirms Biden victory (news) TASS
0135 GMT GAO: Most Military Aircraft Fell Short on Readiness in Past Decade (mil) Air Force Magazine
0140 GMT Despite Vaccine Hope, Travel Spending Won’t Recover Until 2024 (agr) ZeroHedge News
0143 GMT CDC Director: “All Schools Should Remain Open” (agr) ZeroHedge News
0148 GMT Kiev submits 11-people list for swap with Donbass (news) TASS
0200 GMT The New Ruling Coalition: Opposition To Afghanistan Withdrawal Shows Its Key Factions: Greenwald (agr) ZeroHedge News
0200 GMT The Optical Advantage in Combat (mil) Armada International
0201 GMT Space Command HQ Search Narrows to Six Locations (mil) Air Force Magazine
0202 GMT Calling Yemen s Houthis terrorist could block aid (news) Asia Times
0218 GMT Greece Wants F-35s So Quickly It s Willing to Accept Used Aircraft (mil) Air Force Magazine
0220 GMT FBI Arrests Ponzi Suspect After Daring Escape On Underwater Scooter (agr) ZeroHedge News
0222 GMT Islamic State Newsletter Interview on Insurgent Activity in Deir az-Zor (nomsm) Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi :: Writings
0222 GMT Hardline Pakistani Islamist Rizvi dies at 54 (news) Asia Times
0229 GMT Pigs Burst Into the Home of German Doctor Critical of Lockdown, Arrest Him in the Middle of a YouTube Livestream (alt) Anti-Empire
0238 GMT Hong Kong graduates display banned protest slogans (news) Asia Times
0240 GMT We Need To Protect The Free Speech Of Dissident Doctors (agr) ZeroHedge News
0245 GMT US sidelined as China, Korea and Japan unite (news) Asia Times
0259 GMT UK defense spending; COVID-prediction app; Good news for Boeing; and more. (mil) Defense One – All Content
0301 GMT Sidney Powell Says Trump Team Will Sue Officials “To Invalidate” Election Results… And An Inside Look Into Smartmatic (agr) ZeroHedge News
0307 GMT Is education truly accessible: RTE Act falling short of expectations? (alt) Countercurrents
0315 GMT State Department Issues Research Report on China s Challenges (chn) Chinascope
0330 GMT Social media platforms need to act against toxic and bullying messages (alt) Countercurrents
0332 GMT China s Response to the Five Eyes Alliance Statement Concerning Hong Kong: Watch Out for Your Eyes (chn) Chinascope
0340 GMT Port Of Baltimore Officers Intercept 157 Stolen Cars In 2020 Bound For Africa (agr) ZeroHedge News
0340 GMT China is razing the Uyghurs diverse Islamic traditions (alt) Countercurrents
0345 GMT As virus surges, Americans fear Thanksgiving crowds (news) Asia Times
0347 GMT Trump s drawdown doesn t mean Afghan war is over (news) Asia Times
0350 GMT A Washington Echo Chamber for a New Cold War (alt) Countercurrents
0400 GMT Ep. 81: What to expect from the Biden administration (mil) Defense One – All Content
0400 GMT Israel Resumes Bombing Targets In Syria (agr) ZeroHedge News
0402 GMT Venezuela Launching Mass Production of Multi-Purpose Drones, Planes, Maduro Says (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
0405 GMT Dim Halos: Suppressing the Cult of Pope John Paul II (alt) Countercurrents
0409 GMT Giuliana s Legal Team Presents Overview of Election Fraud Evidence (alt)
0412 GMT Hong Kong Media: Many People in the Biden Camp Contacted China (chn) Chinascope
0412 GMT Ten Foreign Policy Fiascos Biden Can Fix on Day One (alt) Countercurrents
0417 GMT Almost 2,000 coronavirus patients died in US in past 24 hours (news) TASS
0429 GMT Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed (alt) Original
0435 GMT How did the Second Karabakh War change Armenia and Azerbaijan? (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0435 GMT Weekly News Review 14th 20th November (alt) TruePublica
0440 GMT Escobar: RCEP Hops On The New Silk Roads (agr) ZeroHedge News
0441 GMT Treasury won t extend Fed emergency lending tools (news) Asia Times
0444 GMT Health Ministry Builds a Hospital and Rehabilitates 3 Clinics in Damascus and Latakia (news) Syria News
0500 GMT Housing Authority Installs “Eye of Sauron” Surveillance Cameras In Low-Income Housing (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT Governments Launch Cyber Warfare Against Citizenry To Overcome Vaccine Hesitancy (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT NY Times Says Great Reset is a Conspiracy Theory on Same Day World Economic Forum Celebrates It (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT Maintaining Essential Health Services During COVID-19 in Low Resource, Non-U.S. Settings (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Operational Considerations for Containing COVID-19 in non-US Healthcare Settings (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Pfizer s Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine What You re Not Being Told (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT COVIDView Weekly Summary (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT A Washington Echo Chamber for a New Cold War (alt) Original
0500 GMT Preparing for COVID-19 in Nursing Homes (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT The Things We Know, But Do Not Say, About the Costs of American War (alt) Original
0500 GMT Pfizer Asks FDA To Approve COVID-19 Vaccine For Emergency Use (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT Scientific Brief: Community Use of Cloth Masks to Control the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT 10 Things Healthcare Professionals Need to Know about U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Plans (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Contact Tracing Resources for Health Departments (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Crew Disembarkations through Commercial Travel (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT The Godding of Dullards, the Death of Math and the Fall of America s Premier High School, by Fred Reed (agr) The Unz Review:
0500 GMT Cases & Deaths by County (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Staffing Resources (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT As Israel Destroys EU Projects in Palestine, European Foreign Policy Remains Impotent (alt) Original
0500 GMT Infection Prevention and Control Assessment Tool for Nursing Homes Preparing for COVID-19 (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Beijing Sends Biden a Warning, by Pat Buchanan (agr) The Unz Review:
0500 GMT Anti-lockdownprotesten in HEEL Europa: een overzicht (alt)
0500 GMT Leftists Suggest Re-education Camps, Firing Squads, Banning Talk Radio to Deprogram 75 Million Trump Supporters (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT If You Are Sick or Caring for Someone (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT California and Ohio Order Nightly Curfews on Gatherings and Non-Essential Activities (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT Vaccines (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Snopes: ‘Misleading’ to Correctly Point Out Biden’s Cancer Charity Spent Millions On Salaries, Zero On Research (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT John Kerry Says Great Reset is Needed to Stop Rise of Populism (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT As Facebook Bans Peaceful Voices, Zuckerberg Accused of Secret Surveillance, Censorship Conspiracy (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT Public Service Announcements (PSAs) (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Classified US Embassy Cable Proves Smartmatic s Connection to Venezuela, by Paul Craig Roberts (agr) The Unz Review:
0500 GMT The Forever War In Afghanistan Will Soon Re-escalate (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT How CDC Is Making COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Correctional and Detention Facilities (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Responder Stories (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Frequently Asked Questions (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT People with Moderate to Severe Asthma (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Rising Up – Anti-Lockdown Protests Spread Across Europe (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT COVID-19 Communication Plan for Select Non-healthcare Critical Infrastructure Employers (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Philadelphia Apologizes For MOVE Bombing From 35 Years Ago (news) BlackListed News
0500 GMT 8 Things to Know about Vaccine Planning (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0500 GMT Guidance for SARS-CoV-2 Point-of-Care Testing (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
0510 GMT The Great Replacement: Philadelphia, by Gregory Hood (agr) The Unz Review:
0520 GMT New Study Reveals Network of Jewish Corruption In American Literary Awards System, by Eric Striker (agr) The Unz Review:
0533 GMT Turkish government voices support for Afghan peace process (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
0533 GMT Saudi Arabia s dire rights record looms over G-20 summit (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
0534 GMT Mexico s coronavirus death toll tops 100,000 (news) TASS
0548 GMT Egypt weighs stance on Ethiopian Tigray conflict (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
0600 GMT Exocet Anti-Ship Missile (Infographics) (mil) SouthFront
0600 GMT UN mission assesses damage in Azerbaijan’s Barda, Aghdam, and Aghjabadi districts (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0601 GMT Suppressing The Cult Of Pope John Paul II (nomsm)
0603 GMT Azerbaijani troops enter Agdam district in accordance with trilateral agreement (news) TASS
0630 GMT Aghdam district of Azerbaijan de-occupied (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0649 GMT Appalling and unnecessary: UK spycops’ needless theft of dead children’s identities under scrutiny (agr) Signs of the Times
0652 GMT Briefing on Iran s daily developments (iran) Mehr News Agency
0659 GMT The RCEP: How the Pact Signals US Downfall (alt) New Eastern Outlook
0700 GMT Occupants completely destroy cemetery in Fuzuli district (PHOTO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0700 GMT Rising Up – Anti-Lockdown Protests Spread Across Europe (agr) ZeroHedge News
0700 GMT Rouhani inaugurates 97km of S. Coastal Highway Corridor (iran) Mehr News Agency
0700 GMT Ancient parasites in a titanosaur s bones made it look like a zombie (sci) New Scientist – Home
0706 GMT Victory over COVID-19 pandemic is in sight, says Moscow mayor (news) TASS
0712 GMT COVID-19 death toll exceeds 1.365 million across globe (iran) Mehr News Agency
0715 GMT First, the Good Newes (alt)
0725 GMT Potential Covid-19 vaccine hub in Africa: Russian trade envoy says Morocco mulling Sputnik V registration (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
0726 GMT Russia Battles Exiled Parishioners for French Church Ownership (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0730 GMT Russian and French FMs discuss Karabakh settlement (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0732 GMT Aspects the Usurious Heartbeat of Corporatist Darkness Much as Pleasure Dome Perverse (alt)
0733 GMT Russian citizen sentenced for attempt to hand over classified data to CIA (news) TASS
0733 GMT Biden Denounces Irresponsible Trump Fight to Reverse Election (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0744 GMT This Week s Most Popular Articles (alt) Global Research
0745 GMT The UK’s Uneven Jobs Recovery (agr) ZeroHedge News
0750 GMT Costly competition: India playing into China s hands (news) Asia Times
0751 GMT China says almost 1 million have had vaccine: firm (news) Asia Times
0752 GMT Riffin Jazzy Jukin : Bernard-Henri Levy Scourges Mad King Corona (alt)
0755 GMT Taiwan: the non-renewal of CTi news channel s licence does not go against press freedom (alt) RSF – RSS feed
0800 GMT Zarif to hold talks on Karabakh with Azerbaijan and Russia (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0800 GMT Computer vision can estimate calorie content of food at a glance (sci) New Scientist – Home
0805 GMT Coronavirus in Russia: The Latest News | Nov. 20 (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0809 GMT New coal plants counter China 2060 climate goal (news) Asia Times
0812 GMT Over 24,000 cases of COVID-19 infection detected in Russia (news) TASS
0819 GMT Chummy in the Park (alt)
0826 GMT Russia’s Klyuchevskoy volcano erupts sending ash nearly 10,000 feet into the air (agr) Signs of the Times
0826 GMT We Need a Safety Net for Parents (alt)
0830 GMT Over 1,200 refugees return to Karabakh from Armenia in one day (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0830 GMT German Doctor Raided By Armed Police During Live YouTube Stream (agr) ZeroHedge News
0831 GMT Russia Confirms Record 24K Coronavirus Cases (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0834 GMT Don t Trash the Affordable Care Act, Expand It (alt)
0838 GMT Hong Kong activists kin suspect prison letters (news) Asia Times
0839 GMT Iran, Portugal confer on visa issues under pandemic (iran) Mehr News Agency
0840 GMT Biden Owes His Victory to Black Voters, Will Return the Favor (alt)
0841 GMT The Future is in Our Hands (alt)
0842 GMT Time for a Losers Presidential Intervention (alt)
0842 GMT There s No Returning to Normal After Trump (alt)
0844 GMT Ethiopia: Death and Despair as Divisions Erupt Into Violent Conflict (alt)
0844 GMT Fighting Covid by Empowering Workers (alt)
0845 GMT Pompeo’s visit to Golan Heights violation of our sovereignty (iran) Mehr News Agency
0845 GMT Why Did So Many White People Vote for Burn It Down Trumpism? (alt)
0846 GMT Beyond Simplistic Peace (alt)
0848 GMT U.S. Army Unclassified Limited Information On Optionally Manned Tank (OMT) (mil) SouthFront
0848 GMT Tigray Forces Fire Rockets at Ethiopian Regional Capital (mil) The Defense Post
0849 GMT Crime Bill Biden Will Let Trump Walk (alt)
0849 GMT Vets and VA Workers Are MIA From Biden Transition (alt)
0849 GMT American Exceptionalism? (alt)
0850 GMT Who Lost China This Time? (alt)
0850 GMT Solar companies ask Biden to reverse Trump s biggest blow to the industry (climate) Climate & Energy | Grist
0851 GMT Moscow documents record-high 6,902 COVID-19 cases in past 24 hours (news) TASS
0851 GMT Incrementalism: Change You Can t Believe In (alt)
0851 GMT COVID Offices and the Religion of Remote Work (alt)
0851 GMT As Israel Destroys EU Projects in Palestine, European Foreign Policy Remains Impotent (alt)
0853 GMT Why The Democrats Keep Losing (alt)
0853 GMT Why Artsakh Still Matters to American Anarchism (alt)
0853 GMT The Chemist and the Conman vs. the DEA (alt)
0853 GMT Bright meteor fireball blazes over Germany, Czech Republic and Austria (agr) Signs of the Times – Fire in the Sky
0854 GMT Lavrov meeting Pederson: the political solution to the crisis in Syria is proceeding steadily (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
0854 GMT What s Up With Trump? (alt)
0854 GMT Rules of Engagement (alt)
0854 GMT One Nation, Indivisible, Under God . . . But Whose God? (alt)
0855 GMT Expert IPCC Reviewer Speaks Out (alt)
0855 GMT Trump s Massive, Lawless, and Immoral Legacy to Our Country Will Continue Unless (alt)
0855 GMT Sidney Powell Says Trump Team Will Sue Officials “To Invalidate” Election Results… And An Inside Look Into Smartmatic (agr) ZeroHedge News
0855 GMT Despite Media Blackout The Elections Proved Americans Are Done With The Drug War (alt)
0855 GMT Ten Foreign Policy Fiascos Biden Can Fix on Day One (alt)
0855 GMT The first step to bridging the urban canopy gap ? Counting and mapping trees. (climate) Climate & Energy | Grist
0856 GMT China not dropping ban on Boeing 737 MAX flights (news) Asia Times
0856 GMT Trump and Giuliani Go Full IS in Attack on Biden and Democrats (alt)
0857 GMT The Real v. the Liberal Fantasy Obama Presidency: Two Excerpts from Hollow Resistance: Obama, Trump, and the Politics of Appeasement (alt)
0857 GMT The Decline (alt)
0858 GMT I Am Greta isn t About Climate Change. It s About the Elusiveness of Sanity in an Insane World (alt)
0858 GMT Temperatures below average, rainfalls expected (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
0858 GMT Pandemic and Presidential Recriminations (alt)
0859 GMT Stock Market Goes BERSERK! Countless Indicators Flash Major Warning Signals (alt) The Duran
0859 GMT No property, no privacy: World Economic Forum essay imagines a 2030 communist shift (alt) The Duran
0859 GMT Democrats and the Canard of Too Far Left (alt)
0859 GMT Democrats and the Canard of Too Far left (alt)
0859 GMT Roaming Charges: The Gang That Couldn t Sue Straight (alt)
0859 GMT BOMBS AWAY! (alt) The Duran
0900 GMT Turkey congratulates Azerbaijan on liberation of Aghdam (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0900 GMT Trump sending message to EU, opponents via threating Iran (iran) Mehr News Agency
0903 GMT The Lost Art of the Steal (alt)
0903 GMT South Australia to end its lockdown early (news) Asia Times
0905 GMT The Nation s New Crime Boss (alt)
0909 GMT Number of COVID-19 infections in Crimea surpasses 13,000 (news) TASS
0912 GMT Saffron or red gold promising cultivation in Syria (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
0915 GMT Azerbaijan s Forces Entered Aghdam, Aliyev Says Normality With Armenia Possible With Healthy Forces In Power (mil) SouthFront
0915 GMT Finland’s Prime Minister Warns COVID-19 Will Trigger A Populist Backlash (agr) ZeroHedge News
0920 GMT US Recent Missile Tests Contradict Pledges of Russia Not Being Target: Moscow (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
0925 GMT Vietnam shining bright as Covid crisis winner (news) Asia Times
0930 GMT Ilham Aliyev: liberation of Aghdam is historic event (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
0930 GMT Belarus authorities issued 1,325 decisions to arrest protesters since early November (news) TASS
0931 GMT Russia s top brass creates secure cyberspace for information exchange (news) TASS
0934 GMT Russia Preparing Golden Visa Scheme Reports (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0939 GMT Russian Jailed for Sharing Military Secrets With CIA TASS (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
0952 GMT Over half a million tons of lead, zinc extracted in 7 months (iran)
0953 GMT Iranian, Afghan provinces urge expansion of mutual ties (iran) Mehr News Agency
0955 GMT Imam Khamenei Adviser Warns US Attack on Iran to Trigger Full-Fledged War (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1000 GMT Press review: Pompeo s surprise Tbilisi tour and Russia s revenge against Silicon Valley (news) TASS
1000 GMT 29 years since Mi-8 helicopter shot down in Garakend sky (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1000 GMT The Cancel Culture Moves Against Trump Lawyers (alt) Gatestone Institute :: Articles
1000 GMT Britain Announces Massive Military Spending Boost, Biggest Since 1991 (agr) ZeroHedge News
1000 GMT Experts: Sun’s weak activity allows to preserve nitrogen atmosphere of Saturn’s moon (news) TASS
1000 GMT Attempts to undermine conclusions of Nuremberg trials threaten global security, Putin says (news) TASS
1014 GMT Indonesia set to scrub its world-beating pollution (news) Asia Times
1014 GMT Lebanese Health Minister: We Are Heading towards Safety (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1016 GMT Suga on the horns of a Covid-19 dilemma (news) Asia Times
1018 GMT One person injured in an explosion device blast in Harasta (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1018 GMT Putin to discuss ways of overcoming pandemic aftermath with G20 leaders Saturday (news) TASS
1018 GMT Free webinar: Tech wars China strikes back (news) Asia Times
1019 GMT Putin s chef Prigozhin files $200k defamation suit against liberal Russian journalists who claimed he has criminal history (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1020 GMT G20 urged to fill $4.5bn gap in global vaccine fund (news) Asia Times
1022 GMT Hassan Zamni appointed new managing director of IIEC (iran)
1022 GMT Transport projects worth over $748m inaugurated across Iran (iran)
1022 GMT Dozens of Israeli settlers storm Halhul town, north of Hebron (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1024 GMT G20 will continue reforming WHO Russian sherpa (news) TASS
1025 GMT The COVID Feedback Loop (agr) ZeroHedge News
1025 GMT Sweets, chocolates, cereal products export rises 5% (iran)
1030 GMT Tartous today (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1030 GMT Pashinyan dismisses Armenian defense minister (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1030 GMT Armenian defense min. Tonoyan resigns (iran) Mehr News Agency
1035 GMT Small businesses can t survive an extended lockdown (alt) spiked
1036 GMT Russian Navy boosts advanced warships share in 2020 by a third (news) TASS
1044 GMT Comprehensive program begins for renovating Iran’s power grid (iran)
1044 GMT Iran-Italy Business Forum held online (iran)
1046 GMT Macron’s outreach to Russia part of his De Gaulle-like plan to free France & EU partners from status as vassals of Washington (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1047 GMT In a Poor Russian City, Coronavirus Hits Hard (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1047 GMT Steel ingots export drops 16% (iran)
1050 GMT Coronavaccin van Pfizer 95 procent effectief? U wordt bedonderd (alt)
1052 GMT Armenian defense minister resigns (news) TASS
1052 GMT Armenian president dismisses defense minister (news) TASS
1059 GMT Korea provides fertile soil for sprouting unicorns (news) Asia Times
1059 GMT WHO Recommends Against The Use of Remdesivir in COVID-19 Patients (medic) Avian Flu Diary
1059 GMT Petchem output, export rise despite sanctions (iran)
1100 GMT Nothing to hide: Top Russian lawmaker offers UN officials trip to Crimea amid US-backed human rights row (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1100 GMT Iranian referees nominated to officiate at 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup (iran)
1100 GMT The Final Pandemic Surge Is Crashing Over America (mil) Defense One – All Content
1100 GMT President: Azerbaijan has no problems with Armenian people (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1101 GMT Lebanese Army Commander Orders Soldiers on Independence Day: Be Ready to Face Israeli & Terrorist Threats (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1102 GMT Plate tectonics may have begun a billion years earlier than thought (sci) New Scientist – Home
1102 GMT Karabakh conflict about to become a bygone, Azerbaijan s president says (news) TASS
1104 GMT TSE registers weekly growth of main index (iran)
1107 GMT Trump Broadens His Efforts to Overturn Election Outcome (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1110 GMT COVID-19 infects 13,260 new cases in 24h (iran) Mehr News Agency
1120 GMT Blind eyes and payoffs fuel Asia s drug boom (news) Asia Times
1128 GMT What Biden likely will and won t do for India (news) Asia Times
1129 GMT Free webinar: Tech wars China strikes back (news) Asia Times
1130 GMT Azerbaijan to build new road to Shusha (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1132 GMT Vaccine roll out nears as US closes for holidays (news) Asia Times
1133 GMT Back to the JCPOA? (msm) Le Monde diplomatique – English edition
1133 GMT COVID-19 Death Toll Exceeds 1.365 Million across Globe (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1134 GMT Russian military medics provide aid to over 10,000 COVID-19 patients abroad (news) TASS
1135 GMT Russia notes wide support for anti-Nazi resolution in UN, says diplomat (news) TASS
1135 GMT Russia notes wide support for anti-Nazi resolution in UN , says Zakharova (news) TASS
1136 GMT Lebanon s Bassil Still Mulling Legal Ways to Challenge US Sanctions: Statement (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1138 GMT Russia to offer golden visas to foreigners looking to take advantage of low tax rates who invest at least $130k in the country (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1138 GMT Russia to offer golden visas to foreigners looking to take advantage of low tax rates, if they invest at least $130k in country (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1141 GMT I m the beggar (alt) Countercurrents
1145 GMT Interesting Photos Of Spanish EF-18 Hornet With Inert Upgraded Taurus 350 Stand-off Air-Launched Cruise Missile (ac) The Aviationist
1150 GMT Iran: COVID-19 Infects 13,260 New Cases in 24 Hours (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1151 GMT Azerbaijan s President Holds Victory Speech, Calls Pashinyan Armenia s Dictator Mocks EU, The West (mil) SouthFront
1152 GMT Iran rejects NY Times’ report on passing on to Biden advisers (iran) Mehr News Agency
1154 GMT Women huddle over strategy to prevent sexual violence (alt) Countercurrents
1155 GMT Russian MoD Recieves 18K Ratnik Combat Systems (rus) New defence order. Strategy
1156 GMT China’s Future Fighter Trainer Could Feature AI to Boost Pilot’s Combat Capability, Designer Says (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
1200 GMT Tyson Foods Tapped Latino Civil Rights Group for Pandemic PR (alt?) The Intercept
1200 GMT Two Allies and one partner join the Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS) Initiative (news) NATO Latest News
1200 GMT Two Allies and One Partner join the Maritime Unmanned Systems (MUS) Initiative (news) NATO Latest News
1200 GMT Ilham Aliyev debunks Armenian fake about 90,000 refuges from Karabakh (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1203 GMT 1 Million Chinese Have Received COVID-19 Vaccines Under ‘Emergency Use’ Designation (agr) ZeroHedge News
1207 GMT School students to stay home as fourth wave hits HK (news) Asia Times
1209 GMT US Political Crisis Just Entered More Dangerous Phase (alt) Global Research
1210 GMT New Code on Industrial Relations, 2020 : United Struggles- the only Way for Working-Class to Exercise and Protect its Right (alt) Countercurrents
1211 GMT Iran to send four wrestlers to Individual World Cup (iran)
1213 GMT Azerbaijani president ready to establish normal relations with Armenia s sensible forces (news) TASS
1217 GMT Changes in Value Systems A Must For Resolving Big Problems (alt) Countercurrents
1217 GMT Former Ukrainian politician arrested in Moscow while allegedly trying to sell smuggled Iron Age gold for $2.3mn (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1218 GMT Covid s pizzagate (alt) spiked
1219 GMT Poll conducted shortly after Moscow brokered Nagorno-Karabakh truce, reveals around 85% of Armenians see Russia in positive light (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1222 GMT Suppressing the Cult of Pope John Paul II. The Cardinal McCarrick Affair (alt) Global Research
1224 GMT UK-, US- & Zionist-subverted Australia s ABC Lies For Nuclear Terrorist Apartheid Israel (alt) Countercurrents
1225 GMT The Law Commission s totalitarian vision (alt) spiked
1228 GMT Lebanese Army: French Chief of Staff Inspected Beirut Port (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1229 GMT Ice Storms in Russia’s Far East Prompt State of Emergency (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1230 GMT Sahiba Gafarova: not all countries accept trilateral agreement on Karabakh (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1230 GMT Twitter needs to stop fact-checking Trump (alt) spiked
1232 GMT Video: Trump Campaign Legal Team Holds Press Conference on Electoral Fraud (alt) Global Research
1232 GMT Creating a nest egg: a third of Russians put money away during pandemic, poll reveals (news) TASS
1235 GMT Preprint: Recurrent Mutations in SARS-CoV-2 Genomes Isolated from Mink Point to Rapid Host-Adaptation (medic) Avian Flu Diary
1239 GMT Leading COVID Vaccine Candidates Plagued by Safety Concerns (alt) Global Research
1244 GMT Egypt cracks down on blasphemy in wave of arrests (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1244 GMT Armenian opposition blocks Yerevan s streets demanding PM Pashinyan s resignation (news) TASS
1245 GMT Race Gap in U.S. Life Expectancy Widens as Covid-19 Toll Grows (alt?) The Intercept
1247 GMT Russia’s entire population to encounter coronavirus, doctor says (news) TASS
1252 GMT Communist terrorists arrested in Russia: detainees insist Soviet Union never collapsed, say they re its rightful leaders (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1253 GMT Man killed by pack of wild dogs in Jackson County, Florida (agr) Signs of the Times
1254 GMT Turkey s Future Military Strategy: Notes & Observations (rus) New defence order. Strategy
1256 GMT Documents prove new ISIL leader’s coop. with US (iran) Mehr News Agency
1258 GMT WHO Advises against Use of Remdesivir for Treating COVID-19 (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1300 GMT Dean Spade on How Mutual Aid Will Help Us Survive Disaster – We have to fundamentally reimagine community if we want to avoid intensive, uneven suffering followed by species extinction. (alt) In These Times
1300 GMT Two liberated villages of Khojaly and Khojavend districts of Azerbaijan renamed (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1300 GMT Persconferentie Trump-advocaten de meest schokkende die ik ooit heb gezien (alt)
1301 GMT Turkey s Self-Sufficient Military-Industrial Ambitions Progress Slowly Forward (mil) SouthFront
1302 GMT Some European countries have weakened immunity to Nazism, says top Russian diplomat (news) TASS
1302 GMT Some European countries have lowered immunity to brown plague, Russian top diplomat says (news) TASS
1303 GMT Pfizer Asks FDA To Approve COVID-19 Vaccine For Emergency Use (agr) ZeroHedge News
1304 GMT Futures Recover All Losses From “Fed-Treasury Split” Scare (agr) ZeroHedge News
1305 GMT Oceana Finds Plastic Entangling, Choking 1,800 Marine Animals in U.S. Waters (alt) Global Research
1309 GMT Biden Will Reset US China Policies (nomsm)
1309 GMT Turkish Forces Established New Military Post South Of M4 Highway In Syria s Greater Idlib (Videos) (mil) SouthFront
1313 GMT Azerbaijan Troops Enter First District Handed Over by Armenia (mil) The Defense Post
1322 GMT Russian military contractor pleads guilty to high treason after copying top secret documents to send to CIA (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1325 GMT Ethereum Soars Above $500 For First Time Since 2018 (agr) ZeroHedge News
1325 GMT UN says over 1 million people affected by floods in South Sudan (agr) Signs of the Times
1325 GMT Moscow deplores US sanctions on 2 Russian firms allegedly helping North Korea (news) TASS
1328 GMT I opened my eyes and only saw dust : Nagorno-Karabakh s largest city slowly recovers from shelling (VIDEO) (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1330 GMT Call for prayer sounded in mosque of liberated Aghdam (VIDEO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1330 GMT Tigray s Forces Reportedly Bombed Nearby Region s City, Vow To Keep Fighting Even If Capital Falls (mil) SouthFront
1331 GMT Lebanese Presidency Denies Israeli Energy Minister s Claims: Lebanon Adopts Consistent Stance on Border Demarcation (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1332 GMT Covid miscount has immunity silver lining: expert (news) Asia Times
1333 GMT France challenges Russian peacekeeping in Caucasus (blog) Indian Punchline
1334 GMT Macron Accuses Russia, Turkey of Promoting Anti-French Sentiment in Africa (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1340 GMT NFL Primetime Ratings Continue Their Collapse, Ten Weeks Into The Season (agr) ZeroHedge News
1344 GMT Did Mnuchin Shoot Powell In The Back? (agr) ZeroHedge News
1348 GMT Storm Iota death toll rises to 40 in Central America as Honduran leader pleads for help (agr) Signs of the Times
1352 GMT Expansion of trade ties with Pakistan a priority (iran)
1355 GMT Israel launches airstrikes against Quds Force and Syrian military positions (mil) FDD’s Long War Journal
1355 GMT The floods in Tabasco, Mexico affect 50% of the state’s banana plantations (agr) Signs of the Times
1357 GMT Hostages taken in payday lender s office in Georgian capital, at least 1 attacker armed with grenade eyewitnesses (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1357 GMT Hostages taken in payday lender s office in Georgian capital, at least one attacker armed with grenade eyewitnesses (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1359 GMT Unit Of Syrian National Defense Forces Disappeared In Eastern Aleppo (mil) SouthFront
1400 GMT Aghdam residents hold festive march (PHOTO) (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1401 GMT ‘Europe calling for extension of JCPOA Sunset Clauses’ (iran) Mehr News Agency
1403 GMT Piacenza complete signing of Mohammad Mousavi (iran)
1403 GMT Piacenza complete signing of mousavi (iran)
1405 GMT US Tops Off Worst Week Yet With Record 180k New COVID-19 Cases: Live Updates (agr) ZeroHedge News
1408 GMT Tehran rejects anti-Iran human rights resolution (iran)
1410 GMT Producing hard, soft power needed to lift sanctions: advisor (iran)
1410 GMT Reports of Covid patients leaping from Ukrainian hospital windows in tragic suicide bids as health system on brink of collapse (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1413 GMT Moscow, St. Petersburg Residents Least Likely to Catch Coronavirus Study (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1414 GMT Joe Biden Should Cancel Student Debt on Day One (alt) Latest Truthout
1416 GMT Armed man breaks into payday loan company s office in Georgian capital, reports say (news) TASS
1423 GMT Lukashenko warns about US intelligence centers outside Warsaw, Kiev (news) TASS
1424 GMT This week in photos: Canister-clad activists, Thai royals ride subway, and frozen figures (news) TASS
1424 GMT Nearly 35 mln cases of infectious diseases registered in Russia every year, expert says (news) TASS
1427 GMT Iranian-made warship joins IRGC naval fleet (iran)
1427 GMT Secretary of Outgoing Trump Provokes Palestinians & Syrians, Confirms Full Support to Israeli Enemy (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1431 GMT Will Trump s Attempt to Subvert the Election Results Succeed? (alt) Latest Truthout
1431 GMT Ex-defense chief warns of full-fledged war if Trump attacks Iran (iran)
1433 GMT Iran says disregards demagogic noises by U.S., Israeli regimes (iran)
1433 GMT Tehran denies contact between Araghchi, Biden team (iran)
1434 GMT Zarif to visit Moscow, Baku (iran)
1436 GMT Tesla Wrecks In Oregon, Launching Scorching Hot Battery Projectiles Into Two Nearby Homes, Starting Fires (agr) ZeroHedge News
1436 GMT Yazd s historical texture being restored to original grandeur (iran)
1437 GMT Ancient clay figurines, dagger recovered from smugglers (iran)
1439 GMT Overnight stay, camping banned in Lut desert (iran)
1440 GMT Transcaucasia s Russian Roulette : Who Blames Who And Where Is It Coming From? (mil) SouthFront
1440 GMT Russia breaks ground on massive internet network across thawing Arctic, bringing high-speed connection from under the ice caps (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1444 GMT Night of the beating : details emerge of Riyadh Ritz-Carlton purge (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1444 GMT Night of the Beating : Details Emerge of Riyadh Ritz-Carlton Purge (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1444 GMT Did Mnuchin Shoot Powell In The Back? (agr) ZeroHedge News
1450 GMT “There’s Plenty Of Firepower Left” – Mnuchin Defends Decision To End Fed’s Emergency Lending Programs (agr) ZeroHedge News
1451 GMT Swiss Prosecutors to Close Magnitsky Probe Reports (msm) The Moscow Times – Independent News From
1452 GMT Dim Halos: Suppressing the Cult of Pope John Paul II (mil) SouthFront
1455 GMT Russian-Egyptian Joint Drills To Take Place In Black Sea For The First Time In History (Video) (mil) SouthFront
1455 GMT Russian-Egyptian Joint Drills To Take Place In Black Sea For The First Time In History (mil) SouthFront
1500 GMT Global tax system programmed to fail, says new report on revenue losses (alt) ICIJ
1500 GMT Ala: Clearing Syrian lands from mines requires int l support away from politicization (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1503 GMT IRIB to launch radio network to remember Commander Qassem Soleimani s martyrdom anniversary (iran)
1504 GMT Mahak celebrates World Children s Day with online painting exhibition (iran)
1504 GMT Dozens of Racial Justice Protesters Held by Feds for Months Pretrial (alt) Latest Truthout
1506 GMT Putin calls for coordination within APEC against cybercrime (news) TASS
1507 GMT Armed man takes nine people hostage in Tbilisi (news) TASS
1507 GMT Iran ceramic art biennial hosts Cypriot envoy Petros Nacouzis (iran)
1509 GMT Hedge Funds Go “All-In” As Bears Go Extinct: Shorts Drop To Record Lows (agr) ZeroHedge News
1511 GMT Iranian translator Kayhan Bahmani working on Colin McGinn s Shakespeare s Philosophy (iran)
1513 GMT With My Roots in London displays sculptures by Jamshid Moradian (iran)
1514 GMT As Stimulus Runs Out, 56% of US Household Are Worried About Affording Food (alt) Latest Truthout
1516 GMT Over 500 film companies to receive government support in pandemic (news) TASS
1518 GMT What s in Tehran art galleries (iran)
1519 GMT Millions of U.S Workers for Walmart, McDonald s and Other Corporate Giants Rely on Food Stamps and Medicaid – A new report commissioned by Bernie Sanders shows that corporations are soaking up profits while paying workers so little they depend on government assistance to survive. (alt) In These Times
1520 GMT 4 QSD militiamen killed in attacks by unknown armed men in Raqqa, Deir Ezzor (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1521 GMT Shocking New Figures Show How Just Much the US is Fueling the Violence in Yemen (alt) MintPress News
1525 GMT Senate GOP Shatters 123-Year Tradition to Approve Even More Trump Judges (alt) Latest Truthout
1526 GMT Nuclear Euromissiles are Back, by Manlio Dinucci (alt) Voltaire Network
1530 GMT John Kerry Says ‘Great Reset’ Is Needed To Stop Rise Of Populism (agr) ZeroHedge News
1530 GMT ‘Instead of political projection, fulfill your commitments’ (iran) Mehr News Agency
1532 GMT Air Force to end A-29 Super Tucano Afghan training program (mil) War Is Boring
1534 GMT Russia looking at possible supplies of anti-COVID vaccines to other countries, says Putin (news) TASS
1537 GMT Huck Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, other classic books BANNED in California schools for “racism” (agr) Signs of the Times
1542 GMT Lebanon Records 1709 Coronavirus Cases with 16 Related Deaths during Past 24 Hours (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1545 GMT IPL: Foolad fight back to beat Esteghlal (iran)
1545 GMT Iranian teacher spends $290,000 inheritance on educating deprived students (iran)
1545 GMT Drug, livestock smuggling depots discovered (iran)
1545 GMT Reimagining a better future for every child (iran)
1550 GMT Up To 20% Of COVID-19 Infections Asymptomatic, Far Less Likely To Transmit Virus: Study (agr) ZeroHedge News
1550 GMT Today’s D Brief: COVID hits DoD policy chief, USCG cutter; Trump attacks election; EU unreadiness; SPACECOM HQ; And a bit more. (mil) Defense One – All Content
1550 GMT Siberian-made EpiVacCorona Covid-19 vaccine creates antibodies in 100% of participants in initial small-scale trial (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1557 GMT Hungary & Poland veto EU budget aimed at punishing states that defy globalist dogma (alt) The Duran
1600 GMT Brein achter Great Reset wil onderhuidse chips voor iedereen (alt)
1600 GMT Microplastic pollution discovered near the top of Mount Everest (sci) New Scientist – Home
1610 GMT Cushing Crude Stocks Soar At Record Pace, Storage Hub Nears Capacity (agr) ZeroHedge News
1616 GMT Ka-52 Alligator Deliveries Meet the 2020 Defence Procurement Plan (rus) New defence order. Strategy
1619 GMT Town of Beheadings In Northeastern Mozambique Returned Under Government Forces Control (mil) SouthFront
1620 GMT Georgia Senator Privately Pushed for Lucrative Tax Break for Sports Teamowners (alt) Latest Truthout
1620 GMT Two similar claims, a whole world of different reactions (iran)
1629 GMT AOC and Cori Bush Join Protest Outside DNC to Push Biden on Climate Action (alt) Latest Truthout
1629 GMT Iraq: Sheikh Khazaali Announces End of Ceasefire with Americans, Reiterates Right to Repel Foreign Forces (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1630 GMT Panic And Desperation Sweep Across America As Fears Of A “Dark Winter” Continue To Rise (agr) ZeroHedge News
1631 GMT Ilham Aliyev’s Victory Speech (alt) Voltaire Network
1632 GMT In Rebuke to Trump, Georgia Recount Affirms Biden Win (alt) Latest Truthout
1632 GMT Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Live Not By Lies (agr) Signs of the Times
1636 GMT Africa s COVID-19 cases surpass 2 million mark, reports WHO (news) TASS
1638 GMT Tucker Carlson criticizes Sidney Powell, challenges her to come on his show (alt) The Duran
1642 GMT Russia to send delegation to address humanitarian problems in Karabakh, says Putin (news) TASS
1643 GMT Zarif’ trip to Armenia probable (iran) Mehr News Agency
1647 GMT Israel nears deal for AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine (msm) ynet – News
1653 GMT Why The Treasury-Fed Dispute Is Actually Good For Stocks (agr) ZeroHedge News
1654 GMT Dapo Olorunyomi, ICIJ board member, lauded for defending press freedom (alt) ICIJ
1659 GMT House Republicans call for Congressional probe into integrity of 2020 election (agr) Signs of the Times
1659 GMT On China s Interference in Korean Affairs (alt) New Eastern Outlook
1700 GMT EU Budget Battle: Brussels Prepares for a Protracted Fight with Poland and Hungary (msm) DER SPIEGEL – International
1701 GMT Svetlana Alexievich on the protests against Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus (msm) DER SPIEGEL – International
1704 GMT In last days of Trump administration, Pompeo showers gifts on Israel (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1705 GMT Turkey s landmark rate hike augurs economic contraction (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1706 GMT US-Canada Border Closure Extended, Wyoming Imposes Restrictions On Public Gatherings: Live Updates (agr) ZeroHedge News
1711 GMT Top pollster finds 47% say its ‘likely’ Democrats stole election (agr) Signs of the Times
1712 GMT Webinar video: Tech wars China strikes back (news) Asia Times
1716 GMT Cases in the U.S. (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
1718 GMT Azerbaijani Troops Enter First Of Districts That Are Set To Be Returned Under Karabakh Deal (mil) SouthFront
1722 GMT UK’s Test and Trace boss Baroness Dido Harding having to self-isolate after alert from her own app (agr) Signs of the Times
1727 GMT Putin warns against hampering implementation of agreements on Nagorno-Karabakh settlement (news) TASS
1727 GMT Nothing to hide: Top Russian lawmaker offers UN officials trip to Crimea amid US-backed human rights anti-Russia rhetoric (agr) Signs of the Times
1728 GMT Kermanshah launches historical objects data bank (iran)
1729 GMT Russian Peacekeeping Forces Completed Deployment In Nagorno-Karabakh. Putin Sums Up The Results (mil) SouthFront
1729 GMT Impossible to resolve Transnistria issue without Russia, Moldova s president-elect says (news) TASS
1729 GMT Tehran historical schools to receive better maintenance and care (iran)
1729 GMT Nagorno-Karabakh Settlement Is Of Particular Importance For Russia: Putin (mil) SouthFront
1730 GMT Iran friend, brother country: Ilham Aliyev (iran) Mehr News Agency
1730 GMT New Senate Docs ‘Confirm’ Troubling Biden Family Links To China, Russia (agr) ZeroHedge News
1730 GMT Republicans Never Wanted a Fair Fight – Lessons from the tumultuous election in 2000 are still relevant 20 years later. (alt) In These Times
1730 GMT Hezbollah Delegation Offers Condolences to Syrian Ambassador on Demise of FM Walid Al-Moalem (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1731 GMT Iranian MP rails against Turkey s role in Nagorno-Karabakh (iran)
1731 GMT Reports claim Chief of Al-Qaeda has died (mil) War Is Boring
1731 GMT UNESCO ready to send mission to Nagorno-Karabakh to protect cultural heritage (news) TASS
1732 GMT Russia to offer e-visas to Iranian tourists as of early 2021 (iran)
1732 GMT Western Sahara conflict tests Turkey-Algeria ties (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1733 GMT Khan-e Tabatabaei: another superb mansion of amazing harmony, architecture (iran)
1733 GMT Russian border guards to move reinforcements to Armenia-Azerbaijan border, says FSB chief (news) TASS
1736 GMT Here Comes The Double Dip: JPMorgan Forecasts Negative GDP Next Quarter (agr) ZeroHedge News
1737 GMT Covid-19 news: NHS drafts plan to vaccinate adults in England by April (sci) New Scientist – Home
1740 GMT Canada s propaganda on Ukraine plane crash hampering probe: Iranian ambassador (iran)
1742 GMT Trump will continue political civil war to maintain his relevance: analyst (iran)
1743 GMT Australia-Japan military pact (alt) Voltaire Network
1746 GMT BEST OF THE WEB: The ‘Great Reset’ is trending: Here’s why (agr) Signs of the Times
1747 GMT Putin calls for assistance to international organizations in Karabakh (news) TASS
1751 GMT Playing with fire: Engineered immune cells elicit broad response to HIV in mice using CRISPR (agr) Signs of the Times – Science & Technolog
1754 GMT Kremlin unconcerned after liberal opposition politician rips photo of Putin off council building wall & tears it to pieces (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1756 GMT The US Has Been Moving Toward Fascism Since Goldwater (alt)
1757 GMT Middle East Oil Producers Are Drowning In Debt (agr) ZeroHedge News
1757 GMT Egypt seeks alliance with Sudan, Israel to counter Turkish influence in Somalia (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
1757 GMT Barrett COVID-19 Negative After Direct Contact with Infected Lithuanian Leader (mil) Air Force Magazine
1759 GMT Freak weather triggers state of emergency in Russia’s Far East, with freezing ice rain & plummeting temperatures (rus) RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
1800 GMT Virale video: Greta Thunberg kan simpele vraag niet beantwoorden zonder script (alt)
1800 GMT Entering or leaving Scotland BANNED in new lockdown, MPs have ‘grave doubts’ parliament has the legal authority (agr) Signs of the Times
1805 GMT Cases & Deaths by County (medic) 2019 Novel Coronavirus
1808 GMT Georgia Recount As Fraudulent As Original Vote Count (alt)
1814 GMT Tiger Forces Commander Assassinated In Syria s Damascus Suburb (Photos) (mil) SouthFront
1817 GMT Dr. Fauci Says Vaccine Skeptics Pose A Serious Threat To Public Health (agr) ZeroHedge News
1820 GMT One Man Killed by a Bomb Planted in his Car in Damascus Countryside (news) Syria News
1822 GMT Afghan Government, Taliban Agree Peace Talk Rules: Officials (mil) The Defense Post
1822 GMT Once the Election Is Stolen, Biden Will Use Illegal Immigrants to Build a Permanent Democrat Majority (alt)
1823 GMT Iran s Envoy: Israeli Accession to NPT Only Way to Deter Misleading IAEA (lib) News Al-Manar TV Lebanon
1823 GMT UK’s terrorism chief calls for ‘national debate’ on criminalizing doubts about Covid-19 vaccine, ‘vaccine certificate’ being considered (agr) Signs of the Times
1825 GMT Biden Will Likely Be Worse Than Obama. The Left Must Lead the Backlash or Become Irrelevant (alt) Anti-Empire
1827 GMT Studies of Sputnik V vaccine show its high efficacy, says health ministry (news) TASS
1829 GMT Communist ‘terrorists’ arrested in Russia, detainees insist Soviet Union never collapsed (agr) Signs of the Times
1830 GMT Harvard Students Demand Trump Officials Barred From Campus As Public “System Of Accountability” (agr) ZeroHedge News
1830 GMT Putin praises Russian peacekeepers role in ending bloodshed in Nagorno-Karabakh (news) TASS
1830 GMT Al-Zakzaki s trial postponed till Jan. 25 (iran) Mehr News Agency
1831 GMT ‘Symbol of racism’: Wisconsin university to remove BOULDER from campus over 1925 local newspaper slur (agr) Signs of the Times
1836 GMT Do Trump’s2020 election fraud claims have merit? It would appear so (agr) Signs of the Times
1839 GMT Paris, Zurich join Hong Kong as world s most expensive cities (news) Asia Times
1839 GMT CDC urges Americans against traveling for Thanksgiving claiming rise in coronavirus cases (agr) Signs of the Times
1844 GMT Azerbaijan starts rebuilding in newly won territories (news) Vestnik Kavkaza
1846 GMT Ravi Gupta on Vaccine Infrastructure, Murtaza Hussain on Trump s War on Yemen (alt) FAIR
1847 GMT Biden COVID Adviser Warns Stalling Transition Will Result in More Deaths (alt) Latest Truthout
1852 GMT New US occupation convoy leaves its illegal bases in Syrian territory to Iraq (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
1854 GMT Here Are The 50 Most Popular And 50 Most Shorted By Hedge Funds Stocks (agr) ZeroHedge News
1854 GMT Here Are The 50 Most Popular And 50 Most Shorted Hedge Funds Stocks (agr) ZeroHedge News
1901 GMT President s aide calls for recognizing Nazi policy on occupied USSR territory as genocide (news) TASS
1904 GMT Why SouthFront Is Really Independent (mil) SouthFront
1905 GMT What are the odds of dying if you’re infected by the coronavirus? (sci) New Scientist – Home
1905 GMT Counter-Terrorists Win: Watch Russian, Pakistani Troops Liquidate Terrorist Base in Exercises (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
1909 GMT Dominion Voting ‘Lawyers Up’ Before Abruptly Backing Out Of Pennsylvania Fact-Finding Hearing (agr) ZeroHedge News
1916 GMT Wannabe dictator Newsom imposes month-long curfew for most of California but personally flouts Covid-19 rules (agr) Signs of the Times
1919 GMT When Trump Says They Hate You, He Is Correct (alt)
1928 GMT YouTube censors lockdown-sceptical interview with renowned immunologist Dr Mike Yeadon for ‘violating terms of service’ (agr) Signs of the Times
1930 GMT Dominion Hides From Pennsylvania Investigation Into Election Fraud (alt)
1930 GMT Iraqi Army kills 16 ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Kirkuk (iran) Mehr News Agency
1930 GMT In Video: Successful Operation Of SDF Special Forces Against Pro-Government Agents In Al-Hasakah (mil) SouthFront
1930 GMT Digital Poker Sites Say ‘95%’ Of Players Demand Payouts In Bitcoin To ‘Enhance’ Winnings (agr) ZeroHedge News
1934 GMT Flights grounded, highways closed as snowstorms hit northeast China (agr) Signs of the Times
1934 GMT California building wall to stop sane people from leaving (agr) Signs of the Times
1936 GMT Breaking Free of Scarcity: Solutions to the International Water Crisis (alt) The Duran
1938 GMT APEC leaders adopt summit s final document on region s development in next 20 years (news) TASS
1944 GMT GOP Wayne County canvassers expose Democrat bully tactics, call for audit in Michigan (alt) The Duran
1944 GMT Over 500 Senegalese fishermen hit by mysterious skin disease (agr) Signs of the Times
1945 GMT Number of COVID-2019 cases across globe up by over 620,000 in past day – WHO (news) TASS
1947 GMT German Business Association calls on US to lift sanctions against Nord Stream 2 (news) TASS
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1950 GMT New Essay in the Winter 2020 Edition of American Affairs by IMI s Marshall Auerback and Jan Ritch-Frel (alt) Independent Media Institute
1951 GMT BEST OF THE WEB: In sworn statement, prominent mathematician flags up to 100,000 Pennsylvania ballots (agr) Signs of the Times
1951 GMT In sworn statement, prominent mathematician flags up to 100,000 Pennsylvania ballots (agr) Signs of the Times
1952 GMT Australia s Afghanistan War Crimes Report Includes Evidence of 39 Murders by Special Forces (alt) Anti-Empire
1955 GMT Trump-Heights settlement in Golan here to stay (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
2000 GMT 6 Gevaren waarom slaapgebrek je dood kan worden (alt)
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2005 GMT WHO chief accused of arms trafficking (alt) Voltaire Network
2010 GMT ISIS Conducts Sabotage Bombing Of Gas Pipeline Between Egypt & Israel (agr) ZeroHedge News
2012 GMT West Bank, Gaza record highest ever daily virus toll (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
2014 GMT Pompeo visits Christian Zionist museum on Israel trip (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
2020 GMT Winter is coming: The top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire looked like a frozen wasteland (agr) Signs of the Times
2020 GMT The China Moment (alt) New Eastern Outlook
2023 GMT Ansar Allah Continues Attacks On Saudi Arabia Despite U.S. Pressure (mil) SouthFront
2024 GMT Mideast to Missouri: 139th AW Airmen, C-130s Return from Deployment (mil) Air Force Magazine
2025 GMT ISIS Conducts Sabotage Bombing Of Gas Pipeline Between Egypt & Israel (mil) SouthFront
2025 GMT Establishment Elites, MSM Think Parler Is A “Threat To Democracy” Because Libertarians, Conservatives Get To Freely Post (agr) ZeroHedge News
2031 GMT Experts can’t find a single child under 10 who passed on coronavirus to an adult raising hopes they pose no risk (agr) Signs of the Times
2033 GMT California judge rules strip clubs have First Amendment right to reopen, even as churches remain shuttered (agr) Signs of the Times
2034 GMT Leftists suggest ‘re-education camps’, ‘firing squads’ and banning talk radio to deprogram 75M Trump supporters (agr) Signs of the Times
2034 GMT 74 more coronavirus patients die in Moscow in past day – crisis center (news) TASS
2036 GMT Michigan Republicans introduce articles of impeachment against Democratic Governor Whitmer (agr) Signs of the Times
2038 GMT Wisconsin to extend mask mandate as lawsuit seeks to strike down of COVID orders in state Supreme Court (agr) Signs of the Times
2040 GMT ‘Pushing Zionist regime into NPT vital’ (iran) Mehr News Agency
2042 GMT Lack of risk anticipation by controller leads to serious airprox at Strasbourg, France (ac) ASN News
2044 GMT Trump Should Act Against Russia s Use of Chemical Weapons (mil) Defense One – All Content
2045 GMT Record Inflows To Bitcoin; Record Outflows From Gold (agr) ZeroHedge News
2046 GMT Predictive Programming? Israeli Publishers Have Been Writing About a COVID-Like Pandemic for Years (alt) MintPress News
2047 GMT Turkey expands crackdown on pro-Kurdish activists with dozens of raids (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
2049 GMT FLASHBACK: Georgia election server wiped after suit filed (agr) Signs of the Times
2050 GMT Macron’s outreach to Russia is part of his De Gaulle-like plan to free France and EU partners from status as vassals of Washington (agr) Signs of the Times
2051 GMT Trump’s enduring legacy will be the fact he’s changed the Republican Party forever (agr) Signs of the Times
2052 GMT The ‘Dominion’ of election fraud? (agr) Signs of the Times
2056 GMT Health Ministry: 88 new Coronavirus cases registered, 62 patients recover, 5 pass away (syr) Syrian Arab News Agency
2056 GMT Nellis Hosts Large-Scale Test Honing Tactics, Evaluating New Tech (mil) Air Force Magazine
2100 GMT Stocks Dip, Crypto Rips As ‘Dark Winter’ Trumps ‘Spring Reopening’ (agr) ZeroHedge News
2103 GMT Election fraud updates: Trump withdraws MI lawsuit, AZ won’t certify until lawsuits settled, PA invalidates some ballots, and more (agr) Signs of the Times
2103 GMT The Things We Miss at Our Farmers Market (news) Asia Times
2105 GMT Personality, Not Policy, Will Determine Top House Armed Services Republican (mil) Defense One – All Content
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2112 GMT I was Invited to Join the G20 Think Tank Summit. Here s Why I Declined. (alt) Foreign Policy In FocusForeign Policy In
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2120 GMT The (High) Cost Of Lockdowns: A Preliminary Report (agr) ZeroHedge News
2128 GMT Dodon dubs Sandu s statement on Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria as mistake (news) TASS
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2130 GMT Russia s preventive immunization strategy has all key priorities – WHO representative (news) TASS
2131 GMT 13813 (iran)
2134 GMT Pentagon Releases List of Six Bases Where US Space Force Could Be Headquartered (mil) Sputnik News – World News, Breaking News
2140 GMT With COVID Aid Set To Expire By Year-End, Many US Citizens Face Their Own “Fiscal Cliff” (agr) ZeroHedge News
2147 GMT How Joe Biden Plans to Make The American Empire Great Again (alt) MintPress News
2153 GMT Activists Center the Grief, Joy and Humanity of the Black Trans Community (alt) Latest Truthout
2156 GMT Triumphs and travails of US Navy s $12bn supercarrier (news) Asia Times
2156 GMT Triumphs and travails of the US Navy s US$12bn supercarrier (news) Asia Times
2156 GMT Triumphs and travails of the US Navy s Ford supercarrier (news) Asia Times
2157 GMT Media s Messaging Debate Eclipses Policies and the Crises They Address (alt) FAIR
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2219 GMT Space Systems Command to Stand Up Next Summer (mil) Air Force Magazine
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2229 GMT Who Bought the Monstrous $4.2 Trillion Added to the Incredibly Spiking US National Debt in 12 Months? Everyone but China (alt) Anti-Empire
2235 GMT Sweden REFUSES to recommend mask-wearing, “state of knowledge on this is uncertain” (agr) Signs of the Times
2241 GMT COVID 19 in Syria: 88 New Cases in 24 Hours, 5 Deaths, 62 Recoveries (news) Syria News
2255 GMT Startups Demo Cutting Edge Cybersecurity Tech in Colorado Springs (mil) Air Force Magazine
2300 GMT Watch The First XB-70A Valkyrie Suffer Tire blowout And Brake Fire After Emergency Landing On Maiden Flight (ac) The Aviationist
2300 GMT Sao Paolo Begins Importing Chinese COVID Vaccine Amid Resistance From Bolsonaro (agr) ZeroHedge News
2301 GMT Reports of ‘active shooter’ situation at Wauwatosa, Wisconsin shopping mall, police and ambulances on the scene (agr) Signs of the Times
2306 GMT Egypt, Sudan conduct joint military drills (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
2306 GMT Meet New DARPA Director Victoria Coleman (mil) Air Force Magazine
2307 GMT Egypt accuses Qatar of undermining peace talks via support for Libyan government (news) Al-Monitor: The Pulse of the Middle East
2308 GMT Azerbaijani, French top diplomats held talks on Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire (news) TASS
2315 GMT Dominion Voting ‘Lawyers Up’ Before Abruptly Backing Out Of Pennsylvania Fact-Finding Hearing (agr) ZeroHedge News
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2354 GMT ‘Shami Lessons From the First Nine Years: The Investment in Mulla Bradley’- Essay by Adnan Hadid (nomsm) Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi :: Writings